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Fanboys of Panzer are neutral entities that spawn in all gamemodes where tanks and bosses associated with the Cult of Panzer spawn. Created by Fall Out Wave.



Fanboys are red barrel-less tanks with 2 hands. Across their bodies are various merchandise related to the Cult of Panzer. Merchandise usually includes:

  1. A crown very vaguely resembling that of the Archprophet.
  2. A skull mask resembling that of the Archprophet.
  3. A scarf with "I love Panzer" sewn on it.
  4. A cape resembling that of the Archprophet.
  5. A bag with even more non-visible merchandise inside.

Some Fanboys of Panzer may have other merchandise on them, but it is all random.


  • They spawn in hordes and actively seek out Panzer-related tanks.
  • If they encounter a player, they will display some text above their heads, similar to the chat system in The colour of the text is white with black borders, unless otherwise specified. The various quotes will be shown below the Behavior area.
    • Some quotes reference very end-game content that most players wouldn't know about if the Fanboys hadn't told them.
  • If you hit them, they will gang up on you and punch you to death. This may not seem like much, but a punch can actually deal 60-200% of a Destroyer bullet! The damage varies with each punch.
  • If they encounter a Panzer-related tank, they will go crazy and rush to it, surrounding it and defending it from damage. They also speak to it, like "Sign my cape!" or "Oh my panzer it's actually you", etc etc.
  • If they encounter a Prophet, they will team with it and help it expand it's cult. The Prophet or it's followers cannot hurt the Fanboys, and they cannot hurt them either.
  • If they somehow manage to spawn in gamemodes without Cult-of-Panzer-related tanks (which should be impossible without hacking or being in Deity Mode), then they will act like Tears of Panzer.


Quotes randomly said

  • Hello sir, could you spare some time to talk about our lord and savior, Panzer?
  • Praise the Archprophet! (while saying this, they will move their hands in a position as if they were praising the sun)
  • Have you seen (insert boss name here)?
  • Follow us to go meet (insert boss name here)! (They will then lead you to the closest Fortress)
  • FIREBALL STORM! (Trying to show off by doing the signature attack of the Archprophet, but of course failing)
  • One day, I'm going to become a Prophet!
  • Wanna trade Cult of Panzer trading cards?
  • Whose your favorite Son of Panzer? Mine is (random Son of Panzer name).
  • Wanna join us? You get a cool cape!
  • One day, I want the Archprophet to sign my face!
  • Swords must swing! Blood must bleed! (Motto and key phrase of the Tale of Diep as a whole)
  • If a financially rewarding job is what you want... If adventure is what you crave... If a secure and happy future is what you seek... Then join the Cult of Panzer now! Free cape and mug included!

Quotes said only when certain requirements are met

  • I heard that the Juggernaut is holding a concert live like, now! Wanna go see? (only appears when the Juggernaut is alive)
  • If you fear the coming end you are not worthy. (Only said during Month of Panzer. When said, all the Fanboys of Panzer in the group say it at once)
  • Are you one of those heretics breaking into the Tower of Gladii? If so... we can't talk. :( (Only said if the Seven Steps of the Sanctum are in progress)
  • You... WHAT?! (Said when you kill a Fanboy of Panzer. All Fanboys of Panzer will then gain more health, gang up on you and punch you to death.)
  • WhaAT! Why would you DO that!? (Said if you kill a Panzer-related tank. All Fanboys of Panzer will then gain +300% damage and health, gang up on and punch you to death)
  • Whoa! You're making me dIzZy... (Said if a Booster or other tank spins in front of it at least 10 times in 4 seconds.)

Quotes referencing other content

  • I'd love to get even a glimpse of Panzer! (Referencing the existence of the Glimpse of Panzer)
  • Deep beneath it lies the Vault... and up above... the Chamber (Very rarely said, and when it is, the text is blood red. References the Tower of Gladii game mode and beyond...)
  • I want to go visit Sanctuary some day! (Referencing Sanctuary, the birth place of the Cult of Panzer)
  • They tell of an ancient guardian the Archprophet uses to protect... something. (Referencing Nostradamus)
  • It's the Realm of a new battle! Conception Wikia: Heroes mobile lets you collect and choose from hundreds of characters across the Universe in this epic collectible card game that takes you beyond the Arena. (Referencing DCoW Heroes)
  • I hear of a dead friend of the Archprophet who haunts his tower to this day... Or does he? (Referencing Boris the Ghost Butler)
  • What are you going to be for Halloween this year? I'm going to be (insert boss name here)! (May reference any boss in the Tale of Diep, including end-game ones except the Avatar of Panzer)
  • A whole new world, new fantastic stuff to fanboy about... (Referencing the Extended Tale of Diep)
  • *ahem* “Let us dance the dance of death mortals!” Do you like my Archprophet impression? Someday I want to be just like him!

Quotes said and actions done to Panzer-related Tanks

  • OMG it's the (insert boss name here)!!!
  • I LOVE YOU (insert boss name here)!!!
  • Sign my flag!
  • Ahh! He shot me! ME! Be jealous, be very jealous! (Only said if the Panzer-related tank attacks the Fanboys)
  • Sign my cape!
  • Can you chat with me for a second?
  • *pulls out a camera and photographs the Panzer-related tank numerous times*
  • *selfies with the Panzer-related tank*
  • Punch me in the face and wake me up!
  • I wish I was as great as you!

Quotes said when a Fireball! spawns

  • WOAH, a Fireball!
  • I finally mastered Fireball Storm? YIPPEE!!!!!
  • So... pretty...
  • Ka-BOOOM!!!!!

Quotes said when a Cult Raid happens

  • DEUS VULT! (When said, the text is white with golden borders. All Fanboys of Panzer will then become hostile to all tanks.)
  • The Cult is here! Submit to Panzer or get CRUSHED!
  • YES, my comrades! Destroy the Tank Empire!

Quotes said when a Panzer-related Tank is killed

  • You killed a creation of our almighty savior! YOU SINNER! YOU MUST DIE!
  • Swords must swing and YOU MUST BLEED!!!
  • Look, a traitorous sinner!! KILL HIM NOW, LADS!!!!

"I <3 Panzer" Archprophet Mug Reference

Very rarely, a Fanboy will spawn alone with a mug which is colored like the Archprophet and has "I <3 the Cult" written on it. The Fanboy will drink... whatever tanks drink... out of it. When it is finished, it will say "I <3 Panzer. You should too :D", and will then put the mug back and move to whichever group of Fanboys is nearest. It then starts behaving normally. Should you attack it, it will stop drinking, say "Oh, now you're in for it!", put away the mug, throw it at you and then gain 1000 health (getting around 2500 total) and its attack power will increase. It will also start attacking in more various and unique ways, including making weapons of possible merchandise and gathering nearby Fanboys to assist it in battle. This creates a random miniboss scenario and kind of be a forewarning to players not to mess with the Fanboys or think too lowly of them.


Upon death, a Fanboy of Panzer may drop it's merchandise from it's bag. They can be picked up and be used as customization. A Fanboy may drop up to 5 pieces of merchandise, including:

  • The scarf.
  • The skull mask.
  • The crown.
  • The flag.
  • The cape.
  • An "I <3 Panzer" mug.
  • Plush dolls of important Cult tanks, including the Archprophet, Dr. Lacus, the War Machines and more. (Random each time)
  • A plastic jointed Draconis Rex toy.
  • A bottle of Panzer goo.
  • Dr. Lacus's scouter.
  • A talking Trapper God figure, complete with fabulous golden hair.


  • They are based off the stereotypical fangirl, with all the craziness and merchandise and whatnot.
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