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The rough mistress High Prophet of Toil Ridge is known for her rock hard attitude, no pun intended. She is no nonsense, gets things done, and is overwhelmingly dominating in her opinions and wishes at the High Prophet council table. Put Gaius in charge of something and she WILL get it done, no matter the task, no matter the resources, and no matter the sacrifices. Surrender isn't in her vocabulary. Quitting is for the weak. Doing so is cowardice! Having harnessed an ancient powerful artifact from the core of the world via "spiritual cult magic" as the Empire calls it, she now can move and shape the very land to her whim, if limited. With the Mantle Spire, rocks bend to her will, small mountains march at her shouts, and earthen disasters such as geysers or molten magma can spring forth with a whisk of the artifact and a bit of feisty command. The unstoppable force and immovable object coexisting in the same body, Gaius is sure to treat any who stand in her path just like her tasks: a small obstacle that must be finished quickly and no matter what...


Gaius is one of the six High Prophets of the Cult of Panzer. Every area of The Realm under its influence has one, and she is the High Prophet of Toil Ridge. Gaius sees her job as a duty not just to the Cult and that in which she believes, but also to The Realm itself. She represents and speaks for it, even more so than those who deserve to do. Her power is almost drawn from it, as a result of her excessive use of the Mantle Spire. The death and misrepresentation of the core of the world would result in her end and loss of much of her non-Panzer based power. The ability to shift the stones of the rocky Toil Ridge would be not ideal, as her magic and the portion of The Realm she's been stationed in go hand in hand.

Due much to her necessity in the world's health to keep a lot of her exceptionally powerful magic, she is avid in keeping The Realm preserved. She has great relations with the Polygons, not only just with the Disciple of Toil Ridge, the mighty Septaur, but also with his connections and siblings throughout The Realm. She takes a pro-Polygon stance within the Cult, and is the only High Prophet of the council to super actively wish to form an alliance with them against the Empire. One of her biggest projects is the assurance of Illumina Crystal protection, and leaving them where they belong in The Realm. They are magical agents, and it would do her no benefit having The Realm lose them.

Gaius despises Allegor, the High Prophet of Wintercrest, with an indescribable passion. She sees his high standards of excellence and very exclusive opinions on what an ideal being should be as the result of unregulated elitism, and his practices and decisions on whats best for the Cult as pandering to specific favored sectors of the Cult such as the Council of Steel, and less so for the good of the entire structure and especially new entrants. He hates her in return. She fears for Victit, High Prophet of Paradigm Dunes, aware that his personality disorder may be scaring him into making rash decisions. Locke to her is a mystery, as a lot of the time he spends is alone in deep thought, sometimes even missing council meetings in his studies. She sees Timidis' meek nature as cowardly, as she tends to back down when given too much pushing against her ideas. Nonetheless, this sight doesn't come with hatred, but instead sees her as adorable and someone that she can bolster into a tough force to counter.


Gaius, as explained, does not take no for an answer unless she really has to. Once her mind is set on something, she will see it completed quickly and efficiently. If sacrifices must be made, so be it. She is open to everyone, and willing to give anything a new try. This results in her letting almost anyone in to the Cult if they so wish, usually resulting in an influx of Tank Empire spies using her approval as a means of entering their ranks. It is also responsible for not just her wants to ally with the Polygons, but her sheer respect for them as well. Her powerful artifact, the Mantle Spire, draws its power from life of the world, and the Polygons have this interest usually in mind as well. As a mix of her determination to see anything to the finish, and her willingness to try something new, do not give her a dare, because you will lose anything you bet on it.


Gaius is a large tank of beige color. She wears a helmet just like the other High Prophets. At the tip of the silver domed center rising beyond the two wider darker iron layers, is the shape of a flame made out of gold. Down the sides of the body the helmet continues, forming it. The piece that goes down the center of the body curves off into two upside-down arcs that connect into the sides, making them appear to form eye holes. These are rimmed with brighter silver, as the rest of the helmet is also a darker iron-like color.

From the sides of the helmet/body extend two ovular shapes that curl upward at their far edge into a point. These are darker, and rimmed thinly with shinier silver. From them extend Gaius' black arms, ending in hands the same color as the body. Connecting the arms and hands are what appear to be silver pointed metallic 'sleeves', implying the black on the arms is also a protective layer.

In her left hand she wields the Hammer of Ages, a short gray stone handled hammer embezzled with golden runes. The tip of the handle is capped in gold. The head of the hammer meets the handle with four rimmed bands of brown stone before forming the large gray rectangular hammer. It too is formed of dark, somewhat cracked stone. Orange light seeps from the cracks. Above the hammer head is another large iron dome cap, ending with a shortened point.

