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The Leaping Warmind is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance to replace a Fallen Booster spawn. Created by Zathsu.


The Leaping Warmind was your ordinary Battleship, that was, until the fateful day the Cult of Panzer came upon it. Yet, instead of malicious sacrificing or conversion, they delivered the Leaping Warmind's comatose body to Dr. Lacus, a nefarious evil scientist hired as a mercenary by the Cult of Panzer. He restructured the Battleship's body, and empowered them with new weapons of destruction. However; something went fatally wrong when it came to memory adjustment. For some reason, the Leaping Warmind thinks its a cat and loves to snuggle and pounce on to people for affection. That is, after all, how it got its name.


The Leaping Warmind looks like a much more armored and intimidating Battleship, with Lancer spikes coming out between the Crasher spawners on each side. On the top and bottom of the tank are tiny trapezoids with the shorter side sticking out. A Smasher hexagon spins beneath all of this. However, to humorously counteract this intimidating look, it has a cat :3 face on it.


Note: Take note that it is constantly releasing Crashers during all of these attacks.

  • Snuggle: Will suddenly dash at a nearby player in an attempt to cuddle with them. Little does the poor Leaping Warmind know that it will deal MASSIVE damage on touch. :(
  • Lacerate: Will begin spawning its Crashers 2x faster. Crashers spawned for up to 5 seconds after this ability is used will inflict Poisoned onto hit tanks, being green instead of their normal color.
  • Meow: Will play a meow sound effect, and all players will get Weakened and Cursed for 8 seconds, feeling pity.
  • Lick: The cat mouth will release a tongue that licks either left or right. Either way, tanks hit in the sweep will take minor damage and be Slowed for 3 seconds.
  • Pounce: Will dash and use Snuggle three times in quick succession, followed by a purr sound.
  • Why Though?: Two giant balls of yarn will come out of the trapezoids on the top and bottom, and begin spinning in a figure 8 pattern around the Leaping Warmind for about 8 seconds. These do minor damage, inflict Stunned for 2.2 seconds, pass through players unimpeded, and have a string that follows shortly behind them that inflicts the same effect.
  • Great Ideas: A lightning bulb will appear above its head. Then, it will lick it with its tongue and eat it. The Leaping Warmind will flash green once and recover 500 health.
  • Takeout: Will charge forward without stopping for 3 seconds before running back in the exact same line to where it originally started. Deals significantly more damage than Snuggle, but will suffer moderate damage and become Broken for 2 seconds if it contacts with a player.
  • Elimination: Will release two Griever hooks, one from each of the top and bottom barrels. They will pull in a tank, and attempt to surround it with drones.
  • Symphony of Silence: Will release eight Crashers at a time, four from each side, which will begin relentlessly hunting down players. They have 40x as much health as usual. A second wave of eight will not spawn until all current eight are killed. Will summon between 1 and 5 waves. The Leaping Warmind is invincible while this attack is in use.


  • It was originally just going to be that he was crazy, then I thought "Cats are cute. Sure, let's have him think he's that. Makes sense to have him pounce on people now".
  • Yes, Akkaviv did use a Temmie face for the :3
  • Health was originally 6000, but as of late has been lowered to 5000. It was then quadrupled to 20,000 as a result of the April health overhaul.
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