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What to say of the great thinker who resides in the Stormcleft... Probably foremost it must be said that he is a man of many innovational ideas. They could have been put to such good use too, had he not joined the Cult of Panzer. Not only did his brilliant mind get put to waste there, they never once put into practice his ideas of leadership! Even more insulting, they made him a High Prophet and slammed him into the most depressing of the mere Outlands, with its constant rain and terrible conditions, leaving him busy with other things. What a fool made of such an enlightened mind!


Locke is one of the High Prophets of the Cult of Panzer, one being in each area the Cult controls. He is the High Prophet of Neverest Mountains, but in actuality his Cathedral is located in Stormcleft Gateway, the area between Neverest Mountains and Shattered Coast. Locke spends a lot of time alone in his Cathedral, thinking rather than doing. He creates ideas rather than putting old orders and means of ruling over others into practice. Unlike Allegor, who keeps those under his rule subjugated with a steel fist, Locke pleases all and keeps everyone under him happy and relatively free to do stuff with their time. Despite this, Locke and Allegor are good friends out of the Council, where usually they do disagree. Locke outwardly expresses an idea that ruling with unwavering absolutist power and leaving others in the dust causes nothing but unrest and the system will collapse eventually, citing the fall of the Civil Sons in the Panzer Era as evidence of this happening in the past, trying to find ways for the Cult itself to avoid this.

Locke's relations to the rest of the High Prophets are relatively well, as even if they dislike him as a person, they can respect his intelligence in the field of philosophy, and his moral views on life. He and Allegor have one of the strongest bonds in the High Prophet council, where even if they don't always agree on every decision in the periodic council meetings, they still have a strong bond of friendship and trust. He and Gaius have a mysterious connection, as she has not seen much of him and vice versa. He spends most of his time in his studies, and that leaves him a mysterious figure to her. Locke does not communicate much with Victit, but despite that does not hate him or have any sort of discontent for him as others may in the Council. Locke and Timidis are in even closer proximity that Locke and Allegor, and as such she sometimes applies and assists in some of his theories and concepts on leading a group of people.


Locke is very contained, calm, and thoughtful. He doesn't get rash bouts of anger at failure like Allegor, lose his mind like Victit, or get into things he could never dream of accomplishing like Gaius. He understands people, takes sides into account, and is open to any idea so long as its proven.

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Locke looks like a tank body mostly shaded by his massive helmet, giving a darker or gray-ish shaded vibe from his body color. He wears a tall white fuzzy helmet, which progressively gets thinner in a cone shape as it rises, giving a gorilla-head like appearance. A T-shaped opening from the bottom of the helmet reveals two glowing orange eyes in the arms of the T. A thin golden band with an orange gem and ivory spikes rests about halfway through the helmet. From the sides of his helmet, two large upside-down half circles with spikes that curl upward and around at the end of them extend outward as shoulder plates. Two light gray sleeves adorned with orange gems come out from beneath those shoulder plates, leading into dark armored arms with golden sleeves, revealing small hand-like circles covered in golden gauntlet-like plating.

His weapon is the Staff of Conscious Clarity, a long golden rod with silver rings at its end. This is capped with an iron dome with a crescent-like spike coming from its bottom. At the head of the staff sits a silver tri-spiked cap that leads into a glass sphere with a pink flame resting in it. The topping of the Staff looks similar to the bottom with a trapezoidal head.

The Fight

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  • Art was actually made before the page concept, allowing an instant addition to the Design section unlike Gaius.
  • Fourth of the five High Prophet pages created.
  • The only High Prophet that resides in an Outland instead of near the heart of the area they oversee.
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