In her right hand is the Mantle Spire, a molten black rock scepter. The handle is long, and made of black ashen rock, also seeping with thin orange lava cracks. The handle has a short rimming of gold where her hand meets it, separated into numerous small grooved golden bands that meet. The head of the scepter meets the handle with a wider gold rimming. The head is ovular, and heavily cracked. Ember particles swirl around the head of the scepter, which is tipped in an almost shapeless spiked cap rimmed in magma.

The Fight

Phase 1

Gaius will be sitting in a brown throne formed of stone sticking out of the back wall, rigged and jagged gray stone spikes form the back wall of the throne, all reaching skyward in upward angles. Her hammer rests to the left side of the throne, as her left arm sits on the left armrest of the throne. Her Mantle Spire is held in her other hand, raised when the players enter. 20 seconds after the first person enters the room, Gaius will point her Mantle Spire in the direction of the door, as two Invincible Prophets come in from behind her throne and quickly move to shut the door from its sides, standing in front of it after.

With a sense of overconfidence, Gaius will nod her Mantle Spire to the side a bit, and grab the Hammer of Ages, before swirling her Mantle Spire, fading into invisibility with orange particles before slowly re-appearing in the center of the room. She will speak her introductory quote, before holding up her hammer and Mantle Spire. The Mantle Spire will fire an orange bolt of energy into the Hammer, which will begin flickering orange with power throughout the phase. For the duration of Phase 1, she picks from the attacks below.

  • Call of Ages: She will slam her hammer into the ground with a loud echoing sound, as numerous waves of brown spiky rock-like structures are fired off in the general opposite direction of Gaius, and toward players. These rock spikes sink back into the ground one at a time just as they rise one at a time.
  • Earth Sling: Will quickly smash the hammer down with an orange glow, as a large wall of rock appears in front of her. She will then quickly hit it three times in quick succession, sending a piece of the rock in the form of a large, strangely shaped brown bullet flying outward quickly at a random angle in the direction her hammer swung. The first swing will be right, the second left, and the third right. Being hit by this projectile does high damage and inflicts Stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Hammerang: Will thrust her hand out forward, and with it the hammer, which flies out fast, before stopping about 30 tiles in front of her, increasing rotation speed rapidly, before flinging itself in a direction at an almost incomprehensible speed, bouncing off of everything it hits for 4 seconds before returning to Gaius' hand. This in itself doesn't deal much damage surprisingly, due to its really hard to dodge nature, but does inflict Fatigued for 4 seconds on contact.
  • Earth Bubble: Will raise her hammer, as an orange field of rotating energy balls begins spinning around it. Each if these particles will collapse in on themselves and then regrow as a rock, which flings itself at the closest player. There will be about eight pebbles launched in quick succession, each doing moderate damage.
  • Flame Sigil: The rune etched into the Hammer of Ages will glow a fierce red, as the same symbol appears made of fire aesthetically on everyone's screens. Following this, it will fade, and four ring of sixteen rotating bullets that inflict Burning for 3 seconds but deal no damage will be fired out from the hammer head every second while Gaius goes Armored.
  • Mantle Strike: Will raise the scepter as the point glows a violent red. A chain lightning-like strike will fire into the closest tank. If it connects, it will chain up to eight more players, as well as deal area damage to other entities within a 4 tile radius of those players. This inflicts Slowed and does light damage in it of itself, with the explosion damage only effecting the entities the struck targets and not themselves.
  • Fissure Blast: The head of the Mantle Spire will open, revealing a floating orb of molten rock. This core will fire six thin laser beams in random directions. Gaius will stop moving for this attack, as it will be used in quick succession anywhere from two to five times while still all counting as one attack.
  • Molten Eruption: The core of the Mantle Spire will open like during Fissure Blast, as four large globs of magma in the form of large arcing bullets land on the ground, dealing damage to things around them and leaving magma tiles that inflict Slowed and Burning while stood in. These spread over their ten second duration before vanishing. The cluster of magma blobs will be fired in the direction of a general player crowd.
  • Hammer Spin: She will chuck out her hammer like in Hammerang, but once it stops it will stay in place, firing tons of bright yellow bullets outward in random directions as it spins like a blur. This lasts for six seconds before returning to her hand in a straight line. The bullet storm is quite large and hard to dodge. Each individual bullet does small damage, but build up quickly.
  • Cardinal Divergence: Will throw her Hammer into the ground a bit forward, releasing large chunks of rock from the ground. Once these hit the ground, in the four cardinal directions of their impact sites, waves of rock spikes will rise one at a time like during Call of Ages, which sink back into the ground like a wave. Her Hammer of Ages will then return to her in a yellow flash.

