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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Era Bosses mark the end of an age, where cultural customs and disputes that ripple the fabric of the world are settled in battle with or against one of these gods among mortals. The power of the entities listed under the Era Bosses category is unfathomable, as nothing can even come close to comparison to them. Reaching Era Bosses is a task people dream of doing, let alone beating. They take coordinated groups of hundreds, maybe thousands to even stand a chance of destroying. Era Bosses are generally final bosses of a story. There is currently only one Era Boss, and it will be that way for a very long time.

Era Bosses

Avatar of Panzer - The god of the entire Realm incarnate as an entity that can act upon reality once more after being freed from The Void by the great Archprophet. In the earliest days of The Panzer Era, the great god of the Diep.io realm worked on creating various entities to inhabit his world. Tanks, he created last as a subservient species to his more developed creatures. And the tank race demonized him for it, despite his general neutrality toward them. By the beginning of The Old Era, tanks had freed themselves unbeknownst to Panzer until far later, and they stole the city-state of one of his weakest Sons, The Veil. Had this now dead Son let him know tanks were loose, he could have stopped them before the fateful day that marks the beginning of The Middle Era... the Bloodbath, the day Panzer was locked into The Void by nine ritualists, one of them his most faithful follower, and the realm was plunged into hell for a thousand years. And for the entirety of the Middle Era, where The Tale of Diep takes place, the Archprophet was planning to eternally save Panzer from the hell he had trapped him in, before realizing that Panzer was not an enemy... but a friend. And yet tanks still can't accept that and let bygones be bygones. Hence... the Avatar of Panzer, a series of monstrous forms that Panzer undergoes while trying to become immaculate once more...

Bosses (Tale of Diep)
Polygon Bosses Polypatrons: GuardianSummonerDefenderLeviathanDemolishorVanguardTrapperzoidHeptazoidColliderSlider • Tri-Seeker • ConstructionistBattle CarrierArmorboatMessenger • Gunship • SeptashotDreadnoughtSpreaderWarshipTrape FighterNonation • Phage Lord • Industrian • Barricador • Terminator • Conquistador • PulsarDeltrabladeCascade Army • Vis Ultima • Excubitor • Quintet • Umbra • Savior • Constellation • Spartan • Vortex • Implosionist • Lurk • Earthquake • Asteriscus • Sassafras

Mechagons: Guardian LSummoner Mk. IIDefender PrimePenta-Powergon

Realm Bosses Emperor ScorpioX-BowClaxim the Crooked • Illumina Goliath • Cavern Fiend • Mother Moonhand • Usurper of the SunOvercharm • Sanctus the Blind • Mistress Cadavera • The MonstrosityHollow GougerWallflower • Hand of the Dunes • Minion Horde • Runic Husk • The Forgotten King • Tharea the Shattered • Banished Three • Captain Chromehook • Guardian XStormbringer • Avarice • War Machine • Giga-Droid • Allgazer • Herald of the Altar • Skullcrusher • Honorable of the High Order • The Begotten • Writhe • Cinder Ancient • Scourge of the Crimson Sky
Sons of Panzer Primordial Sons: The PentagunThe ChimæraThe WolfThe DecimatorThe Trio of DoomThe SupplementThe HelixThe EstuaryThe TitanThe FurnaceThe TorrentThe ShadowThe OctagonThe KeeperThe ArrowThe MasonThe ArtisanThe LichThe PuppetmasterThe SoldierThe TacticianThe Tres GeminosThe OvermasterThe BureaucratThe PrinceThe JudicatorThe Veil

Mechanical Sons: The AutomatonThe StrategistThe FrigateThe SawThe Cyborg

Final Sons: The HarbingerThe WarhandThe PestilentThe Siphon

Gladiator Bosses Jack of HeartsBane of DronesFirestarterSumo KabloomOverdriveLeaping WarmindAdversaryWicked PrinceRoyale
Paramarchs Patapars • Hypoten • Noma • Xharen • Cinnabar • Proxima & Cidetris • Harriet • Declan • Diacaster • Khan Scorpnida • Andax • Yulron • Ralfus • Seventry • Combostrum • Righ O'Larr • Wernad • Decolosis • Lyptna • Helazor
High Prophets GaiusVictit • Timidis • AllegorLocke
Polygon Disciples PerpendiculusTritesPentavianHexenSeptaurOctraxEnnealisDecratite
Event Bosses The Storm of Fragments • Soul of Azerot • Draconis RexThe PrismGlimpse of PanzerAcolyte of Doom
Legendary Bosses ArchprophetNostradamusWar Machine IIDr. LacusBelisariusApostle of Panzer
Era Bosses Avatar of Panzer