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The Doctorate is a Tier 3 Tank gotten to by upgrading from the Shaman at Level 30, and can further upgrade into the Mystic and the Protector. Created by Zathsu.


The Doctorate is an upside-down pentagon (where the top is facing your cursor) with an Overseer barrel on it's back. There is a small thin barrel on the front extending from the point.


  • This barrel doesn't spawn Drones, however, it fires out large green circles (twice as large as a Level 45 Tank) that will go to your cursor. Players that enter this circle are cured of all debuffs, and heal slightly faster.
    • This basically makes it a Shaman that shoots the auras that surround it.
  • The tank has a single dart shooter (much like the Shaman) that inflict the Poisoned Debuff on those hit, for 4 seconds.
    • Tanks hit by YOUR Poison will not be cured of it in YOUR auras. You basically denied them healing rights. Only OTHER tank's poison will be cured of. Other debuffs will still be removed, however.
    • The above only matters in FFA, because:
  • In Team Modes, only members of your team are effected by the aura and it's benefits.
    • You can't shoot your team in Team Modes, so there is no one you can poison that will be effected by your auras because people you can hit in Team Modes aren't even cured of ANY debuff while in your auras in the first place!
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