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Drone Hives are randomly occurring structures in the Diep.io world that can spawn in any game mode. They are stationary, and produce hostile Drones... most of the time. Created by Zathsu.


Art by Graviatar.

Drone Hives are about the size of a Level 30 tank, and have four trapezoid shapes that connect at the bottom corners (so the shorter side is facing out). They have a solid black square shape in the middle with tiny glowing red lights occasionally appearing and fading. Unlike other objects in the world, they do not rotate.


Regular Hives

  • Drone Hives spawn yellow triangle drones that circle it if no tank of any kind is nearby.
  • Drones attack any player, boss, Arena Closer, Dominator, etc. that dare get near their hive.
    • Drones are about as strong as an Overseer's Drones with maxed Drone Health and Speed. They do as much damage as a large Crasher every frame, but have more health and can do more damage because of it.
  • Hives have 500 health (half as much as an Alpha Pentagon).
  • A Drone Hive can have up to 20 Drones at once.
  • One Drone is produced every 4 seconds.
  • Drone Hives, when destroyed, become 'captured' by the killer. The Drone Hive now produces drones for them.
    • Drones cannot be controlled and act like a Hybrid's or Overtrapper's.
    • You can have up to eight uncontrollable drones at a time when given them by a Drone Hive.
    • You and your enemies see them as yellow equally.
    • You can only gather more Drones after they die if you sit by the hive.
    • The Drone Hive can be captured by another player.
    • In Team Modes, the trapezoids change color to the team that gets it, and all players of the capturer's team can gather drones from it.
  • Drone Hives are actively destroyed by Arena Closers when a server closes, and the Drones in turn will suicide into the Arena Closers in an attempt to kill them and defend the hive.

Lich Hives

The Lich gets four SPECIAL Drone Hives that are used doing its boss fight.

  • Drones created from them immediately go and circle The Lich.
  • Drones are shaped like squares. In a regular Drone Hive, they are triangles.
  • They spawn the Drones every 3 seconds. This means The Lich gets four every 3 seconds as there are four hives in his room.
  • These hives cannot be captured, and are instead destroyed.
    • The Lich can repair them at the cost of his health though.
  • These Hives have double the health of a regular one.

Mimic Hives

Every spawned Drone Hive has an 0.1% chance of being a Mimic Hive.

  • Drones of a mimic hive have 20x more health.
  • Everything else other than Drone Health stat wise is the same about them.
  • Upon destruction; however, it is not captured, but instead destroyed. A destroyed hive will release 50 angry drones that relentlessly target the hive's destroyer until death.
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