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And they all thought the Scorpio Queens were the largest and most feared among them...


The Emperor Scorpio is a Realm Boss that can spawn within Melancholy Forest. Unlike most Scorpios, it spawns completely independent of a Scorpio Colony. There is no exact method to determining when an Emperor Scorpio will spawn. As with all Realm Bosses, there is no notification when it spawns, and no indication it exists until a player or group of players finds it, where then they can alert others. It just kind of appears.

Emperor Scorpios will not leave Melancholy Forest, and if lured near the area's boundaries they will retreat back into the forest. Multiple Emperor Scorpios can be alive at once, with no more than five active within The Realm. If an Emperor Scorpio runs into a Scorpio Colony, it will actively circle and defend it, sometimes stopping to sit in the middle and curl around.


Emperor Scorpios are incredibly large Scorpios. They are much larger than any of the Stage 4 Scorpios gotten through Larvae evolving into them within Colonies, and are comprised of sixteen segments. Like regular Scorpio enemies, the closer to the head is green while closer to the tail is a deep maroon with natural progression down the body.

As stated, the Emperor Scorpio is sixteen segments long, the head being slightly larger than a Dominator, the front seven segments being about as large as a Dominator, and then the back eight segments slowly decreasing in size while remaining massive compared to any player. The head has two black eyes, mandibles, and five spikes extending from the back of the head. Four are comprised like those on the head of a Scorpio Queen, with the fifth spike being large, exaggerated, and golden.

Extending from the sides of where the head segment meets the first body segment, are massive claws like those of a Scorpio Crawlatite, but one piece longer and with golden claws. On each of the fourteen body segments lie a smaller Dominator cannon, with two Lancer spikes extending slightly diagonally from above and beneath the cannon. On the tail segment, a long spike extending into the shape of a harpoon stretches.

Behavior and Battle

Emperor Scorpios, when spawned, will wander about the map aimlessly. They move at a quick speed of 6 tiles per second, wiggling as they move slightly, sort of like a snake. They will continue on like this until they find a player or Band of Thieves enemy group. In either case, they will stop for a second, and then rush at it, beginning to select from attacks below until either their target dies, it dies, or it is escaped by getting 60 tiles away from it, where it will re-enter its idle wander phase. When not selecting from attacks, it will attempt to dash at players at a speed of 7 tiles per second, occasionally picking up speed and moving 11 tiles per second for a short burst. Upon contact with its head players will suffer 35 damage and be knocked back a ways away. Contact with its claws do 17 damage, contact with a body segment lance does 12, and contact with the tail does 26. Additionally, the body segment lances inflict Bleeding for 2 seconds. Bullets fired from Dominator cannons on the body segments do 10 damage each and fire every second.

Since each segment has individual health, some measures have been taken. When a body segment reaches 0 health, its body will still absorb the bullets, but none of that damage matters. The segment will get a tinge of gray to it to show it has run out of health and firing at it is useless. Cannons on dead body segments will stop firing, but spikes will still do damage. When the head and/or tail reach 0 health, certain attacks from the pool below will no longer be used.

  • Surround Fire: Will quickly ring its body around a player disallowing escape, firing Dominator bullets inward and outwards from its body segments. After about a second or two, it will uncurl itself and wrap back around, charging at the player again.
  • Constrict: Like Surround Fire, will quickly ring its body around a player, but instead of firing, slowly spiraling inward more and more leaving less space to move as the lances move in. After about four seconds it will unwrap, curl back around as before, and charge.
  • Swipe Crush: Will dash in, stop in front of a player, and swipe both of its massive claws inward, attempting to crush a player from both sides. Does incredible damage and has a deal of knockback to it. Since the Emperor Scorpio cannot back away or turn easily, it will curve forward and to the right to rear back around following the attack, which may deal additional body damage. Requires the head segment be alive to use.
  • Consume: If a player dies, the Emperor Scorpio will rush toward it for a special animation, and all segments will recover 50 health if they can. Cannot revive the head segment if it has no health.
  • Constrict Fire: Will ring its body around a player for four seconds, both closing inward as in Constrict and firing from any alive cannons on its body segments. A dangerous attack that requires dodging skill. Requires the head and tail be killed, surprisingly.
  • Flurry Strike: Will dash forward quickly, swiping its claws back and forth rapidly, alternating between them. Does heavy damage and pushes players in the direction of the swipe. As the attack progresses, the Emperor Scorpio will slowly pick up speed before stopping, being Paralyzed for 3 seconds, and then wrapping back around for a charge.
  • Tail Puncture: Will wrap its tail around so it comes up to about halfway through the body in a U-shape, as the harpoon-like spike is fired off like a bullet. This shot pierces players, has no knockback, and is fired randomly in front of it at unpredictable angles. Deals a light bit of damage but inflicts Poisoned for 2 seconds. Requires the tail segment be alive.
  • Heart Breaker: A piece of it will flash red, before both of its barrels fire a large Missile with six evenly spaced smaller turrets. The big bullets travel slowly and do little damage for their size, but the smaller bullets are fired quickly from them, travel fast, and inflict Panic for 5 seconds.

Death and Rewards

Upon death, all of the Emperor Scorpio's segments will flash white once before all shaking rapidly as the segments burst one by one into green goo going from the tail to the head. Wherever the head is upon death is where loot will be dropped and an undecided amount of experience will be earned.

With items and accessories coming, soon the Emperor Scorpio, and many other bosses, will have a drop table including those.


  • The first ever tried and true Realm Boss.
    • There were a lot of Realm Bosses prior to this, but they were already existing bosses that were transferred to Realm Boss after it was better seen fit for them following the categories creation.
  • Is pretty much a giant Crawaltite mixed with a Queen, if the Queen had guns instead of spawners.
  • While some Realm Bosses will spawn randomly throughout their areas like this one, some will spawn at the end of certain area exclusive structures or setpieces in the world.
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