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A well designed successor of my previous creation. Don't make him shatter though. - Octrax


The Collider is the boss version of Crushers. It is a large enemy equipped with several weapons. It has three auto-machine-gun turrets on top, and four spawners spread around the front and back end of the boss.

This boss can spawn in TDM, and Domination. It has a very rare chance to spawn in FFA.


Design Collider

The Profile

The Collider has the similar appearance to the Crusher, three auto-machine-gun turrets are placed on top of the body. Two of the turrets face opposite of each other while the front one faces directly forward. Two spawners are placed near the front two sides and the back concave sides.

This boss has almost the same length as the Leviathan.


Boss Stats

Collider has a fairly high health pool. It has 5,300 health, however damage received from enemies will be reduced by 33%. Collider will regenerate 10 HP per second, if left unharmed for one minute, regeneration boosts 300% faster. It deals 70 HP of body damage per hit, making it effective against rammers. It moves 140% faster than the Guardian of the Pentagons. Collider will reward 55,000 EXP and points when destroyed. The Collider will also release 7-19 Crusher Fragments its wake of destruction.

Auto Machine Gun Turrets AutoMachineGun

These turrets will rapidly fire medium penetration, high damaging bullets. They move fairly quickly and will overwhelm certain tank classes. The side two turrets have 360 degree rotation, the front one however is unable to turn. The turrets have the same range as a level 30 sniper. These cannons will do a slight recoil


Collider can summon a max of 20 Crusher minions, 5 max per spawner. The spawners reload every second if the max drone count has not been reached. Crusher minions have 160 HP. They move 25% slower than large Crashers. They have a 60% chance to break apart into 2-5 fragments when destroyed. Crushers will receive 33% less damage from enemy ammunition. They also break apart into fragments. Crushers deal 13 HP of body damage per hit. Crusher Minions and fragments created by them will not reward EXP however.


The Collider is a ramming boss, it will intentionally target tanks and attempts to collide into it. Often it will target large groups of tanks. Not only that it has fatal body damage, but the arsenal on top can be a pain. The front auto-machine-gun turret always face forward, which if any tank goes in the way in front will be blasted. However this can slow down the boss due to recoil. Collider can temporarily counter this issue by facing the swivel turrets backward, giving it a slight push if it gets near an enemy. Collider also produces crusher minions, which can become a problem if left unchecked. If Collider dips below 25% HP, it will try to keep its distance from any tank level 15 or above. It will still attack tanks if approached still.

Collider has no set path course, but it will avoid bases.


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