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This is revelation. All thanks to the damned mystic who couldn't keep history what it was. Why must we tear ourselves apart at the prospect of power? Countless curses hang over the air like thick mist. And it is because our worst fears have been successfully realized by a megalomaniac with no skill but destruction and imperialism. The shadows that haunted and strung up our past like the strings of a puppet loom in the air like sorrowful wisps of a dead era that should have remained a carrion of fear. But now the ends of the very Realm risk bursting their set seams at the mere fabrication of an atom of Panzer being placed within it once more. And if sealing this nightmarish god set the world to flames for a thousand years... what will bringing him back mean for the very forces that hold our world together?


Glimpse of Panzer is an Event Boss that has the chance to spawn in The Realm during a Month of Panzer. It is actually multi-phase, and due to the fact that it is a part of Panzer being manifested, varies massively as the fight progresses. The designs are intricate. Glimpse of Panzer is very limited in revealing him as he is still locked in a sub-plane that he is barely able to interact with outside of it.


Tale of Diep scale2

The size of the Glimpse of Panzer compared to various other objects.

Varies throughout the phases of the fight. Details to design will actually be listed out under the different phases, as did happen with Nostradamus and his chaotic battle.

During the battle, all the tiles in a massive turn an even darker gray and cracks form across the map. All Polygons and enemies stop spawning in the Realm area he is in, but the ones currently there won't disappear until killed. Screen brightness drops to 70% and attempting to change it will result in the game adjusting its brightness. You can't win against the screen darkening.


Phase 1


When first spawned, in Phase 1, Glimpse of Panzer is a morphing and warping black and spiraling purple rift in the center of the map. It does not move, and is gigantic, taking up the same space as Alpha Pentagons laid out in a 4x4 shape. Should masses of floating red and purple particles moving out of the way give the chance, something... red and glowing can be seen in the heart of the rift.


  • Black Death: The sound of gushing winds sound as the particles that float about the storm rift pick up speed. Four rotating streams of black Destroyer bullets will begin spiraling out from the center of the rift. Followed by three bursts of ten bullets in the eight directions.
  • Out of My Mind: The heart of the rift will grow a soft blood red, as four Portals form a square shape around the Glimpse. Out of each one, a spew of a random number of random non-boss enemies will emerge. This burst of enemies occurs every 10 seconds until the portal is destroyed.
  • Hallow Thee: A black mass of formless moving darkness will take the shape of a hand from the center of the rift. It will fire thick red laser beams out in random directions, telegraphing them by pointing in that direction for 2 seconds prior. Occurs three times in quick succession.
  • Blizzard: Will fire out a storm of red and black bullets either left or right, which then infinitely seem to warp to the opposite side for four cycles, taking about twenty seconds (Basically, he will fire bullets in one direction, then, they will reappear on the other side of him and keep falling in the direction he initially shot them, making players dodge from behind). Glimpse of Panzer gets Armored during this attack.
  • Attero: An attack very similar to Black Death, but each shot is smaller and inflicts Broken, Slowed, and leaves a trail behind that will damage long after the attack ends. Instead of releasing bursts of shots in eight directions at the end, the initial rotating stream attacks will happen again, but in the opposite direction. The long term effect of this attack is that the ground around the rift becomes untouchable for quite a while.
  • Weeping Angels: A deep booming laugh will sound, and tons of Tears of Panzer will begin tearing themselves out of the portal.

Phase 2


ZathusBoss Glimpse Phase2

Entered at 123,000 health. A crack noise will sound and the black amorphous hand used during Hallow Thee will appear from the now smaller portal. It is sort of stuck palm and fingers up however, not having the arm it does during Hallow Thee. Particles of red dust and smoke now spiral out of control around the portal faster.


