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"Lord Buckethead is an intergalactic space lord who ran on a platform of, among other things, 'the abolition of the House of Lords (except me)' and 'stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, start buying lasers from Lord Buckethead.'"


Lord Buckethead is a satirical and/or joke boss. It is unknown exactly what type of boss Lord Buckethead qualifies as or where he even spawns. For now, he will be categorized under Event Bosses.

Lord Buckethead is one of those running for the next leader of the Tank Empire. As such, he has rivalries with both Trapper God and the current Tank Emperor. Both would like to see him dead because there are very few laws in respect to murdering people. And since, as a soldier of the Tank Empire, and therefore follower of the Tank Emperor, Lord Buckethead is your enemy. His current location is unknown, but he has gained quite the cult following (no not that kind) since his exile and criminalization by the Tank Emperor. He is a very powerful opponent to be feared in the 'elections', so it is requested to get as much dirt on him as possible!



Lord Buckethead is a black tank with a very tall dark gray bucket-like helmet with a visor slit near the top, and a speaker-like hole near the bottom. At each of his sides are two small black tanks. Each one has a black Puncher-like extension, which look like hands. A long black cape hangs beneath the body.



  • Fist Slam: Will fire one of its fists out like a rocket at the closest player, before having it come back almost instantly on contact, or after it reaches its maximum distance of 50 tiles. The fired fist will have a chain attached to the back of it that is invisible when attached to the tank. If hit, players will suffer massive damage and be sent back pretty far.
  • House of Lords: Will flash white, and create four copies of himself, two on each side. These mirages are faded, but will do the exact same attacks as the original Lord Buckethead. Mirages have 1 HP, and will vanish after 10 seconds if not destroyed.
  • Lasers From Lord Buckethead: His visor slit will glow green for about two seconds, and then he will blast a wide green laser beam that sweeps a random area over the course of 6 seconds. This laser doesn't deal too much damage, but will inflict Blinded for 3 seconds.
  • Intergalactic Blast: Both of his fists will begin slowly flashing rainbow colors, go directly outward left and right, and then he will sweep them inward as rainbow colored fireballs are released one at a time in a dual spread beneath him.
  • Overlord: Will begin rotating both of his attached side tanks rapidly, as his fists get released on their chains and begin spinning rapidly in sync. Players hit by the fists will take some hefty damage. Players hit by the rotating chains will take less damage, but be Stunned for 3 seconds. This ability ends after 4–7 seconds or if Lord Buckethead takes 1000 damage.
  • Cosmic Beams of Truth: Will put both of his hands close together, rub them like he was making heat between his hands through friction, and then release a series of rapidly spreading beam shots one by hand at random angles from his hands.
  • Bucketed: His helmet will shimmer blue once, as he goes Armored for 6 seconds. During this time, Lord Buckethead will be swinging his fists around at anyone who gets near. He also stands relatively immobile.
  • Second Chance: Upon death, has a 10% chance to go Invincible, restore 20% of his health, and get Frenzy and Strength for the rest of the battle. This effect cannot occur more than once, should luck be on Lord Buckethead's side.


  • Lord Buckethead, of course, comes from the satirical political candidate who ran in the 2017 United Kingdom general election.
  • I only just learned about Lord Buckethead the day before making this because:
    • A: I am a reference machine.
    • B: I am not from the UK.
  • Yet another joke boss promised in a page destined to not appear in the final Tale of Diep game.
  • After the fight it is revealed Lord Buckethead is not dead because Panzer revives him like the Archprophet, but this time only to personally annoy the Tank Emperor.
    • Lord Buckethead has no ties with the Cult and is instead his own independent individual.
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