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The Disciples of Dominion have long wrought the land with their plague. The plague that controls minds and creates slaves. The plague that steals lives and commands communities. The plague that is authoritarianism. These five enforce it for their dead god, the Hivemind. They control many hermit kingdoms strewn across the realm, but now they have come together, in hopes to claim another for their lord, whom will enslave us all with his pathogen. The pathogen that will wipe our brains and make us slaves. We will just be part of the Hive. And that we will not stand for! For far too long have we dealt with Panzer... now we have to face an almost equal threat at our doors. But he, the one we fear other than The Great Dark One, their soul shant be shown until the blood of the disciples are spilt.


The Disciples of Dominion spawn randomly and with no reason, but it is super rare. They all spawn in random parts of the map at the same time, but take a path toward the center. They are all invincible until they meet up there. Once they all unite in the Pentagon Nest, all polygons around them disappear, a notification is sent out, and the battle begins.


The Disciples of Dominion, art by Tidal Wave.

There are five Disciples: Dome, Barrack, Maple, Triton, and Cosa Nostra. Each has a unique design and role in this tag team battle.

  • Dome looks like a king, with a crown atop the tank. Like other vaguely-humanized tanks, he has two arms with circles at the end representing hands. On the tank itself are white surgical bandages covering majority of the tank, save for a part of the top right corner where one angry eye can glare at you through. Dome is as large as a Dominator without the spinny hexagon.
  • Barrack is a bit smaller than Dome, and has no arms. Instead, he has a dark red pope-like hat (the tall one with the gold accents, yeah). There is one giant Drone Spawner on the bottom. There are two eyes on Barracks.
  • Maple is the smallest disciple, being slightly larger than a Level 45 tank. She has one of those Canadian raccoon tail hats (cause Maple), and two arms and tank hands like Dome, the Archprophet, etc.
  • Triton is the middle-most in size. He has arms and tank hands too, except his right one has a large golden trident. He has a lot taller and pointier of a crown than Dome. On the tank body itself are two angry eyes. :P
  • Cosa Nostra is a mafia boss disciple, or something. He has a mobster hat like The Kingpin, his right hand is larger than his left and has a Destroyer barrel on it, and there is a deep scowl on his face. A Griever hook is on the other hand.


Each of the five disciples play a role during the battle. Dome is the commander, Barracks is the minion spawner, Maple is the healer/buffer, Triton is the tank, and Cosa Nostra is the ranged heavy damage.

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPcMl6YELW4



Dome is inactive, invincible, and sits idle while the other four are alive. He will occasionally appear to give orders by pointing his hands in a certain direction, etc. He activates and begins attacking once two other Disciples have died.

  • Shellshock: Will laugh as giant bullets begin raining down from out of sight. Tanks hit by these bullets, if not killed, will be Stunned.
  • The Crown: His crown will flash, before releasing four spinning spirals of bullets rapidly that you need to move with in order to not get hit.
  • Jurisdiction: A gavel will poof out of mid-air, he'll grab it, and begin slamming it and swinging it around. Once he throws it, the attack ends. This attack can last from 3–8 seconds. The gavel once thrown will do the damage of a Destroyer bullet, but pierces infinitely.
  • By Fire: His exposed eye will flicker with flames as it begins firing large bullets out in front of him. Each time a bullet is fired, he blinks really quickly before launching another one. Fires 4-7 fireballs per use. Tanks hit suffer the Burning effect.
  • Strings of Dominion: Will release a shockwave of blue bullets in all directions inflicting Slow to all players (bullets have infinite pierce and do no damage), and then suddenly he will begin sucking all players toward him slowly.
  • Inner Demon: Once he hits 1500 health, the bandages will tear off, and his other eye will be revealed. It has a soulless and swirling black hole inside of it that is basically an infinitely lengthy Strings of Dominion that lasts until death. Once this eye is revealed, every 6 seconds a ring of weak but plentiful bullets will be released from his black hole eye as well.

Dome can use one 'Disciple Power' every fight with the Disciples of the Dominion. He can select one Disciple, and they will use the attack labelled as 'Disciple Power' under their lists. Since it is one per fight, he can only select ONE Disciple to empower every time they appear.


