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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Dungeon Crawlers are specific enemies that spawn within Fortress Mode and Tower of Gladii unless listed otherwise. Dungeon Crawlers are tank-like enemies that each have different effects. There are five 'Statuses' of Dungeon Crawler, each progressively more difficult. Each Status has five types of Dungeon Crawlers (for a total of 25 different kinds). Dungeon Crawler types cannot cross between Statuses. While it says they can only spawn in the two listed game modes, they can also spawn within a server during a Cult Raid event.


  • Division: The weakest status of enemy. They have less than average stats, and are the most common. Usually found near the start of a Dungeon. Symbol is a red sword.
  • Striker: The second status. Enemies with this have higher Bullet Speed, Detection Range, and Bullet Penetration. Symbol is two blue crossed spears. Found usually in off-set rooms not leading to the Boss.
  • Phantom: The third status. Enemies with this status go invisible while immobile, and have higher than average Health Regen and Movement Speed. Found rarely in general. Symbol is a purple scythe.
  • Noble: The fourth status. Usually melee enemy tanks that have something to fight for. They have higher than average Health and Body Damage. The lower health they get, the more damage they do. Symbol is a golden helmet.
  • Disciple: The last and rarest status. These are attributed to tanks that have a direct connection with the Archprophet. They have higher points in every stat, and killing them decreases the Archpuppet's (In Fortress Mode) or Archprophet's (in Tower of Gladii) max health by 2% each. Happen to kill 50 Disciples? You win. Good thing the max that CAN spawn in a game mode is 10 overall. Generally, as they take damage, other non-Disciple Dungeon Crawlers will spawn in puffs of purple smoke around them to come to their defense.

Dungeon Crawler Types

For reference on health, Pentagons have 100 HP and Alpha Pentagons have 3000

Grunt, Pursuer, Prey, Cultist, Resistor, Headshot, Turmoil, Fanatic, and Lunatic crawlers all together.


  • Grunt: Small Lancer soldiers the size of Level 15 tanks that move in packs of up to five, and can charge at unsuspecting players. Have about 300 health. Their damage can add up fast if not stopped, because when one Grunt dies, all Grunts in the room and two rooms over are alerted, and come after the attacker.
  • Pursuer: A Twin tank with a Machine Gun on the back. While firing at players, it's Machine Gun recoil helps it chase after them. Come in smaller numbers than Grunts, but have a much heftier health pool at 700. Their speed makes them dangerous if left unchecked.
  • Prey: Small square-shaped minion with a spawner on each side. Usually immobile, when alerted by walking close enough, it will begin rapidly rotating, release a swarm of 25 Crashers from each spawner, then explode. Enough of them activated at one can cause a swarm that cannot be quelled! Have only 150 health, so kill them before they burst!
  • Cultist: Black-robed Mage-like tank that can create fireballs. Fireballs explode in a 5x5 tile area. Attacks three times in quick succession, then teleports in a purple flash to another position in the room. Cannot move in any other way than this. Generally annoying. Have 600 health.
  • Sputter: A small tank (but larger than a Prey) with a Machine Gun barrel on all sides. Will rotate constantly while slowly advancing on a player, firing from all sides. Has a meager 700 health.


  • Resistor: A giant Dungeon Crawler with no offensive capability. Instead, can create Protector shields to defend other Dungeon Crawlers with. They also have almost equivalent health to an Alpha Pentagon, at 2500, making them super difficult to fully destroy.
  • Headshot: Bulked-up Snipers whose barrels appear to have much more technology. When shot by a Headshot, not only does it do considerable damage on its own, it applies Broken and Slowed for 3 seconds! Watch out! have a meager 500 health due to their long range and high damage nature, making them a glass cannon among the Strikers.
  • Turmoil: A Hunter that fires piercing shots every 3 seconds. Isn't very mobile generally, but when it does move, it moves fast! Turmoils usually flee when players get too close. If Turmoils are the last enemies in the room, they will flee and die off screen. Have 600 health.
  • Fanatic: Cultists whose black robes have red trimmings lining the inside edge of the hood. They behave almost identically to Cultists, save for two things. One, their shots Paralyze. And two, when teleporting, a ring of eight bullets is released from not only the place they once were, but where they are now! They have a pretty hefty health pool, at 1200.
  • Outlaw: Rangers wearing full metal plate on their bodies. Go Armored when not moving, and have a small chance to reflect bullets fired at them. Shots fired will split into three smaller shots backward in a Triple Shot pattern upon hitting a target. Has 1000 health.


Wraith, Grin, Delirious, Heretic, and Knight crawlers.

  • Wraith: Melee tanks that behave similarly to Lancers. When first seen, they are entirely invisible. The only way to reveal them is to attack them first! Only spawn in rooms where all enemies must be killed to exit. Their first attack deals double damage. Like a Punisher, the longer they touch, the higher the damage becomes. Look like black Lancers with a bloody skull-like print on the body, similar in design to that of the Archprophet's mask. Have 700 health.
  • Grin: Floating barrel-less tanks that have black particle smoke coming off of them. Like the Archprophet, have skull masks. They bounce diagonally off of the walls and have quite the health pool, half an Alpha Pentagon, at 1500.
  • Delirious: Black goo-like Destroyers with a generally weak health pool. The catch? When killed, they split into two tiny black piles of goo. If these piles are not destroyed after two seconds, each one becomes a new Delirious! Keep failing to kill them and the number goes bigger. Don't worry, despite this, as the goo form has even less health than the Delirious themselves. Main body has 800 health and each reformable pile has 300.
  • Lunatic: Cultists with golden trimmings lining the inside edge of the hood. Unlike the other Cultists, this one acts and moves as a normal player would. Fires purple fireballs with larger areas that inflict Confused. Every few seconds, it will summon in a Tear of Panzer. Unlike regular Tears, however, these ones can't drop Panzer Tokens, so NO Panzer Token farms! Has 1800 health, making it among the toughest so far.
  • Polterghast: A transparent and faded ghost-like Griever that will grab onto nearby Polygons and fire them outward at players. Polterghasts will always be accompanied by Polygons. If there are no more Polygons in a room, they will chase after players and attempt to act like a usual Griever. Have 1200 health.


