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Lab Guards are the enemy types that spawn within the Mad Science game mode. Machines and assistants of Dr. Lacus, Lab Guards will do whatever they can to stop you and the other impeding tank forces. Unlike the Dungeon Crawlers and Ethereal Guards, there isn't a 'division' system. All Lab Guards can be found anywhere, with only one exception, which is the Trap type.

Lab Guards


"Troopers" are the types of Lab Guards that move around. They will spawn and actively chase after players or follow whatever AI they have when players approach. Very simple.

  • Automaton: Small and versatile metal tank warrior that can spawn as any random Level 15 upgrade. Follow simple AI patterns where they will chase players while firing at the closest one. Twin Automatons will occasionally delay their shot and fire two larger Missiles. Machine Gun Automatons will occasionally release a shotgun of eight bullets. Sniper Automatons will occasionally cloak when not moving. Flank Automatons will occasionally spin with an increased fire rate for a few seconds. All have 700 health.
  • Marker: A gray metal tank the size of a Level 30 player. Has a red light on the front of it that releases a constant thin beam. Will keep its distance from players once activated and aim their constant laser beam at a random player it can see, doing light damage, but constantly until the beam goes off. Laser deactivates for 4 seconds after shining for 8 seconds. Has 800 health.
  • Metal Hammer: A slightly larger enemy that looks like a gray metal Smasher with an Auto Turret atop it. Instead of having a barrel, a barrel-like line extends with a hammerhead at the end of it. When a player is in sight, it will make chase, then begin charging, picking up speed over time as its hammer rotates faster. Players hit get knocked back, suffer damage, and are Stunned for 2 seconds. Has 1500 health.
  • Enforcer: Dark gray metal tanks with light blue visors on the front that project a Protector shield about 4 tiles in front of it. The force field moves with the Enforcer unlike the Protector and its shields. Walks a linear back and forth path, pacing until death. When the body rotates at the end of its path, the shield will also move accordingly. Has a Dominator Auto Turret on top of it. Bullets that hit the force shield, both ally and enemy, will be reflected back. Can only be hurt from behind because of this. Has 2250 health. There is an achievement for damaging other Lab Guards by making their bullets fly back at them through the use of an Enforcer's shield.
  • Metal Knight: Metal tanks with shinier helmets that do not have the same metal plate pattern and as usual, reminisce to that of The Tres Geminos. They have a Destroyer cannon on their front that does not cause recoil when it fires. Has a Booster set-up on its back. Slowly moves towards players while firing, and occasionally charges at them using its Boosters. Have 1300 health.
  • Assistant: Cyan barrel-less tanks with glasses and lab coats like that of Dr. Lacus. Will summon in an Automaton every few seconds in a smoke cloud around it. Will rarely summon a Marker. Have 600 health.
  • Gopher: A small metal tank with two equally sized barrels on opposite sides and a red siren atop it. Cannot normally move. When active, will go invisible, reappear somewhere nearby, and attack, before repeating the process. Its attack consists of popping out, rapidly rotating while firing shots at a 0.7 second interval as its siren blares, then retreating again. Has a meager 100 health.
  • Prophet: AI-controlled Prophet tanks can spawn in the Lab (only because of the Dr. Lacus transmissions including them on the forums). Act like a player Prophet, and will convert 'players'. Players sits in quotes because the players do not actually come back and have to fight their old allies. Players will actually die and be booted out, but an AI-controlled copy of whatever tank the player was will spawn next to the Prophet. These tanks are jet black like the other cult tanks. Have 1200 health.
  • Manufacturer: Metal Factory tanks that will sweep in from off screen when a room is entered. They will slowly begin releasing an endless swarm of metal minions while attempting to rotate either left or right around the player its minions are targeting. Has a hearty 1050 health.
  • Antibodies: Summoned by Manufacturers. Small metal minions that fire bullets a lot more slowly. However, these bullets inflict Slowed. Have a low 25 health and a Manufacturer can have a max of 20 of them at one time. Named after the 'weapon' the human body uses to fight foreign bacteria that may be harmful to the organism. Just like you filthy germs invading the lab...


"Traps" are the types of enemies that cannot be killed, usually sit in place, and do nothing but cause trouble. The best way to surmount a trap is to ignore it entirely, unless you must get close like when there are Troopers required to kill to continue near it.

  • Watchman: Spawn alone and usually have a darkness around them, with no other enemies nearby. Have two patterns: Pace back and forth a distance like an Enforcer, or stand in place and rotate slowly. They cannot attack, but have a 'flashlight' effect in front of them that spreads as it travels and goes out until it hits a wall. If a player touches the light, the Watchman releases bullets in all directions, vanishes, the doors to the room close, and one of the Sons of Panzer Dr. Lacus manufactured will spawn in the room and must be defeated to continue.
  • Flamethrower: A tank that looks like a blowtorch. Will rotate in place while firing orange bullets like a Sprayer that inflict Burning for 3 seconds. Don't touch.
  • Cannon: Very simple. Constantly fires a bullet every second in the direction it is facing. Does not move. Does not rotate. Does not die... Looks like a regular old metal tank, but has a red glow beneath it.
  • Loiterer: A metal Overlord-like Trap that sits idle and un-moving when spawned. Has a closed red eye on it. Activates if a player wanders within 50 tiles of it, where the red eye will open and flash constantly while even smaller Fallen Overlord crashers pour in a constant stream out of each barrel. They are very weak, having a mere 2 health each and dealing very little damage. Their numbers are scary and their sight range is massive. Activating a Loiterer will detriment the group for a couple of rooms, as the spawned Crashers will chase for a while.
  • Splatter Cannon: Exactly like the regular Cannon, but looks more like a Destroyer. Fires bullets that flash white. When its bullets hit something, it explodes into a ring of eight bullets.
  • Tesla Coil: Small dark gray circle with an Auto Turret (that has no barrel) atop it. This circle part of the turret crackles light blue with electricity. Unlike other Traps it can be 'killed'. When killed, it will not be destroyed, and remain. It attacks by firing a chain lightning bolt that connects up to four players within 15 tiles of each other and inflicting Stunned and Paralyzed for 0.7 seconds. When it sustains enough damage, it will deactivate. Deactivation does not mean killed. Every time the Tesla Coil is deactivated, there is a chance it will reactivate. Each time a Tesla Coil reactivates, the chance it will again decreases, starting at 40%. There is an achievement for getting attacked by a Tesla Coil that reactivated.
  • Dillusion Orb: A glowing white orb on an unrotating Smasher hexagon that fires a thin laser into every other Trooper and Trap in the room, connecting them to the Dillusion Orb with a damaging beam. This can force players to take certain paths or suffer damage. Since it also connects beams to Traps (which cannot be destroyed), sometimes there is no way to entirely get rid of it. Rooms are set up so Dillusion Orbs never force you to take damage. Lasers are blocked by interfering walls and obstacles if they cross the path the Dillusion Orb has to an entity.
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