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Royale has had enough of these puny gladiators trying to meddle with his title in the arena! As he swore in his words, he would vow to return and fight those who beat him honorably, in a one on one brawl unlike his encounters in The Arena, where the world stands against him. So, he has gotten the corporate head in Arena to open up a special challenge for those willing to accept. Challengers will be forced to take on waves of HIS followers, them alone standing against many as he had. Can these much smaller teams take on those Royale has sent against them, and finally the gladiator himself?


Gladiator Ladder is an Event Gamemode that has a 5% chance of appearing the following day that Royale has been defeated in a random Arena gamemode. This spawn chance is doubled to 10% if Royale is any less than first place on the Arena Score board. If it spawns but a player has not yet been a part of defeating a random Royale spawn, then they cannot enter or even see it has spawned.

Gladiator Ladder is a test of teamwork, as it can be very tough for an uncoordinated team. Gladiator Ladder is done in waves. Teams are made up of eight players all set to Level 45 upon entry, and players are revived at the end of each wave. If all players die on the same wave, the game ends and the challenge is lost. Gladiator Ladder is made up of fifteen waves.


  • When a player enters Gladiator Ladder, they are sent to a screen and told to wait for players to join them, like Survival. Once eight have been selected, they will enter the server in a small room. At the top of this small octagonal room is a thin hallway leading into a much larger octagonal area that looks like an actual arena. There will appear to be a row of seats with some tank bodies that have arms and such like the Archprophet, pumping them and bouncing and cheering, etc.
    • Very rarely, a Prophet may be seen, squinting and shifting its eyes angrily.
      • This Prophet if seen, has a chance to disappear in a cloud of smoke sometime during the game mode.
    • A golden tank with the usual arms wearing a crown can be seen sitting on a throne at the top of the stands, guarded by various random Lancer tanks on his sides and in front.
      • The mentioned Prophet, if it does spawn, will not be near the Tank Emperor should he appear.
      • He can wave to sides, causing all tanks on that side to start bouncing and cheering, etc.
  • Players are instantly Level 45 and all on the same team, the blue team. They can select any tank they wish and assign their stat points accordingly.
  • When all players have entered the room, the wall will close off and the waves will begin, the first one starting after about 10 seconds.
  • There are fifteen waves, with the final one being Royale. He is exactly the same as in Boss Frenzy, but now instead of tens of people taking him on at once, there are only eight...
  • If a player dies during a wave, they can spectate. All players killed will respawn at the next wave.
  • If all players die during a wave, the game mode will end with a fade to black and a Transmission from Royale where he states that this supports his claim that you could never defeat him yourselves.
  • Enemies spawned during waves can be found here: Royale Gladiators.


  • Wave 1: 28 Cestus
  • Wave 2: 2 Dimachaerus, 20 Cestus
  • Wave 3: 8 Dimachaerus, 18 Cestus, 1 Gallus
  • Wave 4: 2 Gallus, 3 Laquearius, 6 Sagittarius
  • Wave 5: 12 Cestus, 5 Dimachaerus, 3 Velites, 2 Gallus
  • Wave 6: 2 Rudiarius, 3 Dimachaerus, 5 Sagittarius, 1 Gallus
  • Wave 7: 5 Provocators, 30 Cestus, 10 Velites
  • Wave 8: 5 Gallus, 12 Sagittarius, 10 Cestus, 7 Velites
  • Wave 9: 3 Rudiarius, 8 Sagittarius, 2 Laquearius, 4 Dimachaerus
  • Wave 10: 4 Rudiarius, 10 Velites, 2 Gallus, 3 Provocators
  • Wave 11: 10 Laquearius, 40 Cestus
  • Wave 12: 1 Secutor, 5 Velites, 6 Rudiarius, 3 Sagittarius
  • Wave 13: 2 Secutor, 3 Gallus, 8 Dimachaerus, 6 Sagittarius, 5 Laquearius
  • Wave 14: 3 Secutor, 12 Sagittarius, 3 Laquearius, 2 Provocators, 8 Velites
  • Wave 15: Royale

Note that the Arcane Golem miniboss found on the Royale Gladiators page has a 1/100 chance to replace any of the waves 2 through 14, and so long as a Prophet is sitting in the stands.


The Duel

But wait, there's more! Following the defeat of Royale on Wave 15, the king will demand a proper end! First, four players will become red then four players will become blue. One team must destroy the other. Once that ends, two tanks from the remaining four will turn the opposite color, and it becomes a 2v2. Finally, the two players will each become opposite colors, and must battle to the death. The winner of this duel gets a bonus 20 Arena Points. All players will respawn again when this ends with a chance at the Bonus Waves.

Bonus Waves

After the duel, players can decide to keep going through a vote. If majority says yes, the game continues endlessly until everyone dies on the same wave. If majority says no, the game ends. Even if majority says yes, players can leave following Wave 15 leaving a smaller party to fend for themselves.

Unlike the first fifteen waves, there is no structure. From here on, each Royale Gladiator type has an associated 'Wave Weight' and each wave is assigned a Wave Weight Total. The Royale Gladiators that spawn for a wave will add up to that wave's Wave Weight Total. If no combination of enemies will add to the Wave Weight Total of a wave, it will subtract 1 from the Wave Weight Total until a cluster of enemies does add to the Wave Weight Total. Wave 16 will have a Wave Weight Total of 120. Successive waves will add +2% to the Wave Weight Total rounded down in the events of decimals. Every 10 waves, the percentage added every wave increases by +1%. The Wave Weights of each Royale Gladiator are listed below:

  • Cestus: 3 Wave Weight.
  • Dimachaerus: 7 Wave Weight.
  • Gallus: 16 Wave Weight.
  • Laquearius: 10 Wave Weight.
  • Provocator: 13 Wave Weight.
  • Rudiarius: 16 Wave Weight.
  • Sagittarius: 6 Wave Weight.
  • Secutor: 18 Wave Weight.
  • Velites: 4 Wave Weight.

Arcane Golems cannot spawn in Bonus Waves. Royale will spawn every 20 waves starting at Wave 40. Bonus Waves end when all players die on the same wave. Every five additional waves completed, each player left gets an additional 2 Arena Points.

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