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A proud inventor! This noble quadrilateral may be... Able to create armed minions to serve for my kin. The Constructionist is here to put many of these iniquitous Tanks to rest. - Perpendiculus.


The Constructionist is a Polygon Boss that can occur in the Realm. It spawns in most realm areas, mostly where Paradigm Dunes reside. It is a spawn created by Perpendiculus a while after the creation of the Vanguards. The Constructionist would not necessarily be an upgrade to its similar predecessor, however it has certain qualities that would make it a more advanced polypatron overall. While the Summoner has complete control over its square spawn, the Constructionist in addition to utilizing the Summoner's abilities can also properly direct and execute targets. Instead of overwhelming its enemies with a swarm, the Constructionist has more advanced controlled minions (Sentry Squares) it may use to individually "pick" off tank imperials. It also has a more sophisticated means of self preservation through use of said minions.


It takes on the appearance of a large yellow-orange square body with one single spawner on front. A large, single-barreled mounted turret is placed on the body of the boss. Its body is the same length of the Summoner's.


Boss Stats


The Constructionist can spawn various kinds of square-based minions. First are the Sentry Squares. These are the main summons that are controlled by the Constructionist in many attacks. The spawn may also create both variants of squares similar to those created by the Summoner. These are only spawned during certain attacks.

Sentry Squares SentrySquare

The Constructionist can create a max of 16 sentry squares. Each new sentry square is spawned every 4 seconds at max health. For every 1000 HP lost, the Constructionist produces them 25% faster. Sentry squares created by the Constructionist are similar to those found in square settlements, but with more health, speed, and damage stats. They have 260 HP and deals 10 HP of body damage per hit. Sentry squares fire small, medium-damage bullets every 0.8 seconds. Sentry squares move fairly quickly, necessary for their formation patterns. None of them should be seen far from the Constructionist as they would be forced back.

Summoner Squares SummonerSquare

The Constructionist can also create square crashers during one of its attacks. Squares created would last for 30 seconds before despawning. They are like the ones spawned from the Summoner in stats. They do not return to the boss after they reach a certain distance, acting very much like most crashers. When the Constructionist die, several of these would be released upon death.

Swarm Squares

Smaller variants that the Constructionist may summon. They were also created by the Summoner. These are notably quicker and weaker than their larger variants. Released in droves occasionally during a couple of attacks.

Heavy Mounted Turret

Heavy Auto Cannon-0

The Constructionist has a large turret on top that moderately fires high damage/penetration bullets every 0.8 seconds. It has a 50 tile radius in range. The bullets move quickly, making them a bit of an issue to avoid. The top cannon will always constantly fire at the strongest targets. During attack it also fires at players targeted by sentry squares.


The Constructionist's "normal" state is where it creates sentry squares. They chase around and attacking nearby targets without any control from their parent. The mounted turret will always aim at players and fire at them regardless of attack.

Like most of the polygon bosses, the Constructionist will actively avoid entering undesirable Realm locations such as Vallard Wastes.


Between attacks, it will revert to its normal behavior for 8-30 seconds. These attacks usually brief and are unpredictable.

  • Square Burst: The Constructionist rapidly creates 18 Summoner Squares at a short time span. As mentioned earlier, they individually attack on their own.
  • Squwarm: The Constructionist "burps" out from its front spawner 15-25 Swarm Squares, which all chase their targets independently.
  • Quadrilateral Radial: The Constructionist will command its minions to begin to encircle a player/enemy. This attack will persist for a little while and then resume back to its normal behavior.
  • Target Select: The Constructionist make all of its currently alive sentry squares to chase a strong player/enemy. The sentries will not change the target regardless and will continue to pursue when the attack is completed. Newer ones created during the attack will act on their own.
  • Square Shield: The Sentry squares are commanded to tightly move around the body of the Constructionist. This attack will happen once the boss is below 30% of its max HP, though it will happen only for a certain amount of time before it has to retaliate again.
  • Square Burst II: A stronger version of the attack that occurs below 30% HP. It also replaces the original version for as long as The Constructionist remains at this stage. The Constructionist rapidly creates 36 Summoner Squares in a short time span.

Death Animation

Once the Constructionist's HP drops to 0, the Constructionist will form white cracks that increasingly forms around its body. Moments later, an explosion occurs beneath the mounted turret, breaking it off and revealing a glowing white space beneath. Several square crashers break out during this process. Suddenly, the boss itself explodes in a white flash. 10-15 square crashers are released upon death. Any minions/squares that were created by the Constructionist and witnessed its death (including those spawned upon its death) will migrate to the nearest nest, retreating away from any tank/enemy in sight.

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