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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Event Bosses are exceptionally powerful beings that are not to be undermined. They can be fought in The Realm as massive well... events. When an Event Boss spawns, everyone in the entire Realm is notified. Event Bosses are usually stationed to an area or world event, but sometimes they can just appear anywhere in The Realm with other preconditions.

Most Event Bosses require effort to summon, and will not just appear on their own. Most do not yet have exact steps to summoning laid out, but do have their place or just general cause of spawn.

Event Bosses

  • The Storm of Fragments: There comes a day where the Polygon Mother herself will cause distortion to the realm, a ripple bashes through and there comes the being comprised of thousands of fragments. A creature that many tanks fear to come enter our realm to behead us. She wants revenge, and this is how it plays out. We should all learn from our mistakes... (Spawns in the Tank Empire during an invasion of Imperium)
  • Soul of Azerot: The creator and founder of Azerot's Contingency has long been dead, killed at the peak of his reign over the lands of Vallard Wastes. An early power and feared individual of the early Middle Era, Azerot had a tight grip over the wastes with his clan of almost otherworldly followers. They tore their eyes out for him, and he would use them as magical vessels to scour and keep his eyes on the rest of The Realm. In the end, the Contingency keep their tradition of losing eyes in the name of their clan for the tradition and to honor Azerot, even after his demise. Having begged and pleaded with another powerful group in Vallard Wastes, the Drowned Crypt, their mistress of the dead and leader has agreed to try and revive Azerot. It is up to the Tank Empire to put a stop to this. (Stationed in Vallard Wastes)
  • Draconis Rex: Since The Old Era, Drones have wandered the land. But there used to be many more kinds than there are now, as we extincted the ones we didn't need, or those who caused us nothing but trouble. One of those was the Draconis... a breed of massive fire-breathing drones that had skin of armor and teeth like knives. Only one remains, slumbering in a cave near the ruins of old temples far within Paradigm Dunes. Forbid the beast wakes up and we must endure its fury. (Stationed in Paradigm Dunes)
  • The Prism: A mysterious entity created by Decratite, the Decagon Disciple. It manifests power with the combined aspects of him and the other Polygon Disciples and has power like nothing ever seen. However, it broke out from under his control and escaped to who knows where. Beware the light... it hurts. (Stationed in Somber Falls)
  • Altar of Unsure Fate: Powerful magic and emotion unchecked can make deity sorcerers full of regret. The Altar of Unsure Fate was created by Elzic during their final days in a last ditch effort to seal their mind in the mortal world before falling into an ethereal slumber. Interference by a confused Imperial caused Elzic to experiment. Elzic's Wintercrest hideout and its mythical icy labyrinth was falling into disarray. After many decades and centuries living in their form of half-existence, Elzic needed someone to bend to their will upon or talk to. Elzic manipulated the Altar into a magical emotion chamber, and drained all sense of will from their newfound Tank Imperial pet, leaving them a mentally and emotionally drained lunatic who followed Elzic's every move and order until eventually finally fading into a subrealm. Sealed within the sapphire orb atop the Altar, the emotional unrest spreads across the Wintercrest north, in the fabled labyrinths where Elzic once resided. The host of those old forgotten memories has long since died, but the built up malice, terror, guilt, and misery now haunt the labyrinths and turn those in their path into creatures of its image, with their souls and emotional anguish trapped within as well. The fates of those whose emotions become locked within the Altar is unknown, but the destruction of the orb atop it and the champion deities formed by the emotional flurry, at least may free the spirits trapped within for a little while. But in the end... Elzic still waits asleep...
  • Acolyte of Doom: A vile creation stirred up by Panzer from the depths of The Void, the Acolyte of Doom calls the new age's coming. It's mere existence shows that the chains of Panzer are forever weakening as the Cult progresses in their goals to free him. It is an agent of Panzer, created directly by him as a truly loyal and powerful asset to the Cult, a recurring envoy of the end, and a true sign that as the Tank Empire grows closer to their finale in ending the Cult's efforts, their journey is only really beginning... (Can spawn anywhere in The Realm the Cult occupies, but only during completion of the Seven Steps of the Sanctum + during the time the Tower of Gladii is open)
  • Glimpse of Panzer: On rare occasions where the chains weaken, Panzer can manifest a small part of himself into the Realm, despite being locked in a sub-dimension. And on one of these occasional loosens, the Archprophet will try to take the opportunity to free the dark one. Many wonder why he hasn't yet, and this is why. When the Glimpse of Panzer appears, the Archprophet knows he has failed once more, and the ritual must take more time to be completed. But Panzer does not care... He has all the time in the universe... (Can spawn anywhere in The Realm but only during a Month of Panzer)


  • This used to a serve a completely different purpose before The Realm was made and bad decisions were rampant.
  • One of the Event Bosses, the Acolyte of Doom, is unique in that it does not notify the entire server when it spawns, and only those in the same Realm Area as it will be notified. It also originally derives from The Extended Tale of Diep.
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