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Claxim the Crooked is a Realm Boss that spawns in Melancholy Forest. He is the leader of a clan of the Band of Thieves, centralized in the southern area of the forests. He is well known and feared throughout the land for his vast wealth, successes, and criminal empire.


Claxim the Crooked is a notorious and feared bandit leader of the southern forest. When he first began becoming well known due to his powers and successes in the art of theft, Claxim gained the respect of many-a bandit, and set up hideouts in numerous old Tank Empire fortresses brought to ruin once the Empire started losing territory near the end of The Old Era. He ammassed his wealth and treasure from intercepted Heptagon trade envoys sent by Septaur through the Alluvium Arids, and set up pacts with the Desert Raiders in Paradigm Dunes over shared control of the Grasping Steppe and domination of the southern black market economy. This was, however, left to Chromehook's dismay, as the influence of his pirate regime began to dwindle in territories outside of Shattered Coast. Being the organizer of many bandit raids on Imperial soldiers heading westward, Claxim is a common target for beginner adventurers, but he always seems to escape, and is too sly to truly catch. Many hope that one day this vile criminal will meet a just fate.


Claxim the Crooked is a large tank of unknown color, as his body is completely left darkened by his mahogany brown cloak and hood. The cloak is embroidered with many shiny jewels that run down the sleeves to his rather pale circular hands. The end of the sleeves are rimmed in a golden yellow, shiny material. The sides of Claxim's hood extend far down even past his body, ending in knotted golden pulls. The interior lines of the hood touching Claxim are ridged in thin brown veiled spikes rimmed in gold. A wicked white grin pierces the blackness of his shaded body, forming pointed teeth at most times. Occasionally, a single red piercing light on the left side of his body will appear, simulating a single glowing eye.

In Claxim's left hand sits a long, serrated blade, tipped with gold on the ends, with an otherwise ridged black handle. The blade is large, has numerous serrated teeth, and shimmers a silver color. In Claxim's right hand there is what appears to be a Ballista weapon, or almost like a mini X-Bow weapon.

The Fight


Claxim is only ever fought inside of a Thief Hideout structure, many of which are located in southern Melancholy Forest. Therefore, he is meant to be always particularly hostile. After all, it was you who broke into one of his hideouts.

When entering the final room of the Hideout, all players will have 10 seconds to enter the boss room before two Crooked Outlaw Realm Enemies come from the sides of the room and crank handles on both sides of the door that close it shut. Claxim will be sat on a wooden throne made of sharpened logs, with a pile of Tankit (with a red carpet thrown over it), forming a staircase up to the throne. What appear to be numerous skulls and bones are littered in this Tankit pile. There are two "elevated platforms" along the left and right sides of the long hall of a room, with four Dominator-like weapons sitting idle.

Once the door closes, Claxim will slowly follow the path of the red carpet down to the center of the room. There he will begin to laugh, explain a bit of story with some quotes, and then battle will begin as he pulls out his sword from behind his back somewhere, and laughs.

The Battle

Claxim will move around the room, as members of the Band of Thieves enemies group, (excluding Coin Harlots), will come in from miniature doors up on the elevated platform, and hop down to the lower level. There can be a maximum of eight Thieves alive at once, where they will stop spawning until one is killed. At the beginning of the battle when Thieves start spawning, they appear every 4 seconds. Claxim himself will be selecting from attacks below.

  • Vicious Strike: Will lower his blade pointed down to his bottom left side, and then slash it quickly across to the left and up a bit, with a red aftereffect. Players struck will suffer moderate damage and be inflicted with Bleeding for 4 seconds.
  • Magnate Stab: Will raise up his blade, twirl it in place for a second, and then thrust it outward in the direction of the closest cluster of the largest players, moving with it a bit for a lunge. This is accompanied by a whoosh sound effect. The impact of touching Claxim or his blade would do heavy damage and apply a heavy knockback effect.
  • Rapid Burst: Will stop moving, steady his crossbow-like weapon for a second in front of him, and then sweep a stream of arrow-like projectiles from either right to left or left to right (based on if his eye flashes or not. If it does, it will sweep left to right. If not, right to left), all of which do light damage, but apply Poisoned for 2.5 seconds.
  • Power Bolt: Will hold back his crossbow a bit, shake it for a second along his right side, and then aim it forward again as the tip of the arrow begins glowing red. Claxim will then hold still, trying to focus, as the tip of the very large projectile within it begins accumulating more red energy flowing into it. This attack will take three seconds to charge, but can be interrupted by dealing 100 damage to Claxim within the duration. If the attack isn't interrupted, the massive bolt will be fired out, moving incredibly quickly, aimed at the closest player. If the shot hits, the projectile will explode into a ring of thirty-two bullets and deal heavy damage, with additional damage being done to others by the smaller shots. If it misses and hits a wall, the ring of bullets will still be fired outward. If it is interrupted, Claxim will be knocked back a bit while throwing his arms out, his red eye will appear as a stunned swirl, and shiny jewels spin around his head like stars. Some Tankit will fly off of his body as he is knocked back, which can be collected by players. Claxim will be left unable to attack or move for 2 seconds, so wail on him while you can.
  • Magnate Dazzle: Claxim will hold his sword slightly downward straight in front of him, twirling it a bit, before preforming a combo of four swings in the direction of a player. He will start by pacing forward and swinging it down on them. The next attack will be a twirl with a swipe, followed by a twin strike forward from the left and from the right. Claxim will then end off the combo with a dash attack. All of these do moderately low damage individually, but once hit by an attack, it is very likely the player will be locked into being struck by the rest, alongside any nearby them. Each strike has a 20% chance of inflicting Bleeding for 4 seconds.
  • Ensnaring Gambit: Claxim will appear to temporarily drop his sword, pull on some sort of lever on his crossbow, and sit for a second as it rumbles. After about a second, a slew of tons of tiny green Traps will be distributed in front of him throughout the arena, harmless until actually stopping. These Traps vanish upon being touched, but deal minor damage and can be a hassle throughout the fight to deal with. They have a natural vanish of about 20 seconds. Once he pulls on the lever near the start of the attack telegraph, he'll pick up his sword again.
  • Claxim's Call: Claxim will call an order out as four random Thieves will enter the arena from the four doors on the elevated platform, regardless of how many are alive currently. If the number of Thieves spawned by Claxim's Call causes it to exceed the limit of eight, no thieves will spawn in their place until it dips below 8 again.


Upon reaching 0 health, Claxim will slowly stumble to the center of the room, then drop his sword and crossbow to the ground. He will appear to have been defeated, either looking as if surrendering, or on the verge of dying. However, at the last second, he'll pull out a wooden remote with a button on it, little wires dangling beneath it. As he presses the button, the floorboards beneath him will begin to descend like an elevator, as Claxim begins manically cackling, as he makes his escape...


  • Due to his location in Melancholy Forest (with many Thief Hideouts being located on the trek to Somber Falls, he will probably be the first boss that introduces players to a few mechanics.
    • He would introduce Health Scaling to the new player, as he would be the most likely first boss fought in a structure.
    • Claxim would most likely be the first boss that introduces players to debuffs that drain/prevent health gain such as Poisoned and Bleeding. Numerous debuffs still occur in Melancholy Forest, but Claxim's entire fight style is based around whittling down his enemy with health drain that they can't easily recover.
  • Was originally going to have a three phase, much more complicated battle, before it was decided that it wouldn't be a good way to slowly introduce or adjust players to the early game.
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