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A beast the lies in the heart of Somber Falls. The polygons will release it to hold against the Tank Empire. Unlike any other strong being seen, it can summon its own powerful polygons, Quasars.


The Industrian is a decagon boss that rarely spawns in the Realm, exclusive to Somber Falls. It is the most powerful polygon boss, equipped with a huge arsenal of weapons. It has an Annihilator cannon on top, 5 auto cannons on the body, 5 heavy auto cannons on the sides, and 5 minion spawners that summon White Destroyers and rarely the Quasars.

This boss will linger around the center of a superior polygon nest, which will be aided by the current polygon nest of any kind.

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It appears to be a white decagon with five minion spawners and heavy auto cannons alternating sides. On the body is 5 auto cannons surrounding a very large Annihilator cannon. It is the largest polygon boss, over TWICE the length of an Alpha Pentagon.

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The Industrian has 21,000 HP, it revieves 50% less damage from enemies.

Boss.Gigantic Cannon.png

Annihilator Cannon

The Annihilator cannon will fire a very large bullet, as large as a level 45 tank. It moves as fast as a Dominator bullet. The penetration is twice as strong as the Dominator bullet, and same damage as a Dominator bullet. It reloads every 12 seconds. This bullet will also receive little knock back from anything but destroyer bullets. The range is 33% larger than a sniper. This cannon will target groups of tanks higher than level 30, but will still shoot at any tanks level 15+.

Heavy Auto Cannon-0.png

Heavy Auto Cannons

These cannons have the same reload as a destroyer with no reload upgrades. The bullets are between the size of a level 45 normal bullet and a level 30 destroyer bullet. They move the same speed as a Dominator bullet. The bullet penetration is 7 points, and only 5 points of bullet damage. Each cannon have 72 degrees of vision in each direction, they can't turn onto the body. The bullets move as fast as a sniper with 2 points of bullet speed.

Auto Cannons

Heavy Auto Cannon.png

They have 72 degrees of vision on each side, and can't turn on towards the center. The bullets are the same size of an auto 5's. It has 6 points of penetration, and 3 points of damage. They move fairly slow but can still form small streams of bullets. The reload is the same as an auto 5 with no reload upgrades.

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