  • Swarm: Will release thirty Crashers in an instant whom will begin chasing tanks until death. Used 2-5 times in rapid succession (a total of 60 to 150 Crashers will be spawned in the span of 2–5 seconds).
  • Divide and Conquer: Will shoot out two Smashers that will begin chasing different players, and have infinite health. After 15 seconds, they vanish.
  • Eye of Obsidian: The gem on his pope hat will flash and release a stream of bullets at the closest player thicker than a Streamliner. This lasts 4 seconds.
  • Military Overproduction: Will release 300 Crashers over the course of 8 seconds, but will damage his spawner (it will be visibly cracked like Royale's barrel), and he cannot use Drone-based attacks for the next 12 seconds. It will then be fixed.
  • Disciple Power- Override: Only used once per fight with the Disciples. Dome will point at Barrack and fire a laser into him. Barrack will then flash with a red aura, grow a bit in size, and pump out eight Crashers every second for 40 seconds. He is invincible for this time. Barrack will die immediately after the ability ends, in a special death animation, where his spawner cracks, before they travel up his body and he breaks into pieces.


  • Heal: Almost always happening. Constantly as the battle plays out, Maple will heal the other Disciples with quick green laser blasts that recover them for 25 health. Since this is a passive effect, she can use other attacks/abilities while healing them. This is a very rapidly used attack, so that +25 happens like, every 2 seconds for each Disciple.
  • Armor On: Will give the Armored buff to two random Disciples. Dome will not be included unless he is activated.
  • Sanctuary: A green aura about the size of the colored square area around a Dominator will appear around her (except its circular). If Disciples enter this aura, they will be given Invincible until they leave it.
  • Blend: In a white flash, will give one Disciple the special 'Transparent' buff. While they have it, 50% of attacks will pass right through them. Dome will not be included if he is not active.
  • Blood Rush: The other Disciples will glow red and get the Frenzy buff. Maple sacrifices 200 health to use this.
  • Disciple Power- Infinity: Dome will point at Maple and fire a laser into her. She will flash green and give all of the Disciples every buff for 8 seconds. This makes her use up 800 health though. Once used, Dome cannot use another Disciple Power.


Triton, this art done by Graviatar.

  • Swing: Will arc his trident in a randomly sized angle. This does moderate Body Damage and pierces tanks.
  • Guardian: Will zip in front of another Disciple to take the shot for them. Rarely used.
  • Devour: All bullets in a 300x300 tile radius will be attracted to him instantly and he will take no damage.
  • Call of Grace: Will raise his trident into the air and it will summon six AI Controlled Lancers, which will home on players until death.
  • Diplomat of Chaos: Four random player tanks will swap positions and be given three random Debuffs.
  • Blink of Death: Will wink an eye, and a hyperspeed Destroyer bullet will be shot at the closest tank.
  • Disciple Power- Transformation: Dome will point at Triton and fire a laser into him. Triton will grow to 3x his size, lose his trident and face, and become a giant moving Trapper Dominator that can still use all his normal attacks except for Call of Grace and Swing.

Cosa Nostra

  • Mafia Shotgun: Will point his Destroyer gun at a tank and fire a five spread of slightly smaller and weaker Destroyer bullets.
  • Mafia Handgun: His Destroyer gun will become a Streamliner gun and begin rapidly shooting at nearby tanks.
  • Mafia Sniper: His gun will become a Ranger barrel and fire powerful fast moving shots from far away.
  • Mafia Minigun: His gun will become a Triplet and begin firing at nearby tanks (yeah, Cosa Nostra isn't very original).
  • Handshake: Will use his Griever barrel to yank a player toward him, and then attempt to run into them.
  • Crime Boss: Ten AI Snipers with Mobster hats will emerge from behind him and begin firing individually at nearby players.
  • Get Outta Here: Will use his Griever barrel to pull someone close, then fire them out like a Lurker.
  • Ya See?: Will collectively steal 1000 points from each player. All of this will be added together, and whoever kills Cosa Nostra gets all the points. Used once.
  • Disciple Power- Inheritance: Dome will kill Cosa Nostra in a red flash, and Dome can now use all of Cosa Nostra's attacks ALONGSIDE his. (Dome will get a changing gun and Griever on both of his hands). Also, if Cosa Nostra used Ya See?, Dome can use it AGAIN for even more points (since its inheritance, the points carry over).


  • It is very apparent Dome does not care what happens to the other disciples when he chooses them.
    • He makes Barrack overwork himself until death.
    • He makes Maple benefit everyone else but herself and takes nearly half her health bar in condensation.
    • He transforms Triton into a Dominator.
    • And he just flatout kills Cosa Nostra and takes everything from him.
  • Cosa Nostra is actually Italian for "Our Thing", and was used to describe the Sicilian Mafia in the early twentieth century.
  • Once killed, silently and unknowingly, a fifteen minute timer will begin counting down in the server... what it spawns is... not pretty. But it is what the Disciples wanted to protect...
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