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Well... this is a shy gladiator indeed... sadly pathetic! I ought to make a better one, if that's even possible anymore! Blah! Good thing his shields are indestructible. I always enjoyed seeing many of them ball up in fear against those pitiful troops heading our way. - Septaur


Heptazoid is a Polygon Boss that appears in Toil Ridge, only occasionally appearing elsewhere such as the outlands of its main zone. Like most Polygon Bosses, it does not venture into areas where it is inhospitable. Perhaps one of few examples of a more mysterious property that exist in the Polygons, Heptazoid's origins are at best, vague. During The Old Era, newfound technologies that enabled the use of mounted weapons on Polypatrons (in this instance, Polygon Bosses) could have lead to these unusual occurrences. Septaur was involved in creating more Polypatrons to fuel the defenses on his behalf. He did not create the idea of fusing polygons together, but had integrated it well into his system. After Trapperzoid's creation, many believed that Heptazoid was Septaur's next project.


Heptazoid is composed to parts: The Shields, and the Core.

The core is the heptagonal part in the center of the body. It has a wide cannon at the front and a single back spawner behind.

The shields are two very large orange trapezoids, the same size as Trapperzoid's body. They have the ability to close up and cover the core.


The Core

The core has two weapons on it. One destroyer cannon at the front, and a minion spawner at the back. The core part is only vulnerable when the shields are extended fully. Damaging the core enough time will cause the boss to retract its shields temporarily. The core will regenerate very fast after two minuets being damaged. The only easy way of defeating this boss is by constantly damaging the core. Destroying the core will destroy the entire boss.

The core has a minute amount of HP, only 1,500 which is half of an alpha pentagon. It also has a 10% resistance to enemy damage. For every 100+ HP lost, Heptazoid will close its shields to prevent additional damage for 5 seconds.

For every 250 HP lost in the core, Heptazoid will increase in damage both with its minions and bullets, speed, and damage resistance in its core by 5%. It will do its barrage attack more frequently as it looses more HP. Upon the break of death with the core, the boss's stats will be 30% stronger in these stats.

Destroyer Cannon

Heptazoid Destroyer Cannon.png

This cannon will fire large, very high penetration bullets, strong enough able to deflect any front-end bullets. The speed of the destroyer bullets are faster than most bullets this size, with a speed of 5.5 tiles per second. When the cannon fires, it will push back the boss a bit due to recoil. It is advised not to fight this boss form in front. Heptazoid will tend to chase tanks with the cannon in front.

Occasionally, Heptazoid will do a barrage attack, which happens during certain situations. This attack usually consists of firing a quick session of 2-4 destroyer bullets with a small delay in between.


Heptazoid will spawn a max of 6 Trapezoid Tankers. It will respawn one 5 seconds after one dies. The Trapezoid Tankers appear to be small red-orange trapezoid shaped polygons with an auto cannon on top. There is a slight bulge on the wide end. The spawner will not create any minions if the shields are retracted.

Trapezoid Tankers

These minions will individually chase players around while firing bullets through its auto cannon. They will not venture too far from Heptazoid and should doing so will force them to return. They attack very much like normal pink crashers while chasing, but once reaching a close distance they back off and attempt to encircle players. They will even attack while retreating since their auto cannons can swivel around and fire from behind. Bullets have moderate penetration and deal a small amount of damage upon collision. The cannon fires bullets every 1.2 seconds.


Heptazoid has two large trapezoid shields. These shields are used as a defensive tool for fighting. Due to their high resistance and regenerative abilities, they are almost impenetrable. They do not deal any body damage, however. When the shields are hit by an ammunition, it will still take damage.

If the shields are opened, there is a 1/12 chance of each bullet that hits the shields to be reflected back with 35% more damage, which can potentially be dangerous if shot constantly. This chance increases by four times if shields are closed.

The boss can physically shift these shields up and downward, and they will move up and down in unison. This boss will close its shields when a bullet/drone/trap touches the core too many times, it will only open up after 5 seconds. When the boss's shields are closed, it will also be immobile. The boss couldn't fire its weapons when the shields are fully retracted, but it will be fully protected by any threat. It relies heavily on its shields because the core has almost no regenerative abilities.

Polygons will not be affected by the shields, only bouncing off when touching, and should one go between they go "below". However if a tank somehow gets stuck in between the shields, when Heptazoid closes them, the tank will be dealt with 75 HP of body damage per hit while being stuck between. If one of the shields get destroyed, the entire boss will be defeated. However it is very hard to kill one of its shields because of the immense regeneration.


Upon spawning, Heptazoid will wander around areas where heptagons are commonly found. It will create its minions upon spawning. Shields will be open, exposing the core. Heptazoid will be neutral to nearby tanks. Heptazoid would only attack when any polygon in sight is at harm, being provoked itself, or when Messenger "rally calls" Heptazoid into battle.

Once provoked, Heptazoid will turn hostile and begin to do a cycle of attack movements. This often includes charging at the tanks at speeds faster than the Guardian's (not including its dash attacks). Upon close range to a tank in front, the Heptazoid would fire its heavy bullets. It also occasionally does a barrage of three bullets with more spread upon encountering groups of tanks. These bullets creates recoil and pushes Heptazoid backward, sometimes the boss uses its barrage attack for the intention to back away from large swaths of ammunition.

Heptazoid's minions will usually follow close to the boss, and once provoked they move independently and attack on their own. Heptazoid doesn't control them while fighting.

If Heptazoid's core is dealt a total 100+ HP of damage, it will temporarily close its shields for 5 seconds before re-opening. During that the boss will remain immobile though protected. Heptazoid upon reopening will immediately do a barrage attack at the nearest tank. It also backs away quickly from recoil. As Heptazoid passively increases in stats as it looses HP, the battle becomes more hectic as it progresses. When it's close to death, Heptazoid would do the barrage attack very frequently.

Death Animation

Unlike most bosses, Heptazoid actually has two scenarios upon death. The first is when its core HP drops to 0. Second is when either shield is somehow "broken".

When Heptazoid's core HP drops to 0, the boss would stop moving and close its shields for a final time. It begins shaking as beams of light begins to pierce through the crease between the two closed shields. As time passes more beams appear as the boss itself begins to loose color. The shields become a stony gray color with cracks that form around them. The light begins to fade away as the shields crumble, revealing a used spawner and a cannon where the core used to be among with the ashes left behind. For a short while the deceased shields act as a temporarily barricade for 30 seconds before finally breaking down completely.

If one of Heptazoid's shields' HP drops to 0, the most damaged shield begins to form glowing white cracks that spreads violently throughout the body. Heptazoid attempts to close for a final time but both shields begin to crumble as they loose color. The core then breaks off and explodes in a white and orange flash. Heptazoid's core weapons are left laying on the ground like the previous death animation, however both shields are torn apart completely, providing no barracade.

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