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The Lurker is a tank that upgrades from the Griever at Level 45, the other upgrade being the Impaler. Because it is the last in its path, it does not upgrade further. Created by Zathsu.


The Lurker looks like the Griever, except two curving spikes extend from the side, and nearly meet points converging inward on the trapezoid part of the barrel. The arrow shaped bullet is now a three-spiked grappling hook head shape.


  • Grappling hook mechanic is the same as the Griever.
  • However, Polygons and Tanks drawn directly in front of you are locked in place right there, even as you move they are stuck in front of you.
    • Alpha Polygons, Dominators, Motherships, and Bosses cannot be 'kidnapped'.
      • Yes even bullets and Drones can be. Bullets will never disappear until you fire them out, and Drones will be considered alive (the spawner won't create another one) until it is released. Once released it will go back to the spawners mouse.
  • The only ways for them to escape are:
    • Shooting you, and hoping they kill you or you fire them (read below)
    • Them being a Polygon, and therefore not being able to fight back because they're not a player.
    • Not being a Smasher or Landmine, because they are helpless.
    • You right-click, and FIRE THEM ACROSS THE ARENA BASED ON YOUR BULLET SPEED. That's right. You can LAUNCH objects you grab, and fire them.
      • Good strategies for this tank involve picking up players, and launching them into Body Damage tanks and/or Alpha Pentagons. You could just also literally fire them into your base, and watch as the Protectors slaughter them.
  • To counter this OP launch mechanic, if you do not let go of them, they will be fired forward 10 seconds later, but at half distance.
  • And also, the Lurker gets its name for a reason, as it can go invisible while not moving, allowing for unsuspected 'tank-nappings'.
    • However, going invisible as a Lurker can take ALMOST as long as a Landmine, which is pretty long. :/


  • The Gravity Gun inspired me to do this. :D
  • I figured this would be epic.
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