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The Injector is one of the many upgrades to the Lancer, being upgraded to at Level 30. The Injector is a very unique tank that serves two purposes. Created by Zathsu.



The Injector card art in DCoW Heroes, by Zathus.

The Injector looks like a vaccine needle, as a tank. The body is transparent like glass, and has a liquid in it, the color depending on the team of the Injector. From the front is a giant lance, and from the back is the pressy part of the needle.


  • The Injector no longer has the charge ability of the Lancer.
    • Instead, on contact with an ally or enemy, something will happen.
  • First of, when touching an enemy or teammate, if the liquid is inside of the tank body, an effect will trigger. Once this effect triggers (i.e injecting the unit with the liquid), the liquid will vanish and will reappear twenty seconds later. Until it reappears, the effect will not trigger again.
    • If you touch an ally, they will get the Armored and Speedy buff for 4 seconds, and recover 20% of their max health.
    • If you touch an enemy, they will get Poisoned and Slowed for 4 seconds.
    • While the liquid is gone, if you stab an enemy or ally, nothing will happen except damage. And damage only occurs if it touches an enemy of course.
  • If you have the effect liquid but someone touches your body, it will not occur. Only the lance triggers it.


  • Started as a card in DCoW Heroes, turned into an official Lancer upgrade.
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