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The middle child of the Disciples, and albeit naive, Hexen is quite the anxious one. He is the sixth Disciple to be created. Being the leader of the six-sided polygons, he will follow his siblings with almost too much courage; eager to play around with any tank he can get his grapple hook onto. His buoyant nature may appear to be deceiving, but he is far from easy to vanquish. When it comes to contributing, he is responsible for the use of Traps, Grapples, and other gadgets he can slap onto a polygon boss. Yet he lacks the skill to perform anything magical other than summoning his minions. Hexen has a strong army, though it has flaws he would wish he had never created, one of which is the creation of Sassafras. He now resides in a well-guarded fortress.


Hexen is one of eight Disciples of the Polygons. He is preferably known for his laid-back and impatient personality and sometimes not even thinking about the legacies Polygon Mother had given him. Nonetheless, he is still a dangerous entity that shouldn't be underestimated. Nobody knows why he created Sassafras in the first place, and he's not saying why. He's among one of the nicest disciples at heart, yet nothing will change the fact he is dangerously close to the Imperium, and he'll do whatever it takes to slay the tanks with no regrets.

Hexen represents the hexagons and every defender associated with them. He, along with the other Polygon Disciples, is located in the heart of his Edifice. Hexen is located deep inside the Melancholy Forest, where he keeps any intruders at bay, such as the Band of Thieves. His complex is filled with the Hexagon-based inhabitants and the keepers that await any intruders. They will be fought first before facing down the ruler of them all.


Hexen is a large green hexagon with two smaller hexagons that represent hands, further bounded with two smaller hexagons in between, like the other Disciples. A large spawner is placed at the bottom of his body. His gray helmet has wicked spikes sticking up and down on the left and right, and a hexagon gem in the middle. The bottom of it has a small extension in between where the eyes would be. In the middle of the helmet is a lighter gray stripe which widens in a slant gradually after the hexagon gem. There is a very large Thorn Trapper launcher on top of the helmet. One hand has a grapple launcher with a serrated point, and the other has a serrated sword with gold accents and 3 hexagon gems down the middle of decreasing size towards the sword's point.


Hexen can summon various enemies, ranging from Hexagons and their respective Crashers to even bosses such as Slider and Barricador, the Dreadnought, or even the Demolishor, the Terminator, and rarely Sassafras. Yes, Sassafras... but not willingly!

Between attacks, Hexen naturally swipes at nearby tanks with his sword once to deal medium damage, with a 30% chance to inflict Poisoned for 2 seconds. He also occasionally uses his grapple launcher to pull the furthest tanks in and then fling them out again for low damage, with the same mechanics for debuffs above. His Thorn Mine launcher is only used for attacks and doesn't fire constantly. Hexen often moves in a way that may confuse players, often in zigzag patterns and waddling back and forth.

Hexen's sword with a cool name, the Swiper-2000 XG. He keeps it close to him at all times.

The bottom spawner spawns 1 or 2 normal hexagons (50% for each) every 3 seconds. Every fourth hexagon will be replaced by a quick session of 6 Large Green Runners or 9 Small Green Runners or 6 Servitors or 4 Leechers or 5 Wallers or 4 Stabbers. There is a maximum of 165 Crashers of any type, big or small, in the room at one time and 90 hexagons created by Hexen's spawner. Neither limits apply to polygons and Crashers used in Hexen's attacks.

Hexen's grappling hook, he calls it the "Grapplemaster". Not a creative name, but it does perfectly encapsulate its purpose: drawing in insignificant power-hungry circles with rectangles.

Hexen's attacks are both reliant on the weapons he has, his debuff abilities, and his limited summoning abilities. Hexen uses a lot of debuffs in his attacks and is immune to Poisoning. He is usually in an offensive position, swinging his melee weapon and hook everywhere, and he is eager to put everyone in a risk of being pulled in through his grappling.

The Fight

Phase 1

During this phase of the battle, he is in the center of the arena, back towards the players, staying still as more players join in. Hexen then stands up and speaks his monologue. Both players and Hexen himself will not attack until he finishes. His first attack will block the exit and is only used once. 12 large Thorn Mines are created to block up the exit. Polygons created by Hexen will not reward any EXP.

Hexen is invulnerable during Phase 1, and only when his hands’ HP reach 0 will it cause Hexen to enter Phase 2. The hands that are "destroyed" lose all of their weapons and become invulnerable, but useless. Attacks that require the weapons will be disabled.

