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The Hollow Gouger is a Realm Boss that can spawn in Vallard Wastes. It is based off of the Foul Burrower, one of the Realm Enemies in the area. It spawns mainly in the softer lands within and nearby Decaying Swamps, the Outland where Melancholy Forest and Vallard Wastes meet. It is impossible to guide the beast out of Vallard Wastes, and even when in the Decaying Swamps, it will make itself keep a distance from the border of Melancholy Forest.


The Hollow Gouger is a massive and even more mutilated Foul Burrower. It takes the form of sixteen very large, heavily plated, interconnected circles in a line. The circles slowly get larger from back to front, with the head being smaller than the front-most body piece. Due to their scaly plating, the circles in total look more like armor plates. They are colored vaguely like a grayish greenish, with whats exposed of the creature underneath being a sickly greenish brown.

The head of the Hollow Gouger is a large exposed roughly circular shape and smaller than the prior body piece. The front center of the circle is caved in, and filled with teeth. The Hollow Gouger has no eyes, but instead two antennae like structures that emerge from the sides of the head and extend forward curving slightly inward. The place where the head meets the body is covered in a collar of dark brownish-green hair. The rest of the body also has patches of that kind of fuzzy worm/spider hair. In total the Hollow Gouger is very large.

It has many holes riddled throughout its body, in its armor, body, head, and elsewhere. How else could it have gotten such a name?

The Fight


One thing that must be noted is that Foul Burrowers, the enemy that the Hollow Gouger stems from, are helpless on hard land. Foul Burrowers and by extension the Hollow Gouger, have an easy time burrowing through softer land, much like the grounds near the Decaying Swamp, where it spawns, are. When a Foul Burrower lands mid-leap attack from the ground onto rocky tough land, they cannot burrow through, and are stuck nearly helpless on top of it. This is instrumental in defeating the Hollow Gouger.

Another thing to note is the Hollow Gouger's exceptionally low health for the area of the game it is fought in. This is because for majority of the fight, the Hollow Gouger is entirely invincible. There is one way to make it vulnerable if only for a few seconds. The Hollow Gouger must be led onto this hard land, and that will make it vulnerable for a short while. More will be explained.

Battle Structure

The Hollow Gouger spawns idle and silently, no alert or message, below the ground. When a player enters its activation range its top half will rise from the ground with its base surrounded in a ring of pushed up dirt as to show that it is much longer than would appear. It will be invulnerable, and will screech at players that approach it. Once activated, even if the player or others walk away, it will remain staying up. Next, Foul Burrowers throughout the nearby area must be lured to the Hollow Gouger. When they get close enough, it will lash at the Foul Burrower with its head and kill it. After the Hollow Gouger kills ten Foul Burrowers, the fight truly begins.

The Hollow Gouger behaves like a Foul Burrower, and will spend a lot of time moving under the ground, unable to be hit. Unlike Foul Burrowers, this is marked by a path of moving dirt appearing on the surface. It moves rather slowly, but when it jumps out from the ground for its lunging attack, stay clear. It travels through the air rather slowly, and due to its size will probably have its head back in the ground by the time the tail of the worm emerges. But due to its slow travel, this allows it to preform any additional body segment attacks easily while also plowing into players in its path.

In order to damage the Hollow Gouger, it must be guided into hard land. As explained, it and its Foul Burrowers can dig through and under soft land, but get stuck on hard land. The Hollow Gouger must be lead to a mass of harder rock and set up to smash into it when it does its leaping attack. The leaping attack can almost always be triggered by staying directly in front of the Hollow Gouger when its underground for long enough. After landing on hard ground, it will be Stunned and wiggle in place for a bit, vulnerable. After 6 seconds if not killed (which would require a massive group to do on its first stun phase), it will smash through the hard ground and break most of it, turning it into soft ground, and must be led into it again.

As the fight progresses and the Hollow Gouger loses health, it will add additional behaviors to its pattern which otherwise remains relatively the same: burrow underground and leap out at players when it can. These patterns will be added onto this at its respective health thresholds.

  • At 4800 health, the Hollow Gouger will begin releasing bolts of Hollow Ooze from the pores in its body. These Hollow Ooze shots are dark green, sludge-like, and have a goopy trail behind the shot, leaving a purely aesthetic dark green line along the floor that fades with time. These shots travel fast, do surprising damage, are fired often while the Hollow Gouger is above ground (while passing in arc from underground during its coming out of the ground attack) on both sides of its body. Hollow Ooze also inflicts Dazed and Cursed for 3 seconds. This persists until the end of the batle.
  • Starting at 3300 health, the Hollow Gouger will begin summoning Foul Burrowers. These spawn while it is underground, and will terrorize players, leaping about the battlefield until they are killed. Foul Burrowers are spawned from around its middlemost body pieces in groups of four to six, spread evenly on both sides of its body. This will repeat every time it re-enters the ground after it emerges for its leap attack.
  • Starting at 1800 health, the Hollow Gouger will start releasing Foul Thorns, which float about the area as it digs around. These Foul Thorns look just like Thorns released by the Thorn Trapper, except matching to the color scheme. They float around in a figure eight pattern from their spawn point slowly. If a player gets close enough, they will move rapidly toward the player and explode into three smaller Foul Thorns which stick to the player for 4 seconds dealing 3 damage a second each. Very dangerous, but are usually left behind by the boss due to its constantly moving nature.
  • Starting at 1000 health, instead of going fully underground, the Hollow Gouger will remain half in the ground. This is shown as it leaving pure dirt streaks along the sides of its path, forming a rut in its path instead of just a dirt trail above it (vanish a few seconds later behind it and purely aesthetic). The Hollow Gouger will no longer lunge, and instead go Armored, being able to be attacked and killed normally. During this time, all of its prior added effects such as Hollow Ooze and Foul Thorns will constantly be in use, as well as the Foul Burrower summons.

Once the Hollow Gouger is killed, it will explode segment by segment into bursts of Hollow Ooze that give the effects of the Hollow Ooze shots while stood in, from tail to head. Rewards are then distributed.


  • This boss is a nod to one of the bosses from the game Terraria, the Eater of Worlds.
    • Even some of its behavior is somewhat referencing to some of the attacks, like Hollow Ooze is a reference to the EoW's projectile that is spits out in Expert mode.
  • Its name is created by Graviatar.
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