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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

High Prophets are a rather small but unique boss group found within The Realm. They spawn within High Prophet Cathedrals, of which five are stationed in the world. There is one per realm area the Cult of Panzer occupies, as they are some of its highest ranking members and oversee the territory the Cult owns there.


One Prophet within every area of The Realm the Cult controls is elected to be the High Prophet until death. Therefore, there are six High Prophets. One from the Desolate Plains, Neverest Mountains, Shattered Coast, Wintercrest, Paradigm Dunes, and Toil Ridge. The Archprophet is also the High Prophet of the Desolate Plains, and due to his revival from death granted by Panzer, forever will be. The High Prophets decide what Veridicus can be enlightened to become Prophets themselves somewhere down the line, with requirements in its own right. The High Prophets are also responsible for watching the actions of every Prophet, and making sure their duties are done. The High Prophets are responsible for their entire portion of the Realm, and keeping track of all documents, requests, etc. to be sent to the Mementus back in the Tower of Gladii. The High Prophets periodically meet every four months, but can also be called for other matters at any time by the Archprophet or by majority vote from the entire High Prophet council.

High Prophets


The High Prophets, not including the Archprophet, who is only listed due to his technical lore terminology as both High Prophet of the Desolate Plains and Archprophet of the Cult of Panzer, follow the terms set below:

Normal Conditions

All High Prophet bosses spawn solely within their Cathedral. There is one of these per Realm Area located in the exact same place, very much like a Polygon Edifice is to a Polygon Disciple.

A High Prophet's Cathedral is open for attack at any time, but are very heavily guarded on the exteriors, usually with some form of outside obstacle and some stronger enemies, before taking the fight inside. Cathedrals have the same layout every time, but Cathedrals have different layouts for each High Prophet. Allegor's Cathedral will look the same every run of it, but Victit's Cathedral does not have the same layout as Allegor's. Most Cathedrals have a main path to the boss of about 30-50 rooms, and some diverting paths with extra enemies and rewards. Some Cathedrals involve puzzles along those side paths to open the way to the boss. The layouts are kept the same every time, because players should be able to structure a solid plan of raid they can stick to for the greatest run success, while still allowing it to be random through enemy spawns.

The High Prophet boss of the Cathedral is found in the final room of the main path. There they are fought as normal. When a High Prophet is defeated they do not die, instead suffering a hilarious form of incapacitation or entrapment that prevents them from doing any further harm for a while. This is mainly for lore reasons, as it is said a High Prophet serves until their death, and having characters and names constantly shift around is not ideal. For example, Allegor is frozen but preserved, or Gaius accidentally traps herself in stone.

Once a High Prophet is defeated, and all players leave the structure, their Cathedral enters "lockdown" for one hour. During this period, the Cathedral cannot be entered, all means of access unfeasible. Once the timer ends, the doors open again.

There is a small chance, based on a complicated system, that a High Prophet fight can be spontaneously replaced with an encounter with the Archpuppet.

Seven Steps of the Sanctum

The Seven Steps of the Sanctum are the seven necessary steps that must be taken in order to open the doors of the Tower of Gladii for attack. During Step 4, all High Prophets lock down their Cathedrals instantly and simultaneously, regardless of their current state. All towns and other NPC-controlled outposts or structures will fall under the Cult's grasp if they weren't already. In order to unlock the door to the High Prophet of a realm area again, all towns controlled by the Cult must be freed from them by the Tank Empire all at once. The High Prophets will constantly order the Cult to attempt to take these towns back, forcing a balance of defense and offense between cooperating players.

Once the towns have been reclaimed, the Cathedral opens once again for attack. Once the High Prophet is again defeated, it will begin to behave as if it was under Normal Conditions again. The step ends and Step 5 begins when Gaius, Victit, Allegor, Timidis, and Locke have all fallen at least once since Step 4 began, where they will behave as normal again.


  • Originally High Prophets were classified as Realm Bosses due to their one realm area nature, but they were later deemed too unique for such a title.
  • Some of the High Prophets and their behaviors tie in with European periods of history and thought.
    • This is most evident with Locke.
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