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Notice: Size in image is not accurate. It is MUCH MUCH MUCH larger in game.

Ages ago, as far back as The Old Era, a species of massive Drones roamed and razed the land. They were the Draconis, massive creatures of untold strength. But, alas, when The Middle Era began, after the dust of Panzer's sealing cleared, Drones were reduced to servants and minions in armies... expendable creatures in battle. They were animals to begin with, and species of Drone that became too dangerous or useless were extincted by tanks, usually the Cult. But one Draconis managed to survive, and to this day, lives in a cave atop the mountain next to the arena. Panzer forbid he awaken and bring death with him down here...


Image of a Tear of Panzer for reference. Except this time the Drone head has the point going outward, not into the body.

Draconis Rex has three different types of 'pieces' making up the body. The head, the body segments, and the tail piece. The head is a giant dark red Drone, with orange eyes, and chompy mandibles like the Tears of Panzer. From the back of the Drone, there will be ten body segments attached. Each Body Segment looks like a giant crimson version of the body of a Tear of Panzer. And lastly the Tail Segment looks like a giant black circle with a long thin lance coming out of it.

Draconis Rex is MASSIVE. His length cannot all be seen at once on the screen. The head alone is almost twice as big as a Guardian. Just put that into perspective. Each of the Body Segments are longer and thinner than on a Tear of Panzer, to exaggerate his size further.

Fight Mechanics

Unlike a lot of my bosses, Draconis Rex has no 'abilities he selects from to attack'. This boss, instead, has a behavior pattern it will follow religiously. As the Archprophet states in the prophecy about Draconis Rex, "But now he's come back to steal thy soul... But only to the one, for whom the bell tolls...".

It spawns in a special arena, always in the same place. The Draconis Rex is fought in a ring of mountainous dunes with an opening on the southern side of the ring. Within this ring are many ruins, and four 'Bells' lying among them. The fight can be entered and exited at any time through the passage.

When the fight begins, Draconis Rex moves erratically, but generally in a circle pattern around the entire map. Because of how long he is, his length covers about a third of the map in his rotations. He is Invulnerable while doing this. How do you get him out of Invulnerability? Shoot at a Bell. In order to draw Draconis Rex toward players and out of Invincibility is to shoot a bell until its health runs out. After that, the Bell will turn gray and will take 40 seconds to recover before being usable again.

Once a bell is rung, Draconis Rex will move toward it in a beeline, and his BODY SEGMENTS and TAIL SEGMENT will lose Invulnerability for 15 seconds. If a segment is destroyed, he will flash red, and all of his segments will realign so that they are connected. If a segment is destroyed, he will go re-Invulnerable early. Repeat this until he loses six segments.

At half health, a notification will be sent out that the 'Bells have broken' and that Draconis Rex is vulnerable. However, since you cannot draw him with bells, players have to chase him on his circle rotation around the map. However, he has wised up, and will sometimes make surprise cuts through the middle of the map!

Lastly, once Draconis Rex has only three segments left (one of these segments will always be the head), the bells will be usable again, however, they have grown Dominator barrels. All of them will be Destroyer barrels, no Gunner or Trapper Dominators. So just repeat Phase 1 of the fight, but be careful using the Bells.

And finally, when all Body Segments and the Tail Segment have been destroyed, all that's left is his head. At that point, he will begin releasing 'Draconis Minions' from his mouth, and act like a stronger Guardian in this sense. Draconis Minions are hexagons with lances and guns alternating on the six sides.


Draconis Rex will deal damage to players in various ways. Contact with his mouth/head will instantly kill a player, touching his tail lance will do incredible damage, and touching a Body Segment does the same damage as touching a regular Blue Pentagon, as to not make Smashers entirely useless.

Draconis Rex also fires a 'flame breath' from his mouth. He essentially has a mega super power Sprayer inside of his mouth that is constantly firing orange bullets that inflict Burning. These bullets travel surprisingly far and spread out a decent way. Tears of Panzer can spawn around him from thin air randomly.


  • I will not lie, this was heavily inspired by that one blind colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, where you attract him to you with noise (i.e Using the bells).
  • Draconis Rex roughly translates to 'Dragon King', so... yeah.
  • Basically this boss is the last survivor of an ancient species of DRONES. Those tiny little triangle guys? One of their species used to be dragons.
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