Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Companions are a game mechanic added as part of The Tale of Diep expansion. They manifest as the 'pets' of this game, following their master player in a conga-line-like formation should a player have more than one active. They are first unlocked by getting a Character to Level 45 (a much harder task than one would presume for a Character).


Companions are small creatures that follow the player. Companions are unlocked in various ways after being first introduced.

A max of two Companions can be used by a player at one time, but a person can collect all types of Companions available from the Companions section on the menu between games. Every Companion has a different effect. Companions follow relatively in a line behind their player. Companions can be swapped out for other Companions the player has unlocked at a special NPC in Imperium.

Companions each have an undecided health pool. When this reaches 0, the Companion "dies". A Companion death does not mean it must be re-unlocked. A player must only return to Imperium for their Companions to fully restore their health pools, as this does not happen naturally. Damage done to the Companion is forever retained until the player returns to Imperium, via death, Teleportation Amulet, walking back, or whatever. Companion life returns to max if a player enters a Story Gamemode from the Realm Map (such as The Archprophet's Vault or Tower of Gladii).

Companions are ONLY usable in The Realm and other story-related gamemodes.


Note: For Companions that attempt to kill things, the XP will go to the player in charge of them. This is the same for damage done in loot thresholds (such as on the Archprophet and his Panzer Token drops)

Another Note: Even if tasks required for unlocking Companions were completed before having access to them, the unlock requirements must be done again.

  • Squire: A small gray Twin minion slightly larger than spawned from a Factory. Will fire bullets that do light damage at the closest enemy. Enemies must be on your screen for Turret Boy to shoot at them. Has a chance to be gotten upon reaching Level 45 for the first, second, or third time.
  • Bomb Devil: Small black circle with a sharp-toothed grin, red happy eyes, and two horns. Will occasionally drop a black and red Trap that explodes into a ring of sixteen bullets that travel quite a far distance. Has a chance to be gotten upon reaching Level 45 for the first, second, or third time.
  • The Push: A mini Smasher that gets provoked when an enemy gets within 20 tiles of it. It will flash red, and then fling itself quickly out in the direction of the enemy, doing Body Damage on contact. If it misses, it will return like a boomerang after travelling twenty-five tiles. If it strikes something, it will bounce off and return immediately. Has a chance to be gotten upon reaching Level 45 for the first, second, or third time.
  • Thief: Small gray circle with a black bandanna-like bandit mask. Has a small Auto Turret with a lance. Will actively chase after the Polygon with the highest value within a 100 tile radius of it. Does 2x damage to Polygons, but will attack enemy tanks if they get too close to the player in charge of them. Unlocked by taking part in the raiding of Thief Outposts in Melancholy Forest 10 times.
  • Glacier Square: Light blue shivering square that will occasionally fire a wave of three icicle-like triangle bullets at the closest enemy. These bullets have a 10% chance of inflicting Paralyzed for 0.8 seconds. The closer it is to something the faster it will fire at it. Unlocked by defeating both Perpendiculus and Ennealis.
  • The Hive: A tiny little dark gray Overlord that summons tiny gray Crashers that will rotate around the player. Crashers will chase after provokers, but die easily. Unlocked by getting all tanks of the Summoner type (drone/minion using) to Level 45 at least once.
  • Laser Eye: A light gray metallic circle with a glowing red light on one side. Fires a thin laser beam at the closest entity every 4 seconds, with infinite pierce, but a thirty tile range. Unlocked by beating Mad Science for the first time.
  • Seraphim: A small white tank with two flapping angel wings and no barrels. Every few seconds, will fire a white beam into the player, healing them a bit. Unlocked by getting a character to survive to get 50 Lifetime Upgrades on the Panzergram.
  • Vallard Intruder: Black tank with spider legs hanging beneath it. Has four red eyes, the two ones on the ends being slightly raised. Fires four red bullets at a slow pace that have a chance to inflict Slowed for 2 seconds. Unlocked by beating the Wallflower thrice.
  • Multi-Tool: A miniature War Machine that follows the player. When provoked, will begin rotating around the player, utilizing mini versions of all the War Machine's various weapons. Rotates rather slowly and it does not have the laser pods. Unlocked by beating the War Machine and War Machine II.
  • Levi: A Baby Leviathan pet. Summons Crashers to follow it and attack nearby players. When an enemy damages it, it will fire its main central cannon, which does more damage and has a chance to inflict Waterflame. Will not attack Polygons (excluding Phages). Unlocked by defeating all Pentagon-based Polypatrons, and Pentavian as well.
  • Wounded Tank: A light gray tank with white bandages, red and dripping in locations. As it follows the player, leaves behind a trail of red tiles that damage those who travel through it. Cannot shoot. The red tiles vanish after four seconds. Unlocked by escaping to Imperium with less than 5% of maximum health remaining.
  • Cambion: Small black tank with its left red eye covered by a white bandage that wraps around the rest of the tank at a slight upward angle. The other eye glows red. Every few seconds, will fire a black Missile (the bullets that shoot bullets) which inflicts Burning to those hit. Unlocked by defeating all Desolate Plains Realm Bosses at least once.
  • Rage Mage: Red magical tank with a wizard hat and an angry face on it. Fires red, quick moving energy bolts that explode into crimson bursts. This will release a thin red mist that has a small chance of Stunning enemies standing within it. The lower health the player is on, the more damage, speed, and faster fire rate Rage Minion has. Unlocked by dying a total of 50 times on Characters.
  • Apothecary: Small tank the same color as the player with a shield on the front and a barrel on the back. Will reflect bullets that hit the shield, and will occasionally cure the player of all debuffs. This is rare, and can be sudden, so caution should be taken when using it if the player is Confused and adapts to the controls before suddenly becoming un-Confused by the Apothecary. Unlocked by using fifty Totems spread throughout the world.
  • Silver Nostra: A tinier silver version of Nostradamus that will slam its fist into the ground, creating golden shockwaves in all directions, that push away those hit and inflict Stunned for 6 seconds. Unlocked by beating Nostradamus at least five times within one three-day set of The Archprophet's Vault.
  • Demigod Avatar: A black and white goo circle with glowing red eyes. Every few seconds, it will switch to another random Companion. Can be the same Companion twice in a row. Companions it changes into will be melting black and white as well, as to show it is Demigod Avatar. A rare chance to be unlocked after conquering The Void.
  • Nightshade: A black circle with demon wings and wisps of smoke rising from it. Generates a black aura around that spans 10x10 tiles and rapidly deals light damage to enemies within it. Bullets that enter Nightshade's aura will be slowed to 80% speed, making them slightly easier to dodge. Unlocked by getting all Ancestral Upgrades on the Panzergram.
  • Olympian: White circle with a golden wreath on top of it and a purple stripe going diagonally from the top left to the bottom right. Will chase after enemies while firing golden triangle-shaped bullets that pierce multiple targets. If Olympian is hit with a bullet, he will release a ring of eight golden spears like his attack. Unlocked by becoming a Gladiator in The Arena.
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