  • Death Strike: A red slit will form in the palm of the hand, and five giant red crackling electric bullets will be fired off screen with a beam of light. A few seconds later, giant flashing targets will appear on the map. When the massive bullets land, eight Destroyer bullets spiral outward in a rotating ring from the explosion point. The giant bullets land one at a time at a one second interval.
  • Convulse: Pieces of the hand will glitch in and out of existence while Tears of Panzer begin phasing in out of nowhere. Lasts a random period of anywhere from 8 to 12 seconds, and the Glimpse of Panzer is invulnerable during this time. Bullets pass through the hand.
  • Bullet Crunch: All player bullets will become half transparent, freeze, and be sucked into the rift, being nullified and becoming useless as they vanish into the rift.
  • Supernova: Will release all built up bullets from past Bullet Crunch uses in a random ring assorted of every piece of ammunition sucked in since the last use of Supernova.
  • Hand of the Crypt: The hand will stand up (in every other instant it is palm up sticking out of the rift), and a red slit will appear. The hand will then slowly rotate while firing a wide laser until it makes two full rotations, picking up in rotation speed over time.
  • Blizzard Duex: Will fire out a storm of red and black bullets either left or right, which then infinitely seem to warp to the opposite side for four cycles, taking about twenty seconds (Basically, he will fire bullets in one direction, then, they will reappear on the other side of him and keep falling in the direction he initially shot them, making players dodge from behind). During this attack, the hand will be releasing shotguns of five slow moving Destroyer bullets with smaller bullets rotating them at nearby players as they try to dodge hell. Glimpse of Panzer gets Armored during this attack.

Phase 3


ZathusBoss Glimpse Phase3

The Glimpse of Panzer moving to the right.

Entered at 73,000 health. The portal will entirely collapse as a black and melting shape of amorphous black matter rises from the blackened earth left where the portal once stood. It forms a dark and terrifying face, the mouth and eyes glowing a faint red. Black amorphous matter strings strands of itself between the upper and lower jaw of the mouth.

The Glimpse of Panzer can begin moving in this phase. It can only move in quick dashes in a direction, shown in the image to the right. Other than that, it will stay still and cannot move any other way. The Glimpse of Panzer cannot move vertically at this point. Only horizontally.


ZathusBoss Glimpse Phase3 Laser

Phase 3 of the Glimpse of Panzer beginning to use Purgatory. Art by Graviatar.

  • Purgatory: Rises slightly, as the eyes flash red. Laser beams are fired to the left and right, then sweep downward and meet below him before crossing, sweeping above him and meeting, then sweeping back down to his left and right before disappearing. Has Broken during this attack and will stop early if he sustains 4000 damage before it ends.
  • Carrion: The mouth will part more, as the strands connecting the jaws thin. A horde of like fifty Tears of Panzer will pour out of it, spreading outward. The mouth then returns to its normal gaping open state.
  • Furnace Blast: Will vanish in a chaotic black and red flash of smoky particles, as red targets will dot the map. It is very similar to Death Strike, but laser beams are fired out in the cardinal directions from each impact point.
ZathusBoss Glimpse Phase3 Sulfur

The Glimpse of Panzer using Sulfur.

  • Sulfur: The mass will slightly rumble, as the mouth goo collapses in on itself. The eyes will melt together and create a giant circle that moves to the center of the face. The body will then spin in a full circle, firing a laser as wide as its body. After it ends, the animation will reverse and return to normal.
  • Heirophant: The sphere will become solid (no face), and begin rapidly spinning 360 degree style, as rings of slowly rotating Destroyer bullets are fired outward. This is soon followed by radial bursts of bullet lines in all 8 directions, cutting the dodging area into divisions. Is Armored during this ability.
  • Day of Disdain: Will summon a random Son of Panzer to aid him. Will go half transparent until it is killed and stops attacking as well, making him effectively invulnerable in the time being. Rarely will spawn two. Two of the same Sons of Panzer can not be at the same time should this happen.


  • Takes inspiration, as usual, from Realm of the Mad God and Binding of Isaac in various places.
  • Let's just say this is not the end of Panzer...
  • Uses lasers a lot, obviously. First boss to full fledge incorporate them.
  • This Mega Boss will actually only spawn if a Month of Panzer is in progress. This makes it a very rare fight in most cases, but that also makes it special and bolsters the meaning and symbolism.
  • Has the most of health of the six Event Bosses, at 143,000.
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