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The Griever is an interesting tank. It is very different from anything seen before. Upgrades from the Ballista at Level 30, and into the Impaler or Lurker at Level 45. Created by Zathsu.


The Griever has a very crossbow look. It is your average circle tank, with one curved shield-like object placed on the front. Over that is a trapezoid with a line attached to it. The line is a chain that leads an arrow-shaped bullet.


  • Has one bullet, but this bullet lasts forever. It cannot be destroyed under any circumstance.
  • This 'arrow' is fired outward like a grappling hook to your mouse.
    • Tanks/Polygons hit by the hook will slowly take BODY DAMAGE until they escape, you yank them, or let them go.
    • Tanks can escape your grip by moving in the opposite direction you're at for 2 seconds.
  • You can right-click to yank the object/player toward you. This releases them from your grasp, but also deals a lot of damage, and drags them toward you.
    • How close they are pulled to you during a yank (and how fast the hook is fired) is determined by your Bullet Speed. (How far it is fired is also determined by Bullet Speed).
  • Bullet Penetration becomes effectively useless because the bullet can't be destroyed anyway.
  • The shield-like object mentioned in Design doesn't actually deflect bullets, and is really only there to give it the crossbow, grappling hook appearance.


  • An upgraded version of the gimmick this tank uses is one of the weapons used by the War Machine.
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