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This is just a concept idea for a new boss in Such enemy doesn't exist. (Maybe)

Like the hellish atmosphere of the sun, this too has a corona...


The Distributor is a large dodecagon boss that has a uncommon chance to spawn in TDM and Domination. It is twice as likely for the Distributor to spawn when an inferior Dodecagon nest is active. It will also have a 50% chance of spawning when a Superior Hexagon nest is destroyed. The Distributor will never spawn when the Nonation, Industrian, Battle Carrier, or Demolishor is in the arena.

It is equipped with a large collection of weapons. Including the exclusive Grapple Launchers.

When spawned it will head towards the direct center of the map, and will slowly circle the current nest.

This boss will require a TEAM to fight. DO NOT FIGHT alone! It is recommended to have a strong team of level 45 tanks to take on this menace.

This boss is based on a polygon idea - Dodecagons. It takes 50% less damage from enemy ammunition.



The Distributor has a large dodecagon body. It has six Auto Trap Cannons forming a hexagonal circle on the top of the body, each cannon faces six of the twelve sides. Thee Grapple Launchers are placed equally on three edges of the body. Three Spawners are placed equal distant on the other three sides. Both Spawners and Grapple Launchers are one side apart. Distributor

The Profile








 Grapple Launchers

Grapple Launcher

Grapple launchers are a special kind of weapon that only exist in three known bosses, The Armorboat, Distributor, and the Dreadnought. It has 60 degree rotation left and right and it couldn't face into the body.

How a grapple works, it aims at the nearest and most powerful tanks. It will launch a gray arrowhead-like projectile that is attached to a passable chain made of gray rectangles, the chain has no hit-box.
Grapple Chain Example

An example of what the chain looks like when fired. This is not full length. Notice that the launcher looses the gray triangular point. 

The projectile is quite fast, however it is limited in range. If it misses it will stop and slowly retract, tanks can still get caught if they only touch the hook. When a tank is caught, the grapple will deal 10-20 damage. The tank is severely slowed down and can't turn its body, it will slowly get pulled inward. However, the tank can still move slowly around and alter the pathway the chain retracts. If the tank touches the grapple launcher, it will get permanently pinned in place.

The only way to escape is destroying the grapple hook. The grapple hook has 150 HP. If the tank's barrels are facing into the grapple, it can still damage it. Use drones to destroy the grapple hook if you have any, another tank can also destroy the grapple hook, but they can also destroy the tank if they are not on the same team. When a tank is "pinned", the boss can aim its mounted weapons to the tank, destroying it very quickly. This method of attacking can be very effective. The boss will be slightly slower if a tank is attached. Grapple hooks reload as fast as a normal Destroyer tank.

The boss's use of grapples are quite dangerous, not only as the grapples themselves, but its the fact that the Distributor creates a thick ring of traps, which any tank who gets pulled in will also go trough this barrier, dealing severe damage and can be most likely fatal. Even when pinned, the Auto Trap Cannon will fire onto the tank killing them quickly and effectively.

Auto Trap Launchers

(no image)

There are six Auto Trap Launchers placed on top of the body, unlike other mounted cannons, these do not rotate. The reload is exactly the same as a normal un-upgraded tank.They rapidly fire medium-high penetration and damage traps, almost identical to the ones created from the Defender, but slightly larger and higher penetration. The traps are fired far from the body, creating a "ring". These traps will last for 10 seconds after being released. Since the boss is nearly stationary, it creates a thick barrier between the body and any ammunition outside. These Launchers are also placed behind the Grapple Launchers, eradicating any tanks that survive the ring of traps.

More to be Added

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