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The Clone Drone is a special Crasher type that falls under the category of General Enemies. They are very rare, and can spawn anywhere on the map. Appear in The Realm, The Arena, and many other places. Created by Zathsu.


A bright cyan Drone-like entity that is slightly larger than a big Pink Crasher. Instead of being a triangle, the points meet into straight lines that go back and then converge into a concave half octagon shape. Art by Graviatar.

Attacks and Specialties

It spawns immobile. Once a player gets within 20 tiles of it, it will activate, and begin slowly crawling toward them at the speed of 2 tiles per seconds. Slowly, it will begin duplicating itself, by splitting into two equal sized clones. And then those two split into more... so on and so forth, exponentially growing into a doubling swarm.

Once there are at least 64 Clone Drones, they will speed up and begin charging at 6 tiles per second. They are VERY hard to kill early on, but the larger the swarm, the more the health gets spread thin. A Clone Drone has 500 HP, but once it splits, both get 250, then when they split, the four have 125 each. The Drones share the wealth of health. However, each has constant damage regardless. Damage does not get spread, and no matter their health, each is as dangerous as the others. Each individual Clone Drone deals 6 damage on contact, with a fair bit of knockback. Small chance to inflict Unfocused for 2 seconds on hit.

When no players are nearby, an active Clone Drone and its duplicates will attack Polygons. Killed Polygons also turn into Clone Drones, that start a new swarm. When no players are nearby, the Clone Drone and its swarm will just wander around, killing Polygons and growing larger.

And finally, should the ORIGINAL CLONE DRONE of a swarm be killed, all duplicates part of that swarm will die with it. There is no way to tell the original Clone Drone from the others, but it will always be relatively near the middle.


  • Their exact spawn rate is 1/800 chance to replace a Crasher type spawn, but they can be anywhere on the map.
  • They can be terrifying should you give them enough time. Luckily a swarm can have no more than 256 Clone Drones.
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