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Castle Defenses are weapons that can be bought to defend the Castle of a team in Fortress Mode. Ultimately, the goal of a Castle Defense is to guard the Team Emperor that resides in the End Room of a team's Castle. Every Castle Defense is the same size as a Level 45 player when bought. When every Castle Defense in a Castle has been disabled, the door to the End Room will open (Castle Defenses will repair themselves a minute after destruction, so the raiders must be quick and work together). Of course, if not all Castle Defenses have been filled, that makes it easier. Also, players who are the same color as the castle can defend it no problem, but are not required to be killed before entering the End Room.


Castle Defenses can be bought by Team Emperors using Tankit, in 'sockets' that appear throughout the Castle. One of eight possible Castle Defenses can be placed in these Weapon Sockets.

Weapon Sockets

  • There are four Weapon Sockets on the outside walls, two on each side of the entrance, spaced ten tiles apart.
  • Within the first room of a Castle, there are four Weapon Sockets placed in a square pattern in the center of the room, spaced eight tiles apart from each other.
  • In each of the small side rooms that branch off of the left and right sides of the entrance room, there are two Castle Defenses.
  • The main corridor, the biggest part of the Castle, has four Weapon Sockets on the left and right walls, five placed in a square position (with one in the middle), and also a random Dominator-type near the center back that activates when an enemy enters the Castle. This is not necessary to destroy before entering the End Room, but is annoying and can kill a Castle raid.
  • There are eight Defensive Turrets that are already placed in the long hallway leading to the End Room, all of them Overseers with their own drone swarms.

Castle Defense Types

  • Howitzer: Powerful Castle Defense that shoots slowly, but packs a punch. Every shot splits into four smaller bullets that pierces multiple players. Has hearty health as well, equal to that of three players with maxed Health. Costs 1200 Tankit.
  • Creeper: Can only be bought on Weapon Sockets that line the walls. Look kind of like the Wallflower in that they have four spider-y legs that attach them to the wall. Creepers can move along the wall and can only fire straight forward. They fire Predator shots of three every few seconds when lined up with enemy players. Only Castle Defense that can move, even if limitedly. Cost 800 Tankit.
  • Blowtorch: A tank that has the same barrel that a flamethrower would have (with the holes and the extended bar with a flame beneath it). It sweeps like a Sprayer back and forth in a selected 60 degree angle, and inflicts Burning. Cost 1400 Tankit.
  • Turret: A Quad Tank that constantly rotates at a quick speed. Every three seconds, will fire four shots from each barrel, which spread out due to their different angles and create area denial. Cost 500 Tankit.
  • Hivemind: An Overlord with stunted spawners and tiny Drones swarming in and out of holes on it as if it was infested. Does not build up Drones around it, but instead, when first engaged by an enemy, releases a ton of tiny Crashers at once that do not go down easy. Afterwards, it will steadily release them at a constant rate until death or deactivation. Cost 1000 Tankit.
  • Minesweeper: A Tri-Trapper-like Castle Defenses that releases three 'Mines' every 4 seconds. Can have a max of 20 Mines at a time, after which, it will stop spawning them until some are used. When an enemy walks within 15 tiles of a Mine, it will activate and begin homing in on the interloper. Upon contact, it explodes, dealing damage. These mines move pretty fast too, able to nab even players with four points in Movement Speed (unless their shots have recoil). Mines can be killed if enough damage is sustained, exploding them prematurely. Costs 1200 Tankit.
  • Artillery: Very long range turret that fires explosive shells from across the room. Most useful in the long corridor, where their range can be put to good use. Fire a bullet that explodes into eight more upon contact with a player or wall. These shots do not pierce unlike the Howitzer. Fires every 6 seconds. Costs 1000 Tankit.
  • Guardian: Has no offensive capabilities, but it must be killed first before any other Castle Defenses within the same room as it can be. Therefore, it is very powerful when placed in the back of the large corridor, where 13 other Castle Defenses sit. Guardians cannot provide immunity to other Guardians, so putting multiple in a room is useless. Costs 1300 Tankit.


  • Though the Fortress Mode page has been around for months, only months later during the Return of Panzer event, was this page created.
  • There are a total of 26 Castle Defenses in a Castle, counting the additional two Sniper Defensive Turrets at the main gate, and the Dominator near the back of the main corridor.