One attack will be used on a set pattern independent from the rest and is the main unique factor about this phase:

  • Core Release: Every attack that Gaius uses, the field set by the Mantle Spire set around the Hammer of Ages at the start of battle will increase in flashing frequency. The Hammer of Ages will constantly release flashes of orange light throughout the phase, and those flashes increase in frequency and brightness as this attack nears. Every fifteen attacks that Gaius uses, Core Release will occur. The Hammer will consume the screen in an orange light before fading back to normal color. Gaius will begin chasing players around, as the Mantle Spire and Hammer of Ages both fire numerous orange particle bursts into the ground at a time. About two seconds after a stream hits the ground, a lava geyser like effect will occur as all players around the area will be Paralyzed, inflicted with Panic, and be Unfocused. The Paralyze lasts 3 seconds, and the Panic and Unfocused last 10. Gaius is completely Invincible until Core Release ends about 15 seconds later, where the attack resets.

Phase 2

When Gaius hits 50% health, her Mantle Spire will crumble away, the molten core spilling into the floor in a large 10x10 tile area of lava for the duration of Phase 2. The aura around hammer will cease, as the Spire is destroyed. She will vanish in a fading effect, with orange particles floating around, before re-appearing sitting in her throne. She will throw up three invincible walls of rock on each side of her throne, becoming Invulnerable to damage and shouting for Prophets to assist her. Two will come from the back doors of the room, with floating brown crystals above them. They will stand at the back of the room, to Gaius' left and right evenly spaced apart.

The crystals will, every two seconds after the last attack, in unison, select from the attack patterns below:

  • Release spreading shots of bullets that release 3,4,5,6,5,4 bullets on a cycle three times over the course of about 10 seconds. These shots inflict Panic for 4 seconds.
  • Each crystal will fire four glowing brown lightning bolts in quick succession from left to right or right to left respectively.
  • A rock wave similar to the one in Call of Ages will be sent below each crystal, widening as it goes down.

The Crystals have 3000 health each, and must be destroyed to proceed with the phase. When the Crystals are not preforming an attack, they are Armored. When they are attacking, they are Broken. When both Crystals are destroyed, Gaius' rock walls will fall, and she will be vulnerable to damage for 5 seconds, visibly looking stunned. If Gaius does not go below 30% health in these 5 seconds, the rocks will rise again and the Prophets will summon new Crystals.

This repeats until Gaius is left with 30% health.

Phase 3

Gaius will angrily shake her hammer, as the eye holes in her helmet begins glowing orange with power (implying her eyes are). She will rise from her throne, floating, the hammer crackling with electricity, as walls of rock begin to rise from the ground around the arena, rapidly rising and shrinking, once growing to their full height, to give a crazy wave effect while never actually descending back into the ground to allow player escape.

Gaius will remain Invincible until the formation of the walls is established. There is a large stone square of them preventing escape from an area around Gaius, and a bunch of one-off pillars that can be used to hide from some attacks. Once Gaius descends in glowing rage, Phase 3 will begin.

While the Phase is going on, and Gaius goes below 15% health, pillars of earth will begin rising from the floor forming bridges players can walk across between the islands. Gaius will float about the arena in an orange aura, defying gravity due to the power in her hammer, able to move over the walls. Throughout the entire phase, red markings will appear on the map and a second later a rock spike will rise of it, dealing damage and Paralyzing players for 1 second in a small radius around the spike. Players need to constantly watch out for these while attacking Gaius.

