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If anything, don't dismiss him as 'loving'.


The Jack of Hearts is a Gladiator Boss, and has a 5% to replace the spawning of a Guardian. Created by Zathsu.


The Jack of Hearts gives mercy to no man. A vile trickster of blood and lost hope, he feeds on the epiphany of others to ever strengthen his power. As a magician, but less so a mage than a sadistic street performer, he has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Why has he come to duel us? Because in the end, it's all just another show!


The Jack of Hearts looks like a giant tank with a blood red cape (like the Archprophet). He has a red and white jesters hat atop his head. Like most heavily personified bosses, he has two smaller barrel-less tanks attached by arms to his side, representing his arms and hands.



  • Battle Spell: Pulls out a wand from behind his back (just a brown rectangle), and points it outward to his left. A ring of sixteen fireballs will spiral outward from the end of it. They explode on contact with a player/drone. Immediately after his attack, he puts the wand away.
  • From the Hat: Will pull of his hat with the right hand, and a swarm of Crashers will begin pouring outward rapidly.
  • Escape Artist: Surrounds a player in Traps, which can be moved and destroyed.
  • Just Optics: Laughs, and vanishes in a cloud of red mist. He will then reappear elsewhere.
  • Breathing Fire: Pulls out his magic wand, and taps the middle of the tank. Suddenly an Auto Turret with a Machine Gun barrel on the front of it will appear and begin spraying bullets at nearby players.
  • Poof!: Will swap the position of six players.
  • Now You See Me...: Fires out bullets in random directions around him from his body that inflict Blinded on anyone hit for 3 seconds.
  • The Final Act: At 10% health, he taps his magic wand onto his body and a gray Smasher with a countdown of 15 seconds will appear in the center of him. Players within 200 tiles of the Jack of Hearts will suffer major damage, if not killed instantly by the blast 15 seconds later.


  • Has quite a few attacks similar to a lot of other bosses:
    • Battle Spell is similar to the Archprophet's Fireball Storm attack.
    • Escape Artist is similar to the Polygon Mother's Polygon Prison attack.
    • And The Final Act is similar to The Tactician's self destruct sequence near the end of the fight.
  • One of three different laughing clips are played every time a player tank dies. An animation of his hands going over his body and shaking is the animation for this, and is basically a Shao Kahn 'you can hit him and stun him while he's taunting you'.
  • The first created concept of Gladiator Bosses.
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