  • Knight: Powerful tanks with two arms like the Archprophet. On one is a lance and on the other is a shield. A helmet similar to The Tres Geminos is donned on their bodies. The lance swings at a 45 degree angle while they attack. The shield will deflect bullets that hit it directly. Have 2000 health, making them tanky foes.
  • Warmind: Armored golden tanks with two spawners spaced evenly apart like an Overseer. Lances stab a bit past these, similar to The Lich. Has a black eye with red glowing pupil like The Saw. Constantly releases a stream of golden Drones from each barrel while charging at players. While chasing, it will use its Drones as a buffer from damage, due to its relatively low health compared to other Nobles, that being 1200.
  • Seraph: Golden-armored tanks with angel wings, Seraphs are like laser beam Cultists. They sweep a red laser beam at a 75 degree angle before warping in a golden flash somewhere else in the room. Lasers are blocked by obstacles, so rooms with Seraphs usually have them. Will occasionally wrap their angel wings around their front, getting Armored. That golden armor can be quite resilient, giving them a hefty 1000 health.
  • Heretic: Not to be confused with The Heretic, the Heretic enemies can be just as problematic. Heretics are another advancement to the Cultist enemy, this one with purple trimmings. They are perpetually Armored, and have four 'Heretic Orbitals' rotating around them. Heretic Orbitals are purple and emit black smoke. They occasionally fire red bullets at the closest target. Heretics themselves fire a slow moving shockwave of bullets, each off which have a random debuff associated with them. After every attack, the Heretic teleports, leaving very little opprotunity to hit them. Luckily, they have very low health, at 400.
  • Missionary: Knights that instead of wielding swords, have three gray shapes rotating around them slowly about 2 tiles away, one a square, one a triangle, and one a pentagon. Will occasionally release a yellow shockwave about 12 tiles outward that converts all Polygons into Cultist Polygons. Has 1600 health. When killed, the three orbitals will be shot outward, dealing the damage of a Destroyer bullet.


  • Wavemakers: Black metal tanks with two glowing purple eyes and grates on them like a knight's visor that also glow purple. From their eyes occasionally, two purple lasers of bullets will be shot out in a double helix pattern for three seconds. Immobile while occurs. They are also Broken, making this a good time to attack them. Cannot be hurt from the front, and have 1800 health.
  • Bishop: The last of the Cultist line, Bishops are the epitome of the Cult's defensive line. Bishops are like Guardians of a Castle. When a Bishop is in the room, no other enemies can be hurt until the Bishop dies. Luckily they do not attack or move. Enemies will naturally guard them, however, should one spawn. They have an obnoxious amount of health, sitting at 4500, 1.5x that of an Alpha Pentagon. Even if very unlikely because only a max of 10 Disciple-status Dungeon Crawlers can spawn per play of Fortress Mode/Tower of Gladii, if multiple Bishops appear in the same room, they will not make each other invulnerable. However, all of them must be killed first.
  • Paradigm: Black Overlords that sort of... glitch with purple effects and pixels. Paradigms summon hordes of Tears of Panzer, while simultaneously recovering health rapidly. A Paradigm is probably THE worst Dungeon Crawler to run into, due to its endless swarm of powerful minions, and regenerating health pool. Needless to say, a coordinated group of even two or three can take it down. Have 1200 health.
  • Thinker: A gray tank that's top half is extended, like a cone. From the top half up, the body looks like a lightbulb. Two bored-looking glowing purple eyes the shape of upside-down half circles go off from below the border line between body and bulb. Has two Auto Turrets at its side, one on each. The lightbulb starts as off, but every few seconds it will turn on, and a random regular enemy within the entire Tale of Diep will spawn, excluding other Disciples and Trap-type Lab Guards. Everything else is fair game. Have 800 health.
  • Crusader: A tank that looks very similar to The Tres Geminos, but smaller and with less health. Will actively chase down players rapidly while attempting to gun them down and rotating. The body will not rotate as to keep the helmet in line. Only the barrels will. Has a hearty 3400 health, making it VERY formidable.


  • For a long time on the Fortress Mode page, the red link for this had been sitting there, for about 7 months. Then Month of Panzer happened, and this finally got a page with the reform of Fortress Mode and the addition of the Tower of Gladii.
    • Even then, this Trivia section wasn't created until a month later.
  • Are among the most common Cult related enemies to find, as while it states they spawn exclusively in Fortress Mode and Tower of Gladii, it was also added that they spawn during a Cult Raid event.
    • It can also be expected certain bosses will be able to summon them in the near future.
  • These are the baseline enemies in which others can be compared to. These 20 will be your main foes.
  • Cultist-like enemies are inspired by mage-type enemies in Terraria. They fire three shots and then teleport and repeat.
  • Dungeon Crawlers are the group of enemies with the most variants, at 25.
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