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The Bloodmage is one of the two Level 45 upgrades of the Witch Doctor, the other being the Warlock. It is a final form of both the Shaman and Mage. Due to it being the last in its line, it does not upgrade further. Created by Diepmon. Integrated off of ideas by Zathsu.


The Bloodmage has a pentagonal body like that of the Witch Doctor and its horns are in the same place, but in place of the cannon, it has spikes on all the unoccupied sides for a total of 3 spikes.


It now gains a laser scope attack. When your bullet hits something (that comes from between the front spikes,) you get half of the damage you did to it back as health. A shield can be activated by right-clicking, but at the cost of sacrificing a bit of your life. Health Regen is REMOVED when upgraded to, because the shield would just save you while your HP regenerates, and your attacks leech HP. Every time you right-click, the shield stays up for about 2 more seconds. Sacrificing life removes about a 1/10th of your health bar, no matter how much health you actually have. Like the Smasher branch, any points in Health Regen are refunded when upgrading to this tank.

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