  • Thornwall: Hexen pumps out 12 oversized Thorn Mines, each almost the size of an Alpha Pentagon and flings them toward the doorway, blocking it up. The Thorn Mines retract their spikes upon blocking the exit and becomes invincible. Should tanks that attempt to escape will bounce off of this wall while sustaining no damage. This attack only occurs once.


  • Green Garden: Hexen likes to do things fast, so there isn't an attack for each of the individual types of Crashers. Instead, he does it all at once. When this attack is used, Hexen stops producing Crashers variants and Hexagons for a moment, then pumps out 12 Large Green Runners, 18 Small Green Runners, 7 Leechers, 6 Stabbers, 10 Servitors, and 9 Wallers. It only has a chance to be selected from the attack pool when less than 15% of the Crashers from the last Green Garden attack are still alive. This is always the second attack in Phase 1.
  • Dash: Hexen spins his sword round and round on its hilt, staying stationary and receiving Armored while spinning the sword faster and faster. After 4-6 seconds, he accelerates quickly towards a random player for 2.5 seconds. Destroyer and Annihilator bullets will cause him a slight bit of knockback and will reduce his total charge distance. On contact, players receive medium damage and Stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Thorny Grenade: Hexen pumps out his own Thorn Mine, and grabs it with his grapple launcher to toss it at a player. The mine moves quite fast and will explode on impact with something, following normal mechanics. Usually used 2-4 times in rapid succession.
  • Toxic Touch: Hexen's sword flashes green, and contact with it for the next 15 seconds will inflict Poisoned and normal damage. for 3 seconds. Multiple debuff effects do not stack.
  • Fury Thrust: Hexen stops moving, and with short steps, he rapidly thrusts his sword at random angles within a 15-degree increment centered on a predetermined trajectory, usually towards a player. He is still moving while thrusting, although it's more like waddling. Be careful though, as he's still using his grapple launcher to pull players in and bring them in contact with his sword. Contact with said sword deals high knockback and low damage, and only having a 10% chance of inflicting a debuff.
  • My favorite weapon is yours!: Hexen pulls in a player and mounts it on his grapple launcher, using them as a weapon against their allies for the next 20 seconds. The player is dealt only a small amount of damage once being released. The player's bullets will have a 35% increase in their ammunition stats except for speed. They can't control it whatsoever. If the player is a drone user, their drones will be AI controlled and will be constantly spawned, negating their max drone count but each drone will last for 12 seconds. If the player uses a Lancer class, Hexen will fire his grapple with the tank attached at players, making their lances touch them and rebounding once hit. If a tank relies on mostly ramming rather than firing bullets such as some Boosters, Hexen will treat them like Lancers, however, the tank attached will not sustain damage if touched. Uncommonly used.
  • Thorn-ilateral: Hexen pumps out 10-15 tiny Thorn Mines, and hits them off towards players all at once with his sword. These mines deal 35% of their usual damage, but since there are so many, it can still be a pain.
  • Hex Wreck: Hexen summons an Alpha Hexagon and grabs it with his grapple launcher, swinging it around to deal medium knockback and damage, very much like a mace. This attack lasts for 7-10 seconds until it vanishes.
  • Drill Run: The gold trim around Hexen's sword extends out to form a trident-like weapon, with the metal part in the middle. The gold parts then start revolving around the central blade in a blur while Hexen positions his sword in front of him. He then charges like in Dash, but much faster and will do it multiple times (3-6 times) before stopping and having his sword return to normal. Instead of receiving Stunned like in Dash, players receive medium damage and Bleeding instead for 5 seconds. Effects do not stack.
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker: Hexen summons an indestructible wall of hexagons, and controls all existing Crashers to condense themselves behind it. He then removes the hexagons and Crashers swarm out with 50% increased movement speed for the first 10 seconds. For the duration of this attack, Hexen stops producing additional hexagons and Crashers.
  • Sludge Wave: Hexen summons a wave of small lime-colored hexagons from his right hand, which dissolves into a sickly-light green liquid. The wave is sent out at players, swamping a third of the room. The poison wave lasts for about 5 seconds before disappearing, and players are inflicted with Poisoned and Slowed as long as they are in the wave and for an additional 3 seconds after coming in contact with it.
  • Six-Pointed Strike: Hexen releases a wave of small Green Runners that trace out the outline of a six-pointed star (like the Star of David), not moving from their path and remaining Invincible until Hexen finishes creating them and moves into the middle. He then condenses the Green Runners into a "laser" of Crashers that is fired out in one direction. Upon impact with something, the Green Runners resume normal behavior.

