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The Dreadnought is a large boss that only spawns if there is a superior Hexagon nest, in addition this boss will only spawn in TDM or Domination.

It is a very large variant of the Leecher, and it is a very dangerous enemy.

It has two Grapple launchers, one auto Gunner cannon, and three auto cannons. Unlike other bosses, this boss couldn't naturally regenerate unless it kills tanks that are above level 15. When it destroys a tank, it will regenerate a base of 250 HP. This boss is among the most hostile polygon enemies. It will also avoid bases so that it does not get killed by the Base Protectors.

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The Dreadnought is slightly longer than an alpha pentagon. It has three auto cannons on the back of the body, each cannon is on top of an elongated point. One auto gunner cannon is on top near the front of the body. The two grapple hooks are attached on the two front sides of the body, each facing slightly forward.

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Boss Stats

This boss has 4,800 HP, making it moderately strong with health, however it could not regenerate unless it damages a tank. The amount of damage this boss does to a tank will regenerate it by a factor of 1.5x the damage done. If it destroys a tank it will get a immediate bonus of 250 HP. This boss moves fairly quickly, slightly slower than a fallen booster.

Auto Cannons

There are three auto cannons. The bullet stats are similar to the Defender's however the reload is the same as a normal assassin tank. The bullets move very fast. The cannons all have 360 degree rotation. The bullets are yellow in color. These cannons have a large range and will often target the furthest and most powerful tanks.

Grapple Launchers

Grapple Launcher.png

Grapple launchers are a special kind of weapon that only exist in three known bosses, The Armorboat, Distributor, and the Dreadnought. It has 60 degree rotation left and right and it can't face into the body.

How a grapple works, it aims at the nearest and most powerful tanks. It will launch a gray arrowhead-like projectile that is attached to a passable chain made of gray rectangles, the chain has no hit-box.

An example of what the chain looks like when fired. This is not full length. Notice that the launcher looses the gray triangular point.

The projectile is quite fast, however it is limited in range. If it misses it will stop and slowly retract, tanks can still get caught if they only touch the hook. When a tank is caught, the grapple will deal 10-20 damage. The tank is severely slowed down and can't turn its body, it will slowly get pulled inward. However, the tank can still move slowly around and alter the pathway the chain retracts. If the tank touches the grapple launcher, it will get permanently pinned in place.

The Dreadnought's Grappling in action.

The only way to escape is destroying the grapple hook. The grapple hook has 150 HP. If the tank's barrels are facing into the grapple, it can still damage it. Use drones to destroy the grapple hook if you have any, another tank can also destroy the grapple hook, but they can also destroy the tank if they are not on the same team. When a tank is "pinned", the boss can aim its mounted weapons to the tank, destroying it very quickly. This method of attacking can be very effective. The boss will be slightly slower if a tank is attached. Grapple hooks reload as fast as a normal Destroyer tank.



Auto Gunner Cannon

Auto Gunner Cannon.png

There is a single auto gunner cannon. This cannon rapidly fires low penetration and fast bullets. The bullets are similar to a gunner bullet with 4 points of penetration and 6 points of damage. These bullets move moderately fast. The cannon will mainly target the closest and most powerful tanks (like ones that are pinned on the grapple launchers). The range of this cannon is the same as a sniper. This cannon has 360 degree rotation.


When the Dreadnought spawns, it has no set determined path, similar to fallen bosses, however it will avoid bases. This boss will ram into tanks directly, usually when two of its grapples are occupied. This boss has a lot of body damage, 50 HP of body damage per hit. This boss will intentionally charge into large groups of tanks, the grapples will target far off tanks that are in range. This boss will also target tanks with lots of HP.

If the boss has only 25% HP left, it will begin to stray away from large tank groups, and will target ANY tank at any level in desperate need for health, since this boss can't regenerate by itself. At this stage it is advised for any tank to not get near this boss.


My predictions



Old Design

  • The boss actually had an older design, the back cannons were auto trap launchers, there is a strange formation on the bottom of the hull, and there were no grapple launchers.
  • This is one of the three bosses to use Grapple Launchers.
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