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Julio Victoria is an Imperial Champion that appears only in Melancholy Forest. He is a very stereotypical Spanish bullfighter, except he fights Scorpios, since The Realm has no bulls.




Julio Victoria will wander around Melancholy Forest actively seeking Scorpio Colonies. From there, he will lure away specifically the Crawlatites one at a time if any exist, and fight them in his own flashy style. He will do this by pulling out a blue cape, causing one to begin chasing him. Julio will then pull off the Crawlatite a couple hundred tiles away, moving quickly, and almost slightly faster than the Crawlatite. Afterwards, he will stop moving as the Scorpio Crawlatite begins charging at him. Once its about to pass, he will pull out his rapier-like weapon, and stab it, moving to either side and out of its charge path. This will repeat relatively consistently, with a 10% chance every charge that Julio will fail to move out of the way and be gored. If this occurs, he will suffer heavy damage and retreat, as the Scorpio runs off. Julio does 4x damage to Scorpios, usually being able to kill a Crawlatite in a few passes.

Julio will not attack any other enemy type he comes across, but the Band of Thieves will attack him, occasionally. In this case he will fight back, and use a different style other than when he battles Scorpios. He will use his rapier as an actual stabby weapon, and stab and battle as normal, not prepared for charges or passes. In the event he comes across an enemy that does charge, he will treat it like a Scorpio when that attack type is initiated. Julio will attack other Scorpio types he encounters if there are no Crawlatites remaining. If Julio runs into an Emperor Scorpio, he will still attempt to fight it, and modify his battle type based on what attacks it uses when.

When Julio reaches 200 health or is gored by a Crawlatite to the point of falling to 0 or below, he will hold up a Teleportation Amulet, and vanish in an orange flash. There is a 5% chance that he will instantly use this after getting gored by a Crawlatite no matter his health remaining. He will return to Melancholy Forest roughly 10 minutes later.


  • "¿Quién quiere ver un espectáculo?" (When players are nearby)
  • "¡Oiga! ¡Sígueme!" (When trying to trigger a Crawlatite to chase)
  • "¡Aquí!" (When trying to trigger a Crawlatite to chase)
  • "¡Aquí estoy!" (When trying to trigger a Crawlatite to chase)
  • "Baila conmigo, hombre." (When trying to trigger a Crawlatite to chase)
  • "¡Olé!" (When the Crawaltite makes its first failed charge)
  • "¿Quieres mas?" (When a Crawlatite continues to charge at him)
  • "¡Tres... dos... UNO!" (Sometimes said while the Crawlatite is charging, as a countdown)
  • "¿Te duele? ¡Ja ja ja!" (When a Crawlatite continues to charge at him)
  • "¡Excelente!" (When killing a Crawlatite)
  • "¡Otra gran victoria!" (When killing a Crawlatite)
  • "Lo siento, bello monstruo..." (When killing a Crawlatite)
  • "¡Soy el campeón más grácil de este mundo!" (When killing a Crawlatite)
  • "¡Ay, no!" (When he is about to be gored by a Crawlatite)
  • "¡Voy a morir...!" (When he is about to be gored by a Crawlatite)
  • "¿Están celosos de mi encanto?" (If the Band of Thieves start attacking him)
  • "¡Ay! ¡Mamá!" (When returning to Imperium)


  • The second of many Imperial Champions to come.
  • His last name is Spanish for "victory".
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