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Breaking it will only make the situation worse... Let's just leave it alone okay?


The Constellation is a large square-based boss that has a rare chance of spawning.  It spawns nearby Inferior Square nests with Splitter Squares within it. When spawning it will encircle the nearest Square Nest.

This boss is comprised of five individual parts, four shards are on the four sides, and a single square core. The four shards have individual HP values (2,000). Unlike Heptazoid, the outside shield-like parts can be broken off and will not kill the central core.

This boss has two phases, phase 2 activating when all four shards are broken on the boss. The shards will not only break off, but they transform into separate moving enemies that will continue to attack players with frightening strength! In addition, when one breaks off, a large heavy gunner cannon similar of that found on the Gunner Dominator will burst out firing a stream of bullets...

The Constellation will be a challenging polygon boss with its complicated fighting structure and many weapons, the fight is ever changing with each broken part increasing the chaos.

BGM: <soundcloud url="https://soundcloud.com/a-norko/diep-barricader-constellation-theme" height="" auto_play="false"></soundcloud>


The Profile of the Constellation's first phase.

Phase 1

The Constellation's core is the same size as the Summoner. It has a gray box-like structure on top with one trapezoid that doesn't do anything. Four large squares are placed evenly on the sides of the core, each piercing inward slightly, making the middle core have a cross shape. Each square has an auto cannon placed directly on the center.

Phase 2

Phase 2

The Constellation's core has revealed four large heavy gunner cannons placed on the four sides of the core body. A single large mounted spawner was hidden beneath the gray box structure in phase 1.





Boss Stats

The Constellation's base HP is 13,250, just 1,750 short to the Nonation. Although the four shards will reset HP back to 2,000 once destroyed while mounted on the boss, technically making it have 8,000 more HP, having the boss's absolute HP at 21,250... However it receives more damage with 5% reduction, compared to the Nonation's 40% damage reduction. The four shards on each side has 2,000 HP with 5% damage reduction, resetting HP once broken off. The Core has 5,250 HP also with 5% damage reduction. Both shards and core will deal 25 HP of body damage per hit. The Core regenerates 7 HP per second, if left unharmed for 30 seconds will boost regeneration by 400%. Shards do not regenerate after being harmed, only regenerating when left alone for 30 seconds by 25 HP per second. Shards are similar to how most polygons regenerate. The Constellation in phase 1 will move as quickly as other normal bosses go, but upon entering phase 2, it boosts speed by 50%.

When a shard is broken off, it will move 75% the speed of a large crasher, the HP value resets to 2,000 HP once more. The regeneration values will remain the same however.

Shards reward 7,500 EXP when destroyed, the core will reward 90,000 EXP when destroyed, those who dealt 8% of the total boss's HP will get an additional 9,000 EXP.

The core part of the boss is invulnerable in phase 1, keeping the boss's fight more dynamic and longer.

(Wow, that;s the longest boss stats thing I did with any polygon boss, whew!)


Diep.io NestDefender ConstellationShard.png

The Constellation has four large squares on the four sides of the core, each facing inward creating a plus-sign shape internally. In phase 1, shards will look like equilateral squares with a single auto cannon on top. They do not move when attached to the boss's core, only detaching once HP goes to 0 while mounted.

After being destroyed while connected to the core, it instantly respawns in the same position as the image in the left. Two gunner cannons sprouts from one of the vertices, chopping off a corner.

Shards as a whole has a large visibility range. They attack tanks through chasing the tanks gunner cannons forward. They will turn around once it reaches within four tiles towards a tank. Shards will intentionally avoid large clumps of ammunition, such as drone clusters, trap piles, or bullet streams. They will continually charge and run all around attacking tanks. If a shard gets too far from the core of the boss, it will return back.

Auto Cannon

A mounted cannon that aims at the nearest, strongest players. While the shard is still mounted on the boss, it can rotate fully around targeting potentially dangerous tanks. The cannon has a 50 tile radius visibility range. It reloads every 0.8 seconds. Bullets fired by it has medium high penetration and damage, bullets move around 9 tiles a second. The lifespan of each bullet is around 3 seconds. Sometimes the auto cannon can target separate enemies apart from the entire shard's target.