Phase 2

When Hexen's hands are disabled, he enters Phase 2. Hexen moves 20% faster and teleports into the center of the arena at the very beginning of Phase 2. Bullets fired at the hands will go through them.

Hexen can now summon bosses such as Slider, Barricador, Dreadnought, Terminator, Dreadnought and Sassafras. All of these bosses will reward EXP, excluding their minions. If a Sassafras wave occurs, all WILL talk over each other. During a boss summon, Hexen will be invulnerable until the boss/bosses die. He cannot attack while a boss is in session. After the boss dies, Hexen will resume attacking until the loss of 6,900 HP has been reached. For every 6,900 HP lost, Hexen will summon a boss or multiple bosses as the following:

Boss Spawning Order

  • At 35,400 HP: Slider.
  • At 28,500 HP: Barricador + Two Sliders or Dreadnought + Slider
  • At 21,600 HP: Demolishor + Terminator + Barricador
  • At 14,700 HP: Two Dreadnoughts + Two Sliders or Two Terminators + Two Sliders or Three Barricadors + Two Sliders or Two Demolishors + Slider.
  • At 7,800 HP: Six Sassafras (40% chance independent from other boss spawns) or Two Demolishors + Three Sliders or Two Dreadnoughts + Two Terminators or Three Barricadors + Two Terminators or Three Barricadors + Two Dreadnoughts or Seven Sliders.
  • At 900 HP: Demolishor, Two Dreadnoughts, Two Terminators, Barricador, Two Sliders.

Sassafras isn't even supposed to be here. As such, there is a 40% chance for the 6,900 HP boss spawn wave to have Hexen about to summon the bosses, but then five Sassafrases come out of a portal and get in the way. The normal Disciple theme will be replaced by Sassafras's theme during this wave. Hexen will try to get rid of them by throwing them out, but he decides to live with it and allow them to fight. If they do come, then he says the following quotes, one after another:



*Hexen tries to toss them back into the portal, but the Sassafras scatter away from him.*

"Fine. You can all stay, but next time ASK ME FIRST! This is embarrassing!"


Sassafrases (simultaneously): "THAT'S A SUPER DUPER SPICY HEXEN!"

*Hexen sits down with his hands over his face.*


Between boss summoning sessions, Hexen will randomly go through these attacks below.

