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He likes to destroy things, round things especially. - Hexen.


The Demolishor is a large hexagon boss that is found within the The Realm. One of Hexen's powerful summons. It is generally found in areas where Hexagons are plentiful, such as places like Melancholy Forest, or Somber Falls.

It appears to have a hexagonal body with a large arsenal of weapons. The three spawners can create orbiting minions and fighter-like minions. It has a phase two where it rather than relying on its weapons will use its entire body as one instead.


It is 50% larger than the Alpha Pentagon. It has a Green Hexagon body with a dark grey shell. Two trap launchers are on 3 sides, while the spawners are on the other three, alternating. There are three large Auto Gunner cannons that rest on the top.


Mounted Gunner Cannons

Auto Gunner Cannon

There are three mounted gunner cannons placed evenly on top of the body of the boss, near the sides. They have three barrels on a trapezoid base, two of the barrels slightly narrower and shorter than the middle. This cannon rapidly fires low penetration and fast bullets. The bullets are similar to a gunner bullet with 4 points of penetration and 6 points of damage. The cannons will target nearby strongest tanks. The Demolishor can create extreme streams of bullets if there is a single target. In phase two, these cannons will turn towards the center and not fire at all.


There are two trap launchers on three of the sides on the Demolishor. They rapidly fire medium-high penetration and damage traps. Traps fired by them do not go very far, only around ~6 tiles away from the launcher. If the Demolishor is idle, it will still fire its traps indefinitely, very much like how the Defender acts. Traps created has a short lifespan of 12 seconds.

In phase two, the launchers will fire three times as fast for the first 5 seconds within, proceeding with all of them simultaneously breaking off, revealing the spiky outer shell below. Trap launchers once broken off will temporarily act like a projectile, dealing 14 HP of body damage per hit and having around 100 HP. They act like traps and will slow down after release, however once stopping they become scenery and fade away.

Minion Spawners

The Demolishor has three spawners placed on the other three sides that were occupied by the trap launchers. They have the similar design trend like the Warship and Battle Carrier. These spawners will create a minion every 15 seconds. There are two kinds of minions the Demolishor can create. During phase two, the spawners will only create orbiting minions. There can be a max of 14 minions at once.

Orbiting Hexagon Minions

Lime green hexagons with three barrels facing each side, they spin quickly and shoot bullets in three different directions. The minions will encircle the boss indefinitely, ignoring tanks despite being attacked. They fire bullets simultaneously every 5.5 seconds. The bullets fired by them has medium-high penetration and damage. Each orbiting minion has 450 health and will deal 23 HP of body damage per hit, they do not regenerate. Each minion will also take 33% less damage. There can be a max of six of these orbiting at once. If one dies while orbiting, the minions will rearrange themselves to even out the circle. Tanks should take these out first before targeting the boss directly.

Armed Green Runner Minions

Green Runners with gunner cannons, that will charge directly at tanks and attempt to overwhelm them without crashing into them. Each one has two small gunner barrels on the front end, the back inward vertex has a single machine gun barrel that fires very weak bullets, they are meant to push forward the minion. The front gunner cannons will rapidly fire small, slow, medium penetration and low damage bullets.

Each minion has 240 health, they deal 10 HP of body damage per hit. They regenerate 4 HP per second. If one ventures too far from the boss, they will turn around and head back. Their attack pattern is though successive charging and retreating at players. They will fire the gunner cannons when they get close to players and will turn back if they get too close. Letting many of them attacking a single target will be problematic.


Phase 1

Upon spawning the Demolishor will wander around until it encounters a player above level 7, which then it will attack through its various weapons. It specifically targets stronger players through following, however it doesn't directly attack them through its cannons, as they can independently target other players/enemies. Be wary about the chasing Green Runner minions that it often spawns. Once the boss reach 5,250 HP it will initiate Phase 2.

Phase 2

Upon reaching 5,250 HP the Demolishor will do an animation of it spinning progressively faster as it sheds off its Trap Launchers, dealing additional damage to players. It increases speed and now charges into players directly, taking priority of the closest tanks in proximity. It now only summons orbiting minions, which they act very much the same as Phase 1.

Death Animation

Once the Demolishor's HP goes to 0, it will violently explode into shrapnel of the outer shell. Each fragment does 1-20 HP of damage if hit. The top cannons and spawners will break off and lay on the ground as scenery for 12 seconds before fading away.

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