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Cultist Polygons are a specific enemy that spawns within Fortress Mode. They appear to be polygons but have been converted into the Cult of Panzer, worshiping their almighty new lord, betraying her... Unlike other polygon based enemies, they will intentionally attack and kill non-cultist polygons nearby, they are also allied with Cult based enemies.


Cultist Polygon spawning mechanics only affect polygons belonging in the frequent category, which includes Squares, Triangles, Pentagons, Hexagons, etc. Alphas, most Crasher variants, and other polygon-based enemies will not be converted.

Cultist Polygons have a 1/30 chance of replacing a normal polygon spawn if a Fortress is nearby. If an inferior nest generates nearby a fortress, each individual polygon excluding their variants will double the chance of spawning as a cultist polygon, however these nests will only last very briefly. Superior polygon nests will never spawn within the area of a fortress.

Within the fortress itself, the spawn-pool will be modified depending on which kind of inferior nest has generated nearby. Cultist polygons will spawn among the other Dungeon Crawlers if this happens.

There are also special occasions where Cultist Polygons can appear:

  • If a Missionary Dungeon Crawler uses its shock-wave ability, converting nearby polygons into their respective cultist counterparts.
  • Upon the creation of Portals, any polygon being pulled in will then be created as a random cultist polygon type.
  • During a Cult Raid event, polygons outside of nests will have a 1/25 chance of spawning as a random cultist polygon. However destroying them will not contribute to the requirements of holding back the Cult.
  • Within the Lich's arena, there is a 1/30 chance of a cultist polygon to spawn.


Similar to how Dungeon Crawlers are set up, there are "Statuses"; each status has 3-5 different types of Cultist Polygons. There are also three unique enemies that are based around Octagons, Nonagons, and Decagons.

  • Quadrilateral: Generally the weakest of the groups, they have average stats and are the most common. Square Cultist use mainly drones and bullets for their attacks, only the exception being the Square Mage. They can appear when an Inferior Square nest generates near a fortress. They will appear along with Division class Dungeon Crawlers, near the start. The symbol is a yellow square with a black robe around it, two square hands are placed near the front, glowing red near the top of the body... (Square Mages represent this class)
  • Triagonal: Slightly rarer than the Square Status, they are stronger and have agility. Triangle Cultist use thorns and melee weapons for most of their attacks, they are also the quickest of the groups. They can appear when an inferior Triangle nest generates near a fortress. They will appear along with Division class Dungeon Crawlers, near the start. The symbol is a red triangle with a black robe around it, a lance on a triangular hand is place on one of the sides, facing through the middle, dripping with blood... A slight smile is shown on the face... (Purifiers represent this class)
  • Pentagonal: The heaviest of the groups, they are based around in strength and health. They are the slowest of the variants and are uncommon. Pentagon Cultist use a variety of heavy weapons, and can use some magical attacks. They can appear when an Inferior Pentagon nest generates near a fortress. They can appear along with Striker class Dungeon Crawlers, near off-set rooms not leading to the Boss. The symbol is an armored Pentagon with two pentagon hands, one holding a staff and the other holding a shield. It wears a helmet similar in design to The Tres Geminos. (Peace Keepers represent this class)
  • Hexagonist: Strong warriors with the unique ability to inflict poison to their victims, and the power to revive the undead! They have average speed and strength with above average regeneration. Hexagon Cultist use ranged and melee weapons. They can appear when an Inferior Hexagon nest generates near a fortress.They appear along with Striker or Phantom class d|Dungeon Crawlers. The symbol is a Hexagon with a black robe around it with two hexagon hands, one holding a bow and arrow while the other holding a short lance. A quiver is placed behind.
  • Heptagonist: Heavy troops with blessed magical abilities, often the main support group. They have better stats than the Quadrilateral group, and are the rarest of the collection. Heptagon Cultist often will inflict debuffs to enemy tanks, and heal other Polygon Cultist and d|Dungeon Crawlers. Some are more defensive, summoning a shield around the wounded. They can appear when a Fortress generates on top of an Inferior Heptagon Nest. Often they are found with large groups of other Polygon Cultist. They often will also be seen with Noble and Disciple Dungeon Crawler statuses. The symbol is an Orange Heptagon with a skull mask like the Prophet tank class. Placed on top, a black robe shadows the body. Two heptagon hands are seen, both near the center. One hand is holding a small obsidian tablet with encrypted letters.

