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Hot Potato is an Event Gamemode. It's kind of like Tag, but a lot stranger with a lot more altered rules and such. Created by Zathsu.


Hot Potato has a 1/100 chance of appearing each midnight, and lasts for the entire day. There is no way to guarantee Hot Potato will appear, and because it's appearance is entirely random, you can get them back to back, or not see one for months.


  • All players spawn in as Level 30 Smashers.
    • Players can kill Polygons to level up to Level 45 and choose a Smasher upgrade from there.
      • There is no scoreboard, despite this.
  • The map is about half the size of an FFA map.
    • There is no Pentagon Nest.
    • Bosses will not spawn.
  • The first player will be marked as "Hot Potato" regardless their selected name.
    • Subsequent players will be named as what they put unless they become the Hot Potato.
  • The player who is the Hot Potato has 2 minutes to kill a player. Then they are no longer the Hot Potato.
    • The player who is killed by the Hot Potato becomes the Hot Potato upon respawn. They come back as a Level 45 Smasher and can upgrade from there.
    • The Hot Potato's location is marked the same way the Number One player's is in all other game modes.
    • If the Hot Potato fails to pass on the 'Hot Potato' title before their time runs out, they die, and another player is assigned the title.
  • Players can kill other players, but for no reward. Players killed by other players that are not the Hot Potato will not lose levels. Its just to cause distress, ha ha.
  • Despite how I make it sound, there will only be one Hot Potato at a time.

And thats the game! Super simple! It never ends, and its just an infinite cycle of running from the Hot Potato and stress if you become them.

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