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Thousands of years ago, during the Old Era, the Tanks broke free of their confinement in the Imperium. They spread and fled as Panzer himself tried to use all of his forces at his disposal against them. Yet they continued to live and advanced their technology to eventually fight back with better means. During the 15th millennium, the Tanks usurped their power from an unsophisticated source - Polygons. Little did they know about the Polygon Mother and her eight followers were about to seek revenge for their unethical choices. She awoken Pentavian, the Disciple of the Pentagons, to overlook and protect the colonies from attack. He gained aid from Trites to create his first army of his own to retaliate - the Crashers... polygons volunteering to risk their lives fighting for justice, and peace... for the greater good of their kind... He has been long since working on a bigger project that will change everything for the future of this species, a polygon created for the sole purpose of protection, and domination. A being created out of the hands of Pentavian's magic and the offered blessings from the polygons themselves, for its weapons it utilizes an army of these small pink triangular soldiers able to form their own various patterns...

--- The Guardian has spawned...

A relic of the past, and a broken hope for the future. Yet it is timeless. Our majesty of a warrior symbolizes our potential to discourage the Tanks further more as we advance, and retreat from the peril of this world. - Pentavian


The Guardian is one of the various Polygon Bosses that can occur in The Realm, as a spawn from Pentavian, it is also notably the most ancient and still readily available protector of the nests. The Guardian imposes a great influence around itself, being the first to take on the Tank Empire, it sets a new era for the Polygons which will lead to more increasingly sophisticated Crashers, other Bosses, and Nest Defenders.

It can appear in many locations of the Realm, being most frequent in Shattered Coasts, but still fairly abundant in Somber Falls, Southern Melancholy Forest, and Southern Paradigm Dunes.

It is a Boss form of the Pink Crasher, a common hostile that will attack nearby potential hazards through simply hitting them with their bodies.


Despite its acknowledged background, it generally isn't a very complex entity to start with, and now Tanks can potentially overcome it with ease. However, it should be known that over time Pentavian has since innovated and devised more strategies for it to attack with its limited weapons in various ways, deviating from its distant past. However, it has been a subject of not only the Polygons but also the Cult of Panzer and even the Tank Empire.

The Cult sees the Guardian's potential as a viable warrior on their behalf, so they captured many and sacrificed them to Panzer, to be resurrected into beings of great energy with the X in their identities... In more recent times, somewhere in the Neverest Mountains lies some of the Guardians held captive and become mechanized from the Mad Doctor, identified as Guardian L. Both are notoriously known for causing disputes in the land, Pentavain being displeased of how the Cult handle their noble polygon protectors. However, some progress has been made to keep the relation between the two massive factions stable, such as the creation of The Frigate, utilizing the same technology used for the Guardian.

Tanks tried to make their own Guardian. Many experiments were held in place in attempts to recreate a Polygon Boss, possibly to come back at the Cult and even the Polygons themselves. It resulted as a success, but quickly became an issue. Their own Guardian was corrupted by unknown causes, believed to be the fact they had used the essence of a Guardian to make this. Its instincts remain the same as the non-artificial one, and began attacking Tanks. It had to be destroyed before further damage was done. The project was abandoned.

Unfortunately, a radical extremist group of Tanks got their hands on the project. They took advantage of this, creating many false-Guardians all over the place. Since they didn't have to use purely polygons to make it, they used easy-to-obtain materials such as wood or even paper. These "Paper Guardians" are currently one of the major domestic issues of the Tank Empire, and the culprits are still yet to be found. Despite this, some thought it would be a good idea to capture one of these creatures and use them as an educational tool about fighting stronger entities like Paper Guardians to prepare new Tank Empire soldiers.

Other things happened after the Guardian's creation as well. As for the Polygons, two newer entities were made a while after. First came the Battle Carrier. It was a project held by Octrax to innovate and create a new type of Guardian. This eventually lead to the first use of armed Minions, and the creation of a new type of polygon - Nest Defenders.

