Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Ah yes, my oldest project. Trapping tanks in a world they think they have control over. What fools they are, not knowing that they can never come back to the main realm. Never did I think I could create a gap between two worlds the same way the ritualists did with Panzer. And funny enough, I did it before them with SCIENCE! I guess that goes to show... Bwa hee hee HA! -Dr. Lacus, in hindsight


  • In this game mode, you start with no barrels, but instead, 200 Tankit (Tankit currency makes a return from Fortress Mode).
    • You cannot upgrade into other tanks every 15 levels. The entire point of this game mode is to build your own tank to fight with from the ground up.
  • You must buy your weapons and barrels at the cost of Tankit. This is basically a 'Design Your Own Tank' game mode, where no two games will be alike.
    • Other than that, its very similar to FFA in the sense that there are no teams, and a 10 person leaderboard.
  • There are many ways to earn Tankit in this game mode.
    • Every time you level up, you get 50 Tankit.
    • Every 15th level, you get 100 Tankit.
    • Every time you kill a player, you get half of the Tankit they spent, and one-third of the Tankit they haven't spent, rounded to the nearest five.
  • Once you reach Level 45, you must spend all of the Tankit that you want to, and you cannot open the Tank Editor again.
  • You still do get stat points. However, only every 3 levels throughout your entire journey. Not just once you hit Level 30. So in the end, you'll have 15 stat points.

The Tank Editor

This is the place you build your little weapon of death. On the left side of your screen is your tank with a blueprint background behind it for effect. On the right-side, you have an Inventory and a Shop.


Here is where you buy barrels, specials, and other effects for your tank. When buying barrels, you can drag them around the circle to put them at ANY angle you want. Some add-ons require you to be a specific level to buy them.

  • Tank Barrel: Your traditional Level 1 barrel. Fires an average sized bullet. Cost: 200 Tankit. No Level Requirement.
  • Gunner Barrel: A small barrel that shoots a small bullet. Easier to get more of, however. Cost: 100 Tankit. Level Requirement: 5.
  • Machine Gun Barrel: A wide barrel that sprays bullets quickly in a wide spread in front of you. Cost: 300 Tankit.
  • Sniper Barrel: A long barrel that releases fast bullets with incredible range. Require a bit of targeting and loads a bit slow, so don't try to mesh it in where it isn't required. Cost: 250. No Level Required.
  • Destroyer Barrel: A marvel of science and technology, the Destroyer barrel packs a mighty punch, but needs time to reload. Cost: 400 Tankit. Level Required: 10.
  • Drone Spawner C: Releases Drones that help you fight. You can control them on mouse-click. Each spawns 4 Drones. Cost: 500 Tankit. Level Required: 30.
  • Drone Spawner U: Releases Drones that help you fight. They are uncontrollable and automatically attack anything nearby. Each spawns 2 Drones. Cost: 400 Tankit. Level Required: 30.
  • Trapper Barrel: A lock-and-load launcher that fires out spiky traps. Traps stick around for a long time, effectively creating walls for your enemy not to cross. Cost: 200 Tankit. No level requirement.
  • Stack Effect: Adds a slightly smaller barrel on top of one you already placed that fires a slightly weaker version of its shot. Cost: (The cost of the barrel you put it on top of +50) Tankit. Level Required: 20. (Basically it makes it like a Hunter but you can do this with any barrel).
  • Invisibility: Allows your tank to go invisible while not moving. Cost: 800. Level Required: 30.
  • Size Upgrade: Increases the size of your tank by 20%. Larger tanks have more health, but become bigger targets and move slower. It also increases the space you can fit barrels on. Cost: 200. Level Required: 5.
  • Lance: A melee spike attached to your tank that deals Body Damage upon contact. Cost: 200. No Level Required.
  • Auto Turret A: A tiny little gun that automatically fires at nearby obstacles. Cost: 300. Level Required: 20.
  • Auto Turret G: An even smaller little gun that automatically fires Gunner bullets at nearby obstacles. Two barrels per Auto Turret! Cost: 300. Level Required: 20.
  • Auto Turret D: A large Auto Turret that fires Destroyer bullets slowly at nearby obstacles. Cost: 500. Level Required: 20.


Here you can put parts of your tank that you just don't want off of your little tool of destruction, and put them in a safe place for later. Don't like that Trapper barrel? Just put it in the inventory and use it when you need it. You cannot sell tank pieces back for more Tankit; however.


  • Even if you kill no one, you are guaranteed at least 2400 Tankit by the time you're Level 45.
  • Multiple Auto Turrets can be placed on the sides of a tank, but only one can be put on top.
  • Using this system, by buying only Drone Spawner U's (which you can have 6 of by Level 45), you could make your own mini Mothership with 12 defensive Drones.
  • The very first creation of Dr. Lacus, marking his first operation as a villain to tank-kind.
    • Not even the Archprophet was a bad guy at the time, making this the oldest event still relevant to the modern day, as this was even before Panzer's sealing.
  • Despite the lore, this game mode can be entered and exited at will.
  • Unlike a lot of Tale of Diep content, this game mode is available from the start.
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