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Not long after the creation of the Guardian, the Polygons had still gone through many hardships with the looming threat that is the newly created Tank Empire. Trites, the disciple of the Triangles, had since been sacrificing his inhabitants for Pentavian's forces. At this time, the Disciples had little knowledge about the creation of the current day Crashers and Nest Defenders, and relied directly on the average polygon to be transferred into their fighting forms through their power - which became a forbidden form of magic that currently Disciples refuse to practice. It was a project meant to reverse engineer and replicate the technology developed by the Empire. The use of bullets and traps was never something Trites would agree to have for this noble protector, yet the Triangles in a whole had to rely on Pentavian's conversion. He ultimately had lead the project in hopes to preserve his kind, and so it happened. A Triangle equipped with an arsenal of re-created technology; three mounted turrets buttressed with trap launchers... Made to reflect the damage done by the Tanks...

--- The Defender has spawned...

Designed to fight for dignity of the Polygons... No wonder why he doesn't speak about it much. It is too self-evident. - Xharen, the Paramarch.


The Defender is one of the various Polygon Bosses that can occur in The Realm. It was a spawn from Trites, being one of the three ancient entities that lead battles against the Empire. It was the last one to be created, being the second to take the origin polygon - Triangles. The creation of the Defender brought in new technologies for the entirety of the Polygons, which over time has sparked new innovations like the Vanguard, or Trapperzoid.

Unlike the Guardian or Summoner, the Defender is reliant on its mounted weaponry, rather than summoned crashers/drones. It had left its mark in the past, like the Guardian, it now appears to be rather simplistic to its current day enemies. Trites has since been training and innovating it. The Defender was one of the biggest interests for Dr. Lacus, having the intent to build on what Trites did. His close proximity to the Triangles allowed him to easily capture many Defenders and further mechanize them into terrifying weapons - Defender Prime. Attempts from the Disciples to prevent such causes were unsuccessful.

The Defender can appear in many locations of the Realm, being most frequent in the northern areas of the Realm, such as places in the north portion of Neverest and most of Wintercrest. Other places such as Melancholy Forest or Toil Ridge also have them.


The Defender is a large red Triangle, being the exact size of its alpha variant. It has three mounted auto turrets on top, each placed near one corner. Three evenly-spaced trap launchers are placed on the sides of the boss.


Auto Turrets

Three mounted cannons are positioned on top of the boss, each being close to the corners. They are circular forms with a rectangular barrel, similar to a basic tank's cannon. The cannons all can freely rotate around any direction. Each fire a small yellow bullet every 0.4 seconds. The bullets have medium penetration and can deal a decent amount of damage if directly hit. Bullets travel a relatively quick speed, making them somewhat hard to avoid. There is in fact recoil created by these cannons, however it is unnoticeable and generally does not affect the overall movement of its user. During certain attacks, the Defender may increase the fire rate of its cannons and forcefully switch positions of them.

Trap Launcher

The Defender possesses three trap launchers that fires a trap every 2.75 seconds. All launchers fire at once, surrounding the boss. Each trap has a moderate amount of HP and deals 12 HP of damage per hit upon collision. When fired, they fly out a short distance from the Defender, being ~19 tiles. During certain attacks, the launcher may increase its trap production.


The Defender, along with all Polygon Bosses, follows its motives to protect the nests from invasions.

While idle, the Defender will slowly drift around a polygon nest or in between. Its trap launchers will always be firing a trap during this state, creating a field of well spaced obstacles.

When encountering players at a close proximity, the Defender will drift away slightly to maintain its distance. The boss passively rotate slowly as it moves, and can switch direction any time, usually during attacks.

The "normal" state of the Defender while it is attacking is its cannons automatically turning towards its enemy and fires a small stream of fast, tiny bullets. It also will follow its enemies and keeping its distance upon reaching nearby players (about as far as the ring of traps created around the boss). Enemies that are strongest and closest nearby will always be targeted first. If multiple enemies are around, the Defender can make its auto turrets fire at different targets.


Between attacks, it will revert to its normal behavior for 10-50 seconds. These attacks usually brief and are unpredictable.

The Defender's "Razorang" attack in motion. Notice the specific pattern of movement.

  • Clockwork: The Defender goes stationary for two seconds before initiating a mechanical rotation, like the second hand of a clock. It quickly rotates 30 degrees and stops for one second. It repeats until it rotates a full revolution, which is twelve times in total. Each time it "stops", ts trap launchers will rapidly fire two traps with a 0.25 second delay in between. The mounted turrets on top will behave as usual.
  • Whirlpool: The Defender's auto cannons will face directly towards the center of the body, facing the opposite side. Cannons fire a bullet every 0.3 seconds for the next six seconds. The Defender will increase in rotation speed as well, creating a small vortex of bullets flying out from each side.
  • Proximity Shot: The Defender stops moving and using its weapons for two seconds. The auto cannons will also face the direction at the player during the two second stop, giving the nearest player a warning. The Defender then faces its nearest trap launcher at the closest player and fires out three traps with a 0.2 second delay in between. Traps are launched with 50% increased speed, going out much further and possibly hitting other players without warning. Once the launchers fire the traps, the Defender resumes back to its normal behavior.
  • Buildup: The Defender goes armored for 12 seconds. At the mean time it slows down and begins to rapidly fire slow traps, which stops closer to the boss. This provides a strong protection for the Defender. The auto cannons behave normally.
  • Razorang: The Defender stops moving for 2 seconds before making a rapidly spinning motion with its body. Suddenly a blue portal appears nearby and a three-bladed armored triangular shaped object that resembles a boomerang flies out. It moves in a triangular figure-eight pattern around the Defender. It has 500 HP and has a 1/6 chance of reflecting bullets back at players. If touching the razorang, it will deal heavy damage and has a 1/4 chance of inflicting Bleeding. As soon as the razorang is summoned, the Defender can resume its additional attacks. It can summon a max of three at once. Used when below 1/2 of max HP.

Death Animation

Once HP reaches 0, the Defender grinds down to a halt, and white cracks begin to form around the sides that spreads throughout the boss. Moments later, small bursts of explosions appear in areas where the weapons are placed, following with the boss itself dissolving into ash with a short white flash. What remains is the severed trap launchers and turrets, all scratched and torn, fading away after twelve seconds.

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