  • Dash II: Instead of spinning his sword, which is now disabled, he gains a green shield around his body which nullifies 70% of incoming damage. After 2-3 seconds, he accelerates quickly towards a random player for 2.5 seconds. Destroyer and Annihilator bullets will cause him a slight bit of knockback (but less than before) and will reduce his total charge distance (greater than before). On contact, players receive medium-high damage and Stunned for 5 seconds.
  • Thorny Grenade II: Hexen pumps out four Thorn Mines at high speed, roughly aimed at players. Usually used 2-4 times in rapid succession. Since he lacks his grappling hooks, he'll turn around his body and manually aim his launcher at players.
  • Toxic Touch II: Hexen himself flashes green, and upon contact for the next 20 seconds, players will be inflicted with Poisoned and Dazed for 5 seconds. Multiple debuff effects do not stack.
  • Green Garden II: When this attack is used in Phase 2, Hexen stops producing Crashers and Hexagons for a moment, then pumps out 17 Large Green Runners, 25 Small Green Runners, 15 Servitors, 8 Stabbers, 9 Leechers, and 12 Wallers. It only has a chance to be selected from the attack pool when less than 20% of the Crashers from the last Green Garden attack are still alive. This is always the third attack in Phase 2.
  • Collateral II: Hexen pumps out 15-23 tiny Thorn Mines and fires a hexagon into the middle of the pile, sending them flying everywhere. These mines deal 45% of their usual damage, but since there are so many, it's more like 90-105%.
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker II: Hexen summons an indestructible wall of hexagons, and controls all existing Crashers to condense themselves behind it. He then removes the hexagons and the Crashers swarm out with a whopping 125% increased movement speed for the first 15 seconds. For the duration of this attack, Hexen still is producing Crashers in place of hexagons.
  • Sludge Wave II: Hexen summons a dense wave of small lime-colored hexagons from his right hand, which dissolves into a sickly-light green liquid. The wave is sent out at players, swamping 3/8ths of the room. The wave lasts for about 5 seconds before disappearing, and players are inflicted with Poisoned and Slowed as long as they are in the wave and for an additional 3 seconds after coming in contact with it.
  • Hexagon Hail: Hexen stops producing Crashers and Hexagons from his spawner for the duration of this attack, and instead launches out small hexagons with spiked dark gray shells like Smashers (which don't rotate) at high speed. These hexagons will be referred to as Hexagon Slammers. The Hexagon Slammers move at high speed around the room, dealing medium damage and bouncing off anything at random angles. One Slammer has 200 health, and 50 of its health is taken away upon impact with anything. 10-15 Slammers are produced in total.
  • Leecher: Hexen's hands begin to glow red, and raise up above him. A black aura forms around him as any player nearby will begin losing 2 HP every second. Hexen in return will gain HP three times the damage he dealt for the next 10 seconds. If his HP goes above the initial HP he started with during his attack session between boss spawning, he'll resume his attacks randomly. This attack has a 10% of occurring during Phase 2 once below 9,000 HP, and will only happen three times during the battle.
  • Frenzy: Hexen becomes Invincible, and starts going crazy by moving all over the room, attacking by pumping out Thorn Mines in every direction very quickly. This lasts for 10 seconds, and afterward, he has 20% reduced movement speed for 15 seconds.
  • Hex-a-gone: Hexen vanishes all of a sudden, and jumpscares a player in the room by landing on top of them to deal high damage.
  • Vampyre: Hexen summons eight Invincible Leechers that form a circle around him, then fly out in all directions. The first players that are hit are "sucked" for half of their current HP, and Hexen heals for twice that amount. This attack can be used unlimited times, but only after every 15 attacks.
  • Stronghold: Hexen opens his arms wide, and releases a storm of Wallers (40 exactly) and summons 6 Hexo-Head Nest Defenders that quickly and hurriedly form an extremely dense ring of traps around him. Hexen then sends 3 Hexo-Heads and half of the Wallers off to attack players while he remains in the ring, creating a Thorn Mine every 2 seconds and tossing it at players that approach him.
  • Storm Drain: Hexen floods the room like Sludge Wave II, but when he finishes swamping the room, he sucks the liquid back into his spawner and launches it out like missiles. He has enough "ammunition" for 15 projectiles before he runs out. The missiles inflict Poisoned for 3 seconds and medium damage on impact.
  • Hex Bolt: Hexen fires a hexagonal laser beam from his gem that zips around the room, turning at 120 degree angles and moving extremely fast. If a player comes into contact with the bolt, they are dealt high damage.
  • Hexad: Hexen pumps out six Alpha Hexagons that surround him, blocking damage. After 15 seconds, Hexen makes the hexagons explode, dealing explosion damage to anything that's too close to the blast radius.
  • Hexapods: Hexen summons six Hexagon Scuttlers, hexagons that remotely look like the Scorpio Realm Enemy group, but with a hexagon's color, hexagonal body segments, a Thorn Mine-spike shaped tail, six scuttling legs, and two Thorn Mine Launchers for weapons. They chase down players and attack by firing Thorn Mines that disappear after 10 seconds if not touched or explode on impact with something. Each Hexagon Scuttler has 400 health.

Death Phase

When Hexen reaches the 900 HP mark, and after the bosses are defeated, Hexen initiates his final phase. He will do a powered-up Hexagon Hail attack, producing Hexagon Slammers twice as fast. These Slammers have a greater 350 health, are slightly larger than usual, and possess the same collision mechanics. They also move 35% faster. He will produce up to 50 Slammers, at which point he will start using Collateral II instead.

The thorn mines from the first attack will start moving around and try to ram into tanks, extending their spikes and exploding for high damage on impact. Each has 2,000 HP and will detonate if destroyed through other means.

If every tank present during Hexen's final moment has died, he will remain in the arena, tired and worn out from his use of attacks. He remains silent as the screen fades.

However, if Hexen's HP finally reaches 0, he kneels down and white cracks begin forming all around his body, any Hexagon in range around him starts to lose their color, turning into shades of gray. Hexen then suddenly vaporizes with a white flash on the screen, leaving only the helmet behind on top of a pile of ash. All hexagons and polygons associated with them with a huge radius around the death of Hexen will have halved HP and resistances. Any hexagon-based bosses/mini-bosses that were present near the fortress where Hexen has been defeated will greatly reduce in HP and Resistances, and Superior Hexagon nests will stop spawning hexagons for a long time around its destruction area...


*To be added*


Introduction During Battle

  • "Hello inferiors! Would you like to feel comfortable by being impaled by the grapples of death? You killed too many of us, so why not let me reflect our casualties to yours? I am still waiting for that moron, Sassafras, to finally come over here so I can re-teach for the fifth time that he is a hexagon - Oh right, I'm fighting power-hungry circles with rectangles, LET'S GET TO IT ALREADY!"

