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Guardian X is a Realm Boss that spawns in Shattered Coast. Created by Zathsu. Art by Graviatar.


Like all Guardians, this gladiator began as the summon from Pentavian, used to spread his influence across further reaches of the realm. But, on a fateful day, the Guardian wandered into territory of Shattered Coast conquered by the Cult of Panzer. They immediately went after it, knowing its potential, and sacrificed her to Panzer. The Guardian, instead of dying, was struck in a flash of red lightning, and rose from the slab, empowered by the Great Dark One's influence. And so, the Guardian X now wanders the realm, smiting down those that oppose her lord, Panzer.


The Guardian X looks like a Guardian, except twice as big, her front spawner has extra "armor", and a spawner appears on the other two sides of the triangle. It has a large red symbol on it.


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Note: The Guardian X can hold up to 64 drones.


  • Crasher Swarm: Releases 32 drones over the course of 4 seconds.
  • Crasher Orbitals: All Crashers will clump together and begin rotating in a giant blob around the Guardian X as she rushes at players.
  • Crasher Shield: All Crashers will form a circle around her, and once hit, they will chase after players until death. (Guardian X Crashers are 10x stronger than a regular Guardian's).
  • Battle Stance: She will begin flashing red, and receive Frenzy and Strengthened for 5 seconds.
  • Panzer Bolt: A red chain lightning bolt will fire outward and chain four players, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Slowed for 4 seconds.
  • Fearsome Screech: A ring of Gunner bullets will fire in all directions, and all players hit will be inflicted with Panic for 8 seconds and Blinded for 2 seconds.
  • Mark of Panzer: Five tiny holographic Guardians will appear, and lines of bullets will form a Pentagram out of them, with the Guardian X in the middle. All tanks that touch any of the bullet lines suffer massive damage. The Guardian X can hold up to 200 Drones, spawn them 6x faster, and her drones move 5x faster while this is happening. Neither the Guardians nor Guardian X can move. This ability ends 30 seconds later, and only happens once she reaches 10% health.


A Guardian being attacked by Tears of Panzer can sometimes cause a Guardian X to spawn...

  • A Guardian X can also has a chance of being spawned if Tears of Panzer kill a Guardian in The Realm.
  • Was originally a Gladiator Boss before being repurposed into a Realm Boss.
  • This boss has a similar counterpart created by Dr. Lacus - Guardian L.
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