Gunner Cannons

Two small cannons that rapidly fire somewhat strong bullets that deal considerable damage. Each cannon reloads every 0.3 seconds, alternating cannons per shot. Bullets are medium-high damage but lower penetration since it is not a large bullet. Bullets fired will move around 5.5 tiles per second. The lifespan of each bullet is around 3 seconds.

Core Gunner Cannons

The Core has four large gunner cannons akin to those found on a Gunner-Dominator. Like the Gunner Dominator, it has a very similar firing pattern. The cannon as a whole will only fire once a shard that is on top of it gets dismounted. The cannons reload every 0.3 seconds. Bullets fired has more penetration and damage than the gunner bullets fired by the shards, but slightly less than the Gunner Dominator's bullets. Bullets fired will move around 5 tiles per second. The lifespan of each bullet is around 3 seconds.

The cannon as a whole does significant recoil, if there is only one currently active on the Constellation's core, it will push it around slightly as the boss rotates. When all four cannons are active, the boss enters phase 2 and it no longer gets affected by recoil. The cannons will fire if the boss still see tanks within its visibility range.(around 70 tiles in radius).

Mounted Spawner

Diep.io.Polygons SwarmSquares.png

Only activates when the Constellation enters phase 2. It will aim at the nearest, strongest tank and spawns Swarm Squares. The spawner creates them every 0.3 seconds, at max 42. The drones are stronger than the natural polygon counterpart. They have 20 HP and will deal ~9 HP of body damage. They do not regenerate. Like Swarm Squares, they move as quickly. They do not reward EXP when destroyed.


Phase 1

Upon encountering the Constellation, it will detract from its original path and starts to follow the player, chasing them with a stream of bullets created by the auto cannons. This stream is more damaging than the Defender's. This phase at the start is fairly easy to avoid as the shards are not broken off. The Constellation will follow the tanks around unless they go out of range or it gets too close to a base.

The Constellation loosing a shard.

When tanks manage to destroy the first shard, the internal core gunner cannon is revealed and begins firing a thick stream of damaging bullets. The boss gradually spins faster each time a shard breaks off, the recoil of the core gunner cannons often will push the entire boss around a bit, sometimes propelling it forward to tanks while other times pushing it away. The Constellation will actually take advantage of this action, when getting too close to mass hazards when it has lost 1-3 shards. Meanwhile the shards now dismounted from its core will follow the boss around and attack tanks in range, creating a very chaotic situation. Destroying the shards would be the best thing to do before forcing the boss to enter phase 2.


Phase 2

Now the Constellation has lost its mounted shards, the center gray box on top of the mounted spawner suddenly explodes revealing the turret below. It rapidly begins creating a swarm of miniature squares that is further buttressed with the core's gunner cannons. If shards are still around during this phase, they will continue moving around causing more tumult. The Constellation is also noticeably faster. When the core approaches 2,000 HP, it begins to move away from tanks as much as it can, still spinning and spawning its squares as much as it can before its demise closes in. Upon the break of death (300 HP) the boss will stop attacking and begins flashing white.

Death Animation

Upon destruction the Constellation's core appears to flash faster and each time white cracks appear on the body. Shortly after it explodes into a wave of additional swarm and summoner squares, dealing a last bit of damage to the remaining tanks. Four large gunner cannons that are now torn off, rests on the ground after the wake of destruction. The cannons along with the rest of the debris will fade away after 12 seconds.


*To be added*


  • First boss to introduce a death animation, inspired by the Sons of Panzer.
  • Honestly this boss ended up to become a lot more sophisticated than I thought.
  • The second square-based boss in the group.
  • Probably the longest boss stats second I ever made.
    • Including the now specific estimates of bullet speed, I would highly appreciate it if people want to help improve accuracy.
  • This boss concept was introduced by the user Fallen Booster!
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