(Awaiting additional ones)

During Battle

Phase 1

  • "I will kill one for one! Every Hexagon destroyed is another one of you dead!" (Said randomly)
  • "I already have to deal with that fool, Sassafras. I don't need you pestering me too!" (Said randomly)
  • "I ought to say something, or else neither you or me would enjoy it! Respect that." (Said randomly)
  • "A battle wouldn't be its namesake without conversation... or am I just talking to myself at times of crisis?" (Said randomly)
  • "Less fighting would be appreciated." (Said randomly when HP is above 53,000)
  • "You knock at my doors, so I'll knock at yours!" (Said randomly, noting his dangerous proximity to the Tank Empire)
  • "No more breaks. Not until the intruders are dead!" (Said randomly)
  • "Destroying my faithful Paramarchs? Murderers! Counterattacks are on its way towards you place!" (Said once, randomly)
  • "Many thousands are hearing about us at this very moment, please don't turn it into a catastrophe..." (Said randomly when HP is above 53,000)
  • "Your crimes do not reward my hospitality!" (Said randomly)
  • "I'm six times the man any of you will ever be!" (Said randomly)
  • "No! My phone number is not 666. If you did call him, you'll be dead!" (Said very, very rarely when HP is above 53,000)
  • "Fun fact, hexagons are nature's favorite polygon, so please in all means, preserve that fact!" (Said randomly, implying he doesn't want to die)
  • "My favorite number is NOT 6, it's [number of player deaths to any hexagon-related entity], the number of casualties I have done to the Tank Empire the other day!" (Always said once when HP is above 53,000)
  • "HEY! Who is that wuss trying to flee from me!? Get over here!" (Said randomly when he uses his grappling hook to pull someone closer)
  • "Fight me like a TRUE solider, not some cowardly fool! Get over here!" (Said randomly when he uses his grappling hook to pull someone closer)
  • "Cowering in the corners eh? NOT HAPPENING! Get over here!" (Said randomly when he uses his grappling hook to pull someone closer)
  • "I should have designed this room to be circular! Get over here!" (Said randomly when he uses his grappling hook to pull someone closer)
  • "You can hide all you want, but not in this place! Get over here!" (Said randomly when he uses his grappling hook to pull someone closer)
  • "Running away will only bring you closer! Get over here!" (Said randomly when he uses his grappling hook to pull someone closer)
  • "Just stand still for me!" (Sometimes said before using Dash)
  • "Let's be honest here, I know how much you guys HATE thorns! Well... I love them, so here's more for my entertainment!" (Sometimes said while Hexen uses Thorny Grenade)
  • "Be glad these aren't POISONOUS thorns!" (Sometimes said while Hexen uses Thorny Grenade)
  • "A proper way to die for beings so toxic!" (Sometimes said before using Toxic Touch)
  • "This is the substance made for your damage!" (Sometimes said before using Toxic Touch)
  • "Heh, even Scorpios are less of a pest than you." (Sometimes said before using Toxic Touch)
  • "Ah yes, so since you have your fancy technology, why not let me take advantage of it! (Said when using My Favorite Weapon Is Yours!)
  • "I'll make you fear Fear itself!" (Said when using My Favorite Weapon Is Yours!)
  • "My sword can do this! *activates Drill Run attack* Want to be part of a blueberry smoothie?" (Sometimes said before and during Drill Run)
  • "TANK-O'MATIC! *activates Drill Run attack* The best kind of drink for real victors like me. (Sometimes said before and during Drill Run)
  • "I bet you will love this STICKY SITUATION!" (Sometimes said before Sludge Wave)
  • "GUHH! This is taking too long!" (when his battle goes on for 20 minutes, in Phase 1)
  • "Oh... heh heh! What do we have here? A tank with SIX spikes? I'm flattered..." (If a Paladin is in the battle)
  • "Heh, heh, heh!!! I recently got news about my SLIDER beating that god-forsaken speedster--- Overdrive! (Said after his monologue when he gets battled while Slider is in the lead of a race in the Arena)
  • "AUGH! NO! Don't you understand how much it costs me to rebuild my Swiper 2000 X-G?! I'll make you pay in tears!" (When the hand with his sword in it reaches 0 health)
  • "GUH! You destroyed my Grapplemaster, YOU JERKS!" (When the hand with his grapple cannon on it reaches 0 health)

