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Tale of Diep (ToD) is no longer under active development as a derivative of Diep.io and remains here as an archive, though spin-offs such as The Extended Tale of Diep remain active. For info on the successor to Tale of Diep, now an independent work called "A Tale Where Nothing Matters", visit its Discord server here.
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One of the first to change the world how we view polygons. The advancement comes fast, and this marks the beginning. To serve its lord and savior, Pentavian. The Leviathan will avenge the lost alphas after millennia. The first true entity to preserve the lives of many. - The Tanks.


The Leviathan is a Polygon Boss that spawns in various areas in The Realm such as the south-west areas of Melancholy Forest, north-western Somber Falls, southern Paradigm Dunes, and most common in Shattered Coasts. It is a large Pentagon equipped with several weapons, utilizing a new technology that allows the use of mounted weaponry after recent breakthrough with the Defender. It is one of the oldest known Polygon Bosses, dating back the time where the Guardians were deployed in hundreds of battles against the Old Tank Empire. The Leviathan is the first alpha-like polygon entity designated to assault and kill tanks, instead of looking over the nests. Its sometimes refereed as the first "Moving Fortress" kind of polygon boss to be created.


The Profile

The Leviathan is slightly larger than an alpha pentagon. It has five Mounted Auto Cannons placed near each corner, and wide Crasher spawners along the perimeter. A large central cannon is mounted on top that fires large, high damaging bullets, and occasional Waterflame spheres. .



The Leviathan can summon a maximum of 25 large Crashers. Each drone has 80 HP buttressed with 11 HP of body damage and identical to the larger variation in speed. Like the Guardian, the Leviathan can manipulate its Crashers in certain patterns and forms of attack. Crashers spawned will encircle the Leviathan by default. The spawners themselves can produce a maximum of 5 Crashers, they produce 2 per second, collectively replenishing its army with little time.

Auto Cannons

There are five of these cannons evenly placed around the corners. The bullet stats are identical to the Defender's but they reload twice as slow. These turrets can only rotate 72 degrees in each direction, they can not turn back into the body. About 3-2 turrets will attack at one time if there is only a single target.

Dominator Cannon

On the center has a large cannon, it launches a single bullet that does massive damage to unsuspecting tanks. The bullet is a lot bigger than the ones fired from the turrets, and possess a lot more penetration. Tanks hit by them will sustain massive damage. Bullets fired move much slower however.

The Dominator cannon may also fire a Waterflame Sphere. These appear to be a shiny watery orb with wispy cyan flames coming off of it. Unlike regular bullets, it will lazily home towards its target. It has 1/3 the damage and penetration of the regular bullets but it moves 10% faster and leaves a small temporary trail behind that lasts for 5 seconds. Direct contact with the sphere inflicts the Waterflame debuff for 12-24 seconds. The trail lasts 8-14 seconds. Player inflicted with the debuff should avoid being close to water sources and other players to prevent spreading.


The Leviathan was meant to be sent out into many battles long ago, now it is still to this day a champion for the Pentagons. Instead of resting in safety in its nest confines, it goes outward and smite its opponents. It will continue fighting until it breaks, never more it should fail.

When idle, the Leviathan will wonder around close by nests, but not near the perimeters of them. It will move on its own routs, visiting many nests while staying in its supposed area. It will not venture towards places it won't spawn in (such as the northern part of Paradigm Dunes for example), thus it couldn't be lured to such places. The Leviathan often will be by itself, accompanied by its crashers.

During battle, its "normal" state will be the Leviathan sending its crashers at the most powerful tanks in range. Its auto cannons will face and fire at the weakest tanks in range to pick them off, and finally its mounted dominator cannon will fire at closest tanks in range. All are potentially deadly for players by themselves, and collaboration is needed for taking this down. Attacks used from the Leviathan are occasional and won't happen immediately after the previous ones. There is usually a cool down in between 10-50 seconds between attacks. The Leviathan's attacks can happen at random and without warning.




Old Design

  • There used to be an older design for this boss, it looked like it has metal plates, and the middle dominator cannon used to be attached to a pentagon. This is also the first image uploaded by Graviatar.
  • This boss is the combination of an Auto 5, Hybrid, Overlord, and Alpha Pentagon.
  • It was formerly named the "Omega Pentagon".
  • First boss/page made by Graviatar.
    • It is also Graviatar's idol.
  • This boss has gone through tons of health changes:
    • Nerfed health from 5,000 - 4,250.
    • Later buffed from 4,250 - 4,550.
    • It then buffs back to 5,000 HP
    • Buffed HP once again to 6,200 as part of the health overhaul update.
    • Slightly increased health again to 6,700, currently where it stands now.
  • It is a card in DCoW Heros.
  • Winner of the First Conception Tournament in Simple Bosses category.
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