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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.

Legendary Bosses are the epitome of challenges in the world of The Tale of Diep! They are strong enough and as characterized in the world around them to such a degree that the very fabric of the world shakes in their presence. Legendary Bosses are a massive force to be reckoned with, and can certainly not be taken down alone. It takes a group of a hundred-fold to bring down these massive feared foes to peace and unity. I present to you, the legends of the Realm... the Legendary Bosses.

Legendary Bosses

  • Archprophet - An analytical mastermind, and the prophet of Panzer, the Archprophet was one of his lord's original sealers before reading the tablets of the Tower of Gladii, and realizing his past mistakes. He birthed the Cult of Panzer, and became its unspoken leader, using the words and texts of ages past to guide his maniacal rule. He has spread fear into the hearts of millions, and has gathered many powerful allies to his cause: Free the Great Dark One from his chains.
  • Nostradamus - An ancient and arcane golem made of gold and fashioned from obedience. An evil soul, a manifest of a deadly sin, powers and lives within this regal husk. Nostradamus is the cosmic guardian of the Archprophet's secret vault, which locks away all of his treasures, secrets, and sorrows. Nostradamus is greed manifested in a physical form. Shatter the armor and destroy thy evil! Remove the golden stake from the body of life, and relinquish tank-kind from the temptation brought out by this demonic entity.
  • Dr. Lacus - The infamous man in the mountain, Dr. Lacus is a genius that has lived since The Old Era, just as the Archprophet had. A couple hundred years after the Dormancy Period, marking the beginning of The Middle Era, the Archprophet sought help from this mythical mad man who lived in a mountain not too far from the Tower of Gladii. And now, through a bondage in the stars imbued by Panzer himself, Dr. Lacus and the Archprophet formed a friendship, mutual trust, and have become unbreakable partners in leading the Cult. Dr. Lacus has created many machines and nightmare contraptions to halt the Tank Empire from victory, and he proves unkillable due to his power of precognition, granted to him by Panzer for his loyalty. Do the best thou can to scare him off... at least for a while.
  • War Machine II - The upgraded and newer version of the original War Machine, the War Machine II is the result of years of trial and error by Dr. Lacus to create the perfect automaton that will surely end all who stand against him and the Cult of Panzer, since he has pledged allegiance to their cause. The War Machine II has many more parts, metal shields, even more lasers, things that explode, and multiple ways to end the same victim all at the same time back to back without even looking at them. Don't go poking around the Doctor's lab, and you shouldn't run into it. Of course, everyone wants to know.
  • Polygon Mother - It is unknown when this entity came into existence. All that we know is that she created the many Polygons floating around the realm. Panzer created everything else. She has control over every shape in the land, aided with her eight children, and hates the Necromancers who dare take the squares as slaves. She's not too fond of The Lich either, but puts up with it. She will do anything to kill us because of how we treated the Polygons, even by manifesting herself as the colossal monster we call the Storm of Fragments. When we enter her sub-realm, it's time for us to prove who is in control over the Polygons...
  • Belisarius - A nearly mechanical warrior who has seen near death many times. Once an average tank, Belisarius is the head of the Praetorian Legion, the Archprophet's personal guard (not that he needs one). Belisarius once nearly met death early had it not been for the ingenious work of the terrible Dr. Lacus. The scientist reconstructed Belisarius, salvaging what he could of his biological form and replacing what couldn't be spared with machine. Now a large hulking mechanical beast of a tank, Belisarius can take down armies of Tank Empire soldiers at a time, and only pray he doesn't run out of power when it counts most.
  • Apostle of Panzer - The head inquisitor of the Cult of Panzer, the Apostle is responsible for getting most of the work done behind the scenes while the Archprophet remains the face of the Cult and is given credit for all of it. The Apostle does not mind though, for he wishes his presence be a secret until it is too late for those who raid the tower to be spared. The final judge most heretics see before their afterlife, the Apostle judges, and judges fiercely.


  • These only pertain to The Tale of Diep. Others can name their bosses as Legendary, but unless they are on this page they are not counted as part of the Tale of Diep.
  • Has gone through many changes and has been redefined as what it means to be a Legendary Boss with every new inducted boss.
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