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Having drawn inspiration from the Cult's Guardian X, Dr. Lacus took his own Guardian and exposed it to the power of science.


The Guardian L is one of four Mechagon Bosses found in Neverest Mountains. It is a Guardian that has been modified heavily by Dr. Lacus. They are classified as a Polygon Boss.

It spawns larger Crashers which will occasionally be a Prototype Crasher, including Crasher Dashers. When near death, runs away leaving behind a trail of Crashers. Phases in and out of Armored periodically. Is immune to damage scaling caused by Punishers or the sort.

The Guardian L was the first Mechagon boss to be created by Dr. Lacus. It was designed to smite enemies through quick attacks with the use of its drones. Internally it can manufacture prototype polygons to aid.


The Guardian L takes on appearance of a normal Guardian, but it has thin gray armor on all sides, and a wider spawner. Has metal lines and plating on it like the War Machine. A circular mechanical part is placed off-center to the right. It has a faint red glow all around its body.


Guardian L has 15,000 HP, it will periodically phase into Armored during battle. It has additional 10% resistance to enemy ammunition due to having armor around its sides. It regenerates 5 HP per second, left unharmed after 2 minutes will increase regeneration by 200%. It moves slightly faster than the Guardian of the Pentagons. During certain attacks and abilities it may move three times the initial speed. Guardian L will deal 35 HP of body damage per hit. Upon destroying Guardian L, it will reward 80,000 EXP to any tank who deals the final blow.

The drones created by Guardian L has 80 HP and will deal 22 HP of body damage per hit. They move as quickly as normal small Crashers.


Guardian L has one single spawner at the back of the body, just like its normal variant. This spawner can create a max of 32 normal Crasher drones, and up to 8 Prototype Crashers. The spawner reloads just as quickly as the Guardian can, however it will increase production during certain attacks.


  • Zip: Will quickly dash to a relatively close by position in about half a second with an afterimage. Will travel no more than fifteen tiles with this ability. Occasionally used to dodge bullets.
  • Blood Rush: Will get a red tint as spawning speed becomes 50% quicker, and the Guardian L will attempt to bump into players with its body. While the ability is active for about six seconds, the Guardian L will not take body damage.
  • Saturn: Will divide its Crashers (both Prototype and regular) into three rings evenly. The first ring circles around the Guardian at three tiles away, the second at eight tiles away, and the last at fourteen tiles away. All Crashers become Invincible and block shots for the Guardian L. The rings will then be released to charge at players one at a time on a three second interval from outermost to innermost. Once the first ring is released, all Crashers summoned until the next use of Saturn will not be in a ring.
  • Polyplate: The entire body will go solid gray and get a metal sheen as the Guardian L stops moving. It will become Invincible until all Crashers are killed. Regeneration will be at 200% speed (as if unharmed after two minutes) during this time. Polyplate can never be used more than thrice during a battle with the Guardian L. Once it exits Polyplate form, it will instantly summon twelve Crashers and three Prototype Crashers, then continue as usual.
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