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The Chain Mage is a tank can be gotten to by becoming a Level 30 Mage and choosing it. Is one of the Mage's three Level 30 upgrades. It can be upgraded into the Archmage or the Illusionist at Level 45.


The Chain Mage looks like your average circle tank, with two thin gray barrels sticking out the side. The bullets do not fire from these, however.


  • The Chain Mage releases a line that blasts the closest thing to it.
    • Then, the line will jump between four other nearby objects, connecting them all and doing damage for a brief period of time.
    • Its pretty much your average 'Chain Lightning' spell, but in
  • You cannot control where the lightning goes. It attacks the closest thing, and then the closest thing to that, then the closest thing to that, etc. (But only four jumps).


  • The 'Chain Lightning' spell, of
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