  • Call of Ages Deux: She will slam her hammer into the ground with a loud echoing sound, as numerous waves of brown spiky rock-like structures are fired off in the general opposite direction of Gaius, and toward players. These rock spikes sink back into the ground one at a time just as they rise one at a time. When a spike descends into the ground, a small chunk of brown rocky bullets is fired off in a cluster behind the rising and falling wave of rocks, doing additional damage and inflicting Slowed for 3 seconds.
  • Hammerang: Will thrust her hand out forward, and with it the hammer, which flies out fast, before stopping about 30 tiles in front of her, increasing rotation speed rapidly, before flinging itself in a direction at an almost incomprehensible speed, bouncing off of everything it hits for 6 seconds before returning to Gaius' hand. This in itself doesn't deal much damage surprisingly, due to its really hard to dodge nature, but does inflict Fatigued and Unfocused for 4 seconds on contact. Once the hammer returns to Gaius' hands, players marked by the Hammerang (being hit by it), will have a rock spike like those that appear constantly throughout the phase set to appear under them a second later, doing additional damage to those not paying attention.
  • Earth Bubble Deux: Will raise her hammer, as an orange field of rotating energy balls begins spinning around it. Each if these particles will collapse in on themselves and then regrow as a rock, which flings itself at the closest player. There will be about twenty pebbles launched in quick succession, each doing moderate damage. The pebbles are launched in pairs of two at the two closest players, and will explode in a rocky shockwave if contact is made with the player, dealing additional damage to players nearby them, and Stunning all of them for 5 seconds.
  • Hammer Spin Deux: She will chuck out her hammer like in Hammerang Deux, but once it stops it will stay in place, firing tons of bright yellow bullets outward in random directions as it spins like a blur. These bullets pick up in speed, and on contact with a rock spike or wall, will split into four much faster smaller bullets that inflict Blinded for 3 seconds. This lasts about 8 seconds, with the rock pillars becoming very useful in hiding behind, before the hammer returns to Gaius' hand.
  • Beckoning of Ages: Will raise her hammer, which floats from her hands and begins flashing a golden color as four other golden holographic copies of it appear. They will simultaneously spin in place for a few seconds, before flinging themselves into the ground at the closest player, sending up three rings of rock spikes in a short area around them, and dealing damage. After the attack ends, the real of Hammer of Ages will flash back into Gaius' hands with a yellow fade effect.
  • Ritualistic Demise: Will throw the hammer into the air, with it landing in a marked orange area on the map a few seconds later, handle sticking straight up. An orange beacon will be fired upward as a circle around the hammer will turn a pale orange with yellow runes spinning around it. Tears of Panzer will begin spawning inside of this zone. Gaius remains Broken and unable to attack or move while the Tears are summoned (about one every 0.4 seconds) over the course of five seconds, where afterward the hammer will return to her hand.
  • Spinal Tap: Will rush at a player with a bright orange after-effect, jabbing her hammerhead into them. This does incredible damage, knocks the player back far, and leaves them critically Slowed and Fatigued for 7 seconds. She will quickly rush back to her starting position after making contact. If she misses and the player successfully dodges, she will continue to rush forward until hitting a wall or pillar, where she will take damage and be Paralyzed and Stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Runic Smash: The runes etched into the handle of the hammer will holographically project themselves in a line on the hammerhead, before she slams the hammer into the ground, sending a golden shockwave flying out in all directions. This can only be blocked by hiding behind a pillar or wall in the arena, where otherwise the player will be swept back with the wave and eventually slammed into the wall, taking damage the entire way and then some.

Once Gaius hits 5% health she will enter her death phase.

Death Phase

Gaius' lights in her eyes will go out, as she begins to do an almost panting style motion. She will motion to the two Prophets at the door to attack, as the square box she set around the arena falls alongside the pillars. The two Prophet's death is not necessary to ending the battle, only Gaius hitting 0 health.

Gaius meanwhile, will be releasing rings and other patterns of orange bullets, as well as destroying the floor in some places before re-forming it. When she caves in a portion of the floor, players standing on it will be Paralyzed and Stunned until the floor re-appears about three seconds later. She notions to removing a piece of the floor by raising her hammer above her head, where a large section of floor will turn red before becoming a black pit about a second later, giving little time to get out. This does no damage but completely incapacitates players within it.

Once Gaius reaches 0 health, players will freeze as she will raise her hammer above her head as if she was going to remove a piece of the floor. However, this happens beneath her, and she will fall into it with a scream. The hammer will remain in place, spinning above the ground, before the floor closes above her, and then lands on the ground where Gaius stood. She is alive, and you can hear her muffled shouts and slamming right beneath the floor. When she does try to knock on the floor above to break through it, the screen jitters slightly for effect. Rewards will be given at the defeat location.


(Coming Soon)


  • Third High Prophet page to be created.
  • The first High Prophet usually encountered by players due to her location.
  • The no-nonsense serious reasoner of the High Prophet council.
  • Her weapons are both powerful, age-old artifacts taken from the core of Toil Ridge's central chasm.
  • Players that move very close to the Hammer of Ages after Gaius' incapacitation get an eerie message in the top center of the screen in italicized, curvy fonted golden text that says "A mysterious force denies you right to pick up the Hammer of Ages, which rejects you..."
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