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The Guillotine is a tank that upgrades from the Punisher at Level 45. This makes it a member of the massive Lancer branch. Being Level 45, it does not upgrade further. Created by Zathsu.


The Guillotine is actually very unique in design compared to other Lancer upgrades. This tank has a Smasher hexagon around it that doesn't spin. On two opposite sides of it are giant axe blades. They are placed on the sides, so you actually have to run in sideways on your enemies (Its like an Overseer with its spawner positions).


  • Guillotine cannot charge like the other members of the Punisher group. It has a higher passive Movement Speed though.
  • It is set to Auto Spin naturally, like an Auto 3.
    • The Smasher hexagon beneath it does not spin indepandently. It moves at the same pace as the other pieces of the Guillotine.
  • When damaged, the Guillotine will actually increase in speed for a short burst, and rotate quicker.
  • The axe blades of the Guillotine can be fired off in both directions a short distance before orbiting around it a short distance away, and returning to it. The Guillotine cannot move during this time.
  • Should the Guillotine touch an enemy, it will have the same accelerating DPS of the rest of the Punisher division. It is just less noticeable.


  • This is probably one of the tanks that require the most skill to play effectively, like Predator or Auto Smasher.
  • Low-key inspired by the Clash Royale card, Executioner. But that's actually for another time in the form of a new regular enemy...
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