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The Lancer is a tank created by Zathsu. It upgrades from the Basic Tank at Level 15, and can further upgrade into the Trailblazer, Bastion, Navigator, Punisher, Injector, and Winged Hussar; and the Extender or Serrator outside of The Tale of Diep. Art by Levi.


The Lancer is a blue circle shape with a long gray spike on the front.



The current state of the evergrowing Lancer branch.

  • The Lancer can not shoot bullets, but instead, moves 50% faster when you left-click. The charge lasts as long as you hold down left-click but makes turning a lot harder. It can only last a max of 3 seconds before you need to let it cool down.
  • When upgraded to, it passively increases Body Damage.
  • If touched by the point, it will do a lot more damage than touching the tank's body.


  • First page made on the conceptions wiki.
  • Was actually created as a concept before the Smasher. This was done on the now-deleted Fan Ideas Page on Wiki.
Lancer Branch
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