Cultist Polygon Types

For reference on health, Pentagons have 100 HP and Alpha Pentagons have 3000


  • Scarling: Small reddish squares with two small cannons at the front end and one spawner at the back. It wears a black cape behind. The spawner creates black square drones that when hit by them will inflict blindness for 1 second. They will attempt to overwhelm their opponents with their use of the cannons and blindness drones. They are not very powerful on their own. Should one die, they create a small blast of black smoke upon their deaths. The smoke deals 7-12 damage per hit and will inflict blindness for 1 second. Scarlings are light with health, only 50 HP. They deal 11 HP of body damage per hit.
  • Possessed Sentry: A sentry square with increased stats, and evil intentions... They appear much like normal Sentry Squares but with a black cape behind and redder body color. They fire two bullets repetitively each time it fires once. They move a lot faster and they will inflict weakness and blindness for one second if hitting the body. Possessed Sentries have 300 HP, they deal 15 HP of body damage per hit.
  • Square Mage: Yellow squares that appear much in similarity to the Cultist dungeon crawlers. They wear a black robe and two smaller squares represent "hands". They create a blue version of Mage Fireballs. These fireballs explode in a 4x4 tile radius and will deal 40 HP if directly hit. They inflict paralyzed and blindness for two seconds when effected. Like Cultist dungeon crawlers, they will attack three times in a quick session before teleporting. They can also teleport if the place they landed is too dangerous. Unlike Cultist, they can also summon a couple of Corruption Squares. Square Mages have 550 HP. They deal 10 HP of body damage per hit.
  • Corruption Squares: Red-orange square-crashers that will inflict weakness and blindness to any tank that rams into it. They leave a black smoke trail as they charge into the target. Corruption Squares are the same size as yellow squares. They have 60 HP and will deal 12 HP of body damage per hit. They can also be summoned by Square Mages.
  • Four-eye: Larger red-orange squares with a cannon on each side. There are four black with red pupils on the corners of the enemy. When attacking, they will move slowly towards the enemy and begin spinning. They fire three black bullets in a quick session before repeating after 5 seconds, they eyes will also fire small red pulse lasers that will deal 10 HP of damage if hit. The Lasers will inflict weakness for 1-3 seconds when a target gets hit. The black bullets have moderate penetration and damage. They inflict slowness for 1-3 seconds if hit. Four-eyes have 800 HP. They deal 20 HP of body damage.


  • Purifier: A black robed red triangle with two triangular "hands" holding long, thin lances. They move very quickly and are aware of their surroundings, they will occasionally dash away from heavy amounts of ammunition. Purifiers will attack tanks through lunging and swipe the thin rapiers. If a tank gets hit, they will suffer medium-high damage and will be inflicted with bleeding for 5 seconds. Harming a Purifier will signal more Cultist Polygons/Dungeon Crawlers to assist. Purifiers are considerably dangerous to fight alone. They have 600 HP. They deal 12 HP of body damage per hit.
  • Shuriken Warrior: A red triangle with black robes with a red trim, similar to a Fanatic but the front face is covered in light armor. They move around slowly and occasionally flinging a three bladed shuriken at tanks. This ammunition will deal 40 damage if hit directly. If skimming a shuriken, it will inflict bleeding for 4 seconds. There is a small chance for a shuriken to stick onto the victim, dealing 4 HP of damage every half a second, the only way to get it off is by destroying it with ammunition or shaking it off vigorously. If a shuriken gets destroyed while flying, it will break apart into three small thorns flying in each direction The thorns will stick onto tanks and deal additional damage over time. Destroy these guys at all cost... Shuriken Warriors have 700 HP. They deal 17 HP of body damage per hit.
  • Tear Jockey: Red triangles wearing iron armor with a brown cape behind. They wield a short sword that swings when approaching an enemy. Unlike other Cultist Polygons, these do not get spawned from Missionaries or other Cultist Polygons in normal standards. They can still be spawned from Portals. Tear Jockeys have a rare chance of replacing a Tear of Panzer spawn. They attack by chasing down tanks and letting the Tear of Panzer to gnash at the body, since they are fast, they can be lethal. The Jockey on top has a hand with a lance on it that will swipe at the enemy, dealing 20-50 HP of damage each hit. If the Tear of Panzer dies while riding, the Jockey will behave much like a Purifier. If the Jockey somehow dies on top, the Tear of Panzer will act normally.


