Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Characters are a unique game mechanic introduced in The Tale of Diep. Characters are the tanks that players create to interact with all story based game modes, including The Realm, which is where players spend most of their time.

Basic Mechanics

ToD protector

An example of one of the tanks a player can use, the Protector.

Characters always begin as Level 1 Basic Tanks, upon their creation from the character select screen before joining a story based game mode. As the player explores the world, their Tank Empire soldier will level up, to the maximum Level of 45 as usual. Just like in, every 15 levels the player can choose an upgrade from the class trees of not just, but the Tale of Diep, which has many new classes, branches, and more.

Instead of progressively increasing in size every level, players will remain the same size between 15 level jumps ultimately increasing in size greatly upon reaching the next tier. Level 1-14 tanks will be the same size, Level 15-29 tanks will all be the same size, Level 30-44 tanks will all be the same size, and Level 45 tanks will be the same size.

Leveling for Characters used in story game modes is a LOT slower, as characters are meant to be built over long periods of time playing the game, and can be enhanced with certain items and accessories, some only temporary and some lasting between deaths for characters of the class type.

Zathsu Enemies Scorpio Battle

An image detailing what a Basic Tank character would like in Tale of Diep, fighting various types of Scorpios.

When leaving the game or a game mode, Characters are always preserved. They only are lost if they die. Unless they die, a character can always be picked from the character select screen. A player can have a maximum of five characters at a time, with more slots being available for Panzer Tokens later, with the limit currently being undecided.

Characters have inventories that allow them to collect Tankit, Panzer Tokens, items, or anything else left behind for them by the many enemies they slay throughout their adventure. On top of separate tabs for Tankit and Panzer Tokens, characters can have (currently undecided) items equipped at once, and their inventory can hold an extra twenty-five. Anything in this inventory is risked being lost at death. Companions persist between deaths and can be chosen at any time on any Character so long as they are unlocked.


Death for a story gamemode Character is permanent. When they die, they are gone, and all items that don't persist between deaths are lost with them. Death for new characters is trivially easy early on, so it is recommended to begin with The Realm and its first few areas to level up before attempting any high difficulty story content.

You may ask, "But if death of my character is permanent and everything I had on them is lost, what is the point?". Well, as already explained, Tankit and Panzer Tokens persist between deaths, and upgrades from the Panzergram, Companions, and certain special items that are always active after being used are permanently put it place for future characters of certain classes later. Thus, no matter the losses from a death or how many a player has, every death guarantees player improvement and gradual ease of getting better.

The Arena


Arena Gamemodes follow TRADITIONAL DIEP RULES. Spawn at Level 1, level up quickly, kill other players, when you leave you lose it, and when you die you start at half level. Arena Gamemodes do not have Tankit, Panzer Tokens, items, inventories, nothing. Tanks in the Arena are not your traditional character you spend 90% of the game using. The Arena is meant to simulate what was but better.

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