The other one was Quintet, while unknown if it was intended or not, it was believed to be another round of experimentation.



The Guardian can summon a maximum of 28 Pink Crashers, each being noticeably stronger than their normal variants with 50 HP buttressed with 9 HP of body damage and moving as fast as small variants. These are only a fraction smaller than the small Pink Crasher. These little polygons are manipulated by the boss, being able to be shifted around and form various attack patterns at the Guardian's will. In its normal state, the Guardian will let the crashers chase the nearest target. During certain attacks, the Guardian may produce beyond the top count.

The spawner itself will produce 6 crashers every second, replenishing the loss with incredible speed. During certain attacks, the boss may increase production of crashers. During a particular attack, the Guardian will produce Large Crashers. They have 80 HP and will deal 10 HP of body damage, otherwise identical to the regular form in speed.


The Guardian, along with all Polygon Bosses will follow its commands in a simple manner: Protect the nests and slay any creature whose intent is to conquer or the eradication of Polygons.

While idle, the Guardian will be wondering nearby a Polygon Nest, with its crashers following closely behind.

During battle, its "normal" state is simply the Guardian sending its crashers directly at its closes targets. The crashers bundle up and charge into the tank, however will change course every so often to keep in range to the boss. During attacks, the Guardian may randomly cycle through and can change up the battle greatly.


Between attacks, it will revert to its normal behavior for 10-50 seconds. These attacks usually brief and are unpredictable.

  • Crasher Shield: The Guardian sends all of its crashers to create a dense barrier around itself, absorbing the damage from many shots. Any crasher that is destroyed in the shield will be immediately replenished. After a short while, the Guardian expands its ring outward as all the crashers face away from the boss itself, this creates a wave that can hit any target that is around itself. Once half of the released wave of drones are destroyed or far enough, the boss reverts to its normal behavior.
  • Sudden Dash: The Guardian increases speed by 300% for 2 seconds, used occasionally to avoid swaths of ammunition. The Guardian does not initially accelerate prior to dashing, however it slows down rapidly after it dashes, sometimes appearing to skid across the ground. After its dash sequence, the Guardian produces 6 extra crashers that will despawn after 6 seconds. If a player were to be in the way of the boss while dashing and are hit, they suffer medium damage and is knocked away slightly. An after-image effect will happen while it is dashing.
  • Perforate: The Guardian forms its crashers into a ring around it that is similar to the Crasher Shield attack. Then it fires them off at a high speed in a line that travels in one direction for 3 seconds, then returns to the Guardian in a shapeless mass. New crashers are not spawned during this attack unless crashers while firing off somehow have been destroyed. The Guardian will slow down slightly and will be Armored for the duration of the attack.
  • Rapid Burst: The Guardian's back spawner increases crasher production by 66%. It also temporarily increases the maximum amount of crashers by 8, bringing it to a total of 36 crashers at once. This attack lasts for 5 seconds. Once it reverts to its normal attacks, the max will go back down to 28. Any preexisting crashers that were created during the attack will remain until destroyed.
  • Sprint Blitz: Dashes rapidly three times with the same speed as its Sudden Dash attack. It leaves behind a trail of 4-8 Large Crashers and occasionally, sometimes using a dash to try to charge at a player to deal body damage. If it charges at a player and they are hit, they will suffer medium damage and be knocked away, as well as inflicted with Stunned for 2 seconds. Afterward, it dashes away a fourth time relatively far back. An after-image effect will happen while it is dashing. Used below 1/2 of max HP.

Death Animation

Upon reaching 0 HP, the Guardian will form white cracks that increasingly forms around its body. Shortly after, it stops and fizzles into ashes with a short flash. Any crasher that was created by the Guardian and witnessed its death will become their normal small variants and will migrate to the nearest nest, retreating away from any tank in sight. Its back spawner, that has sustained some damage, will be laying on the ground for 12 seconds after the boss dies before fading away.

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