  • Pentaracer: A Pentagon with a Booster setup on two sides leading to a point, with a barrel on the point as well. On the front is a very long lance that takes up half the leading side with its base. They attempt to charge into enemies with their lance, dealing 60 damage per hit. Very fast and dangerous, can turn with a drop of a pin and accelerate quickly in that direction. They have 1,400 HP. It also has a light blue racing stripe down the length of its body.
  • Shadow Assassin: A Pentagon with a very dark blue cape/cloak thing and two little pentagonal hands holding lances with trapezoidal bases. Function very much like Stalkers and Managers, as they disappear when not moving within 3 seconds. If a player gets within 10 tiles of it, they pop out and attack with a charge attack that deals 40 damage, then every attack after that does 20 damage. At 1/6 health or less, they will attempt to flee. If they do manage to do so, after 30 seconds of not being hit they will regenerate to full health and stay stationary as usual. If a tank hits it with ammunition but is not within the 10 tile activation range, they will attack it anyway. They have 980 HP.
  • Trapmaster: A Pentagon with Auto Trap Launchers on all sides and an Auto Turret with 10 barrels (5 sets of 2, arranged like a Twin and spaced at 72 degree increments) on top. It mostly behaves like a Tri-Trapper, sitting in one spot with a ring of traps surrounding it. Its Auto Turret can transform into one with 10 barrels, all equally spaced apart at 36 degree increments. Other than that, it really just sits in one spot and defends itself. They have 1210 HP.
  • The Creed: A large black Pentagon with various red pentagon-shaped spots on it, that will flash between red and black on a few second interval. It will slowly hover towards the player while rotating, as little black and red Pentagon shaped pieces break off from the edges of the body, leaving the shape disfigured. These tiny pentagon drones will charge at players with an aftereffect connecting to players and dealing around 5-10 HP of damage once. For each successive pentagon drone, the player will be burdened by the weight of all the added entities as they attach. The drones will detach and die automatically 8 seconds later. The Creed has 920 HP, or until it breaks down into all of its pieces and vanishes.
  • Peace Keeper: A large pentagon with an iron helmet on the top, two pentagon shaped hands are present, one holding a large shield while the other holding a staff with a blue orb on the end. Peace Keepers are similar to Cultist with the way they can teleport around, however they can move around, albeit slowly. They will wave their staff around and summon a bright blue glowing fireball. It orbits it a couple of times before being flung out directly at a tank. The fireball will rotate slowly until its lifespan runs out (12 seconds after being fired). The fireball will create a explosion that is 15x15 tiles wide in a circular form. The aura of effect will inflict lots of damage, more damage is concentrated in the center. The aura of effect will also inflict shocked, paralyzed, and broken for 6 seconds. In addition while creating the fireball, it will lift its shield in front of itself in case anybody dares to fight it. The shield will reflect bullets directly but the Peace Keeper will still take damage. Hits on the shield will take 75% less damage. After the Peace Keeper fires its large fireball, it will teleport after 12 seconds randomly around nearby other players to attack once more. Peace Keepers have 1,700 HP and they will deal 23 HP of body damage per hit. Make sure to kill off these guys...


  • Creator: A green hexagon with three spawners, one alternating each side. On top is a Battleship Auto Turret that looks like a Battleship. This thing creates minions that look like Sentry Squares, but with a pale-green hexagon body instead. Some minions have three Gunner barrels instead. The Battleship-spawner creates drones that fly everywhere and cause havoc. Minions have only 100 HP with a max of 10. Battleship drones have a lifetime of 5 seconds.

*More to be added*...


*More to be added*... Zathsu, and Diepmon, feel free to include your ideas for what kinds you wish to have here.


  • Currently no Cultist Polygons can convert nearby ones to the cult.
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