Phase 2

  • "I almost decided that maybe I could reason with you! But you've done nothing but waste my time and wear my patience thin!" (Said when changing into Phase 2)
  • "You know, we don't have to fight, right?" (Said randomly)
  • "If another mass extinction happens... I hope it'll be yours... unless you stop killing us!" (Said randomly)
  • "I don't really want to do this anymore. But it's for my survival and survival of the Hexagons..." (Said randomly)
  • "I'm a busy polygon with places to be! Can we wrap this up in a non-aggression agreement or something!?" (Said once, randomly)
  • "A better idea would be a peace treaty... (A bit after the quote above)
  • "Oh... the sorrowful pain that strikes me... Just call me a bad guy... bad guys in your mind are always somebody you gotta kill..." (Said randomly)
  • "Hey! Heh... heh... let's all get along? (When Hexen hits 1/6 of his max HP)
  • "No, no... you guys can't get along... Impossible! I'm right next to your empire, and I shall be the biggest nuisance you'll ever encounter!" (A bit after the quote above)
  • "I'll... I'll... I'll be your Sassafras!" (Very rarely after the above quote)
  • "I would feel bad that I have to steal your mortal blood for my own safety, but it's a must..." (Sometimes said before using Leecher)
  • "I'm a mean green machine with a laser beam!" (Sometimes said before using Hex Bolt)
  • "I'm gonna scare you into never touching a Hexagon again!" (Sometimes said before using Hexad)
  • "Hope you aren't afraid of Scorpios! I've seen them so many times I designed these myself!" (Sometimes said before using Hexapods)
  • "There was a time when you were all running from us! I contributed to it, with my TRUE favorite number!" (Said very, very rarely)
  • "I may kill one for one, but destroy these and I'll kill you all for it and then some!" (One of the many quotes that can be said before a boss summon)
  • "I do what I do out of revenge! And together we shall carry it out!" (One of the many quotes that can be said before a boss summon)
  • "This room needs a little bit more green..." (One of the many quotes that can be said before a boss summon)
  • "This battle is a party, and you weren't invited! I'll have my other guests show you the door!" (One of the many quotes that can be said before a boss summon)
  • "I hope Sassafras doesn't appear... please don't let Sassafras appear..." (One of the many quotes that can be said before a boss summon, on wave 4)
  • "What?! SASSAFRAS! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! OUT! OUT! *trying to toss them back into portal and failing*... Fine. You can all stay, but next time, ASK ME FIRST! This is embarrassing! NOW ATTACK THESE PUNY TANKS! SAY YOUR GIBBERISH!!!" (Said if the boss summon wave that can summon six Sassafrasses happens, each line goes by one by one. This acts like a cut scene, where neither sides could move or hurt each other for a brief moment)
  • "Oh thank goodness... sometimes he comes out of that one..." (Said if the boss summon wave that can summon six Sassafrasses doesn't, after wave 5.)
  • "Sassafras would have been the perfect minion! Explosive ammunition, powerful minions! It just... didn't turn out how I wanted it to... and I BLAME YOU FOR IT!" (After the Sassafras wave has been defeated if it occurs)

Quotes that Hexen said in Phase 1 for attacks that also have a second variant in Phase 2 will retain their quotes here as well.

Death Phase

  • "Please stop fighting! We can work this out! I will kill you if I must to survive, but the bloodshed can end here!" (At the start of the death phase)
  • "I tried my hardest to spare you. But if it must be done, so be it..." (Said randomly throughout death phase before reaching 0 health)
  • "Why do you still wanna fight!? What purpose will killing me serve? You'll only hurt The Realm! Yourselves!" (Said randomly throughout death phase before reaching 0 health)
  • "I wanted to make your deaths quick and painless! Now you've drawn it all out and given me time to second guess myself!" (Said randomly throughout death phase before reaching 0 health)

"You never listen to us, do you? *coughs* I guess I'll... vanish for you... after all that's what I'm here for right? To die in front of your faces? There never had to be all this. There never had to be a war. You threatened us! Tore our populations to shreds for no more than power! What are we to do but strike back to survive! *coughs twice* If you had only been nice to the Hexagons... the Polygons... this could have been a very different story between us..." *vaporizes in white flash, only helmet and ash being left behind*


  • Plagued by memes and Sassafras.
  • Ignore all the stuff about Hexen being spicy. It's just something Sassafras says to irritate Hexen.
  • Plays a slightly more major role in the Rise of Hesperia portion of